15O – Slamming Doors with April Richardson

April Richardson

April Richardson

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 – Hello! Players Club STARRING Jimmy Pardo. Jimmy’s about to sneeze but isn’t sure if its in his head or not.

Tickly nose ghost dog allergy reaction

Jimmy talks about a flight where someone was walking their dog down the aisle of the plane.

What makes Eliot so goddamn special!

One handed catch of the Kleenex by Jimmy.


True or False Hacksaw Hamilton tweeted Jimmy. He says false but it is in deed true.

05 – In the air tonight urban legend:


Jimmy talks flags and phil hendrie

10 – Jimmy talks about seeing a GH actor while waiting for a plane. They struck up a conversation. Jimmy thinks he came off as a psycho fan.

15 – Flag information

Lowering the flag or Retreat ceremony. 

Jimmy talks more about Spinelli from GH! 

Bradford Anderson plays him. A couple hours later, he tweeted Jimmy.

20 – Matt theorizes that all the kidnapped babies on GH are by the same person. Jimmy said that’s happened before.

Sonny’s arrested for Murder! Lot of criminal stuff happening on GH right now apparently.

The guys talk Nashville. Jimmy wants it to be 2 hours long.

April Richardson is here! She’s looking spiffy! All matched up!

She’s not fucking around!

She’s got his money!

Jimmy got everyone’s Culture Club tickets and wants his money. For humor.

25 – Jimmy’s favorite Family Guy moment

Jimmy had pets named Mimi and Tom (Mimi Rogers and Tom Cruise? Asks matt.) also he had Midnight and his mom now has a cat named Lucy.

Jimmy talks about how he was gonna wear a mask during the bird flu issue. He was nervous about people talking shit about him doing it so he didn’t. When he was in the airport and he walked past someone wearing the mask he thought, “look at this fucking idiot.”

Here is Vice’s guide to North Korea. http://www.vice.com/video/vice-guide-to-north-korea-1-of-3

Shut up green! – Jimmy.

Jimmy looking forward to the new Annie movie.

I think it looks terrible.

J Foxx in the Box! 

Only” video director Jeff Osborne 

Nicki Minaj lyric video

April Richardson is here! She’s gotta return her outfit to Banana Republic. Jimmy wanted to go with a better store.

30 – Jimmy explains why he says Chick-O instead of Chee-co. Groucho at Carnegie Hall.

Matt talks about seeing a kid at Zoe’s school dressed as Harpo Marx. He waned to high five him till he passed out in pain.

We’ll be back!

35 – We’re back! Someone had a picnic in the bathroom. It smells like a subway shop in there.

Jimmy talks hating the NNF name again. He says Weirdly Worse is good and that he loves Zero to 60.

Jimmy poses a question to the listeners about if they want the ads or not so they have access to the codes and everything.

Yes no in the show we don’t care where they go.

I’m lookin’ good!


Jimmy paid $3.97 for his Old Navy jeans?

Randy Travis wiki took down the note I added. 

Jimmy’s wiki 

40 – Guys talk twitter and following something.. Kinky Boots update!

15 Octopus! I almost had it. Went Ozzy Osborne instead.

We talk the In The air Tonight legend.

50 – Phil Collins has had 3 divorces.

Let’s get an update going on that web design snopes!

55 – Eliot’s here! His word is Oboe.

Lizard Jimmy is back!

Matt’s word was OMD Orchestral Movements in the Dark.

Jimmy talks about being a sucker for the end scene of Pretty in Pink.

John Hughes really know how to use music in his films.

Orange is April’s word.

April Richardson is here! She’s planning to do the Saved by the Bell movies for Go Bayside. She’s a little hesitant to do The College years though.

60 – Matt suggests Beverly Hills 90210. April is wondering if she should even do a another TV show.

Jimmy and April debate The College Years.

Jimmy’s school principal was a doctor. Apparently Zoe and Oliver’s principals are doctors also.

65 – April and the guys talk baldness in the 80s – 90s. Being completely bald back then was associated with illness, it wasn’t cool. Jimmy gives it to Jordan for making bald cool.

Eliot points out that “old timey weight lifters” shaved their heads. Jimmy tells him to stay the fuck out of it.

Jimmy calls April walking Snopes. He loves her lingo and hates it. Jimmy’s gonna start calling her snopes because it’s a great nickname.


True/False: Dr. Drew at the froyo?

Jimmy explains his love hate for yogurt.

Oliver prefers yogurt to ice cream.

Ice cream talk! Baskin Robbins seems to take the cake.

70 – The panel talks Kim Kardashian’s ass. April talks about when the kardashians guest hosted Chelsea Lately. She says they were awful. They kept telling their mom to fuck off or fuck you of whatever.

Matt asks if Jimmy showed Oliver Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. He said that man is a masturbater and has no business in the house.

April and Jimmy talk Cat allergies. Apparently her ex got acupuncture and is now allergy free.

75 – Cupping therapy 

April suggests kickstarting an experiment for cupping with matt as the ginea pig. Jimmy says they’re famous and have money why would we kickstart?

April takes offense to comparing The Doors to X.

80 – April loves Elvis. Ian Curtis is overrated apparently. April thinks Jim Morrison is overrated.

The panel talks rock stars and how fake or real their personas are.

Matt and April really don’t like Jim Morrison or hippies.

Jimmy felt the same way about the hippies, but has since come around on them (that era hippie, not current hippies).

Jug bands? Jimmy thinks April means Dolly Parton.

85 – Sleeve Garters 

A sleeve garter is a garter worn on the sleeve of a shirt. It came into wide use in the latter half of the 19th century when men’s ready made shirts came in a single (extra long) sleeve length. Sleeve garters allowed men to customize sleeve lengths and keep their cuffs from becoming soiled while working.

April talks about going to Swinging Richards strip club in Atlanta. She says it’s all helicoptering. She doesn’t get it, but has gone several times for humor.

Dick Neck!

April not into a limp dick in air jordans.

The first time she went was when she turned 21. One of the strippers came and sat next to her and started flirting with her. He had a thick boston accent. “Yo, I can tell you went to college.” He also told her that a lot of the guys are gay for pay but he isn’t really gay. She said he seemed relieved that some women came in.

Last time she went it was super old gay dudes, including a guy that looked just like colonel sanders. Jimmy says Swinging Richards is finger licking good.

The panel talks whether its okay to touch in a male strip club versus a female strip club.

90 – Amateur night is Jimmy’s favorite night at the strip club back in the day.

Jimmy wants to point out that April’s best friend has an old woman’s name.

Jimmy and April debate old lady names.

95 – Famous Kyles 

Stallone in a can is here!!!! Matt interviews him.

100 – Wallace Shawn 

Matt suggests April to play Adrian for the Rocky Remake.

Apparently Paul Scheer has a Sylvester Stallone podcast. The Sylvester Stallone Podcast.

Kyle Perry

April and her boyfriend broke up. Lots of stuff around that.

April says she is weird. They were together 4 months and he was great.

Jim Morrison doesn’t play guitar dumb fuck! – Jimmy

April says to imagine how bad Jim Morrison smelled.

The door is closed!

My pleasure,

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