15N – Jumping Cars with Gary Brightwell.

Welcome to wonderful newcomer Gary_Brightwell

Welcome to wonderful newcomer Gary_Brightwell

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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My guess 15 Nightmare

00 – Welcome to Never Not Funny! Episode 15 N…..last week Matt posted season 14. Jimmy says he has coined the term sheeple. Jimmy hates people who call people sheeple.

The country is in good shape guys.

Jimmy got a Brass Transit cd via mail. They’re a great Chicago cover band.

Brass Transit 

05 – Matt and Zoe are rollerblading together.

Things are a little shaky after getting the Eliot treatment last week.

Wildflower by Skylark

Wildflower by Skylark

Happy belated birthday Matt! Sorry the pizza sucked.

10 – 9 out of 10 people who own a Jag or higher probably can’t drive.

Do not call pizza pie around Jimmy.


Jimmy finally watched 20 Feet From Stardom. He loved it.

Merry Clayton is the back up singer Jimmy is trying to think of 

Merry Clayton was injured in a car crash

Darlene Love 

Aretha was indeed on Atlantic 

15 – Jimmy and Matt tak more 20 Feet From Stardom.

Lisa Fischer 

20 – If Van Morrison walked in Jimmy’d break his nose. Matt thinks that is almost insane.

Shout out to NeverNotQuotes! 

Gary Brightwell is our guest today and he is not on Twitter. He’s trying to join but someone has his name.

Update: he’s @Gary_Brightwell

More Brass Transit before break!

Who said "Now Gary he play guitar, myself I sing"?

Who said “Now Gary he play guitar, myself I sing”?

You all have a Happy Halloween now hear!

Gary Brightwell is here!

25 – Gary needs a twitter name!

Something in Jimmy's left eye, specifically

Something in Jimmy’s left eye, specifically


We’re back. Jimmy forgot his clock. Thought Eliot was doing the chicken dance.

The chicken dance is year round! He is thinking of the Germans.


Pizza place

30 – Stop with the word Artisan.

Gary lists the NNF rules: No sandals, no calling Jimmy “Pardo,” and no suggesting guests. He thought that was it. He realizes there are a lot more rules.

Gary lives in Redondo Beach, born and raised. 25 minutes south of LAX. Jimmy wonders where Huntington Beach which is further south. Hermosa is south of Manhattan.

LAX – El Segundo – Manhattan Beach – Hermosa – Redondo – Palos Verdes and so on and so on.

Redondo Union High School

Gary gets a couple texts from Bill Engvall

35 – Gary has a show on Sirius XM with Bill called Off The Cuff. 

Gary asks if Jimmy wishes they’d changed the name. Jimmy says yes he thinks it is a horrible name. Gary wishes it was zero to sixty with Jimmy Pardo

Jimmy and Matt explain the origin of the title.

Guys talk the original Gone in 60 Seconds

Happy birthday next week Gary! 11/12.

40 – Jimmy talks about a reunion where he expected to be doing the best and it turns out tons of them are weightlifters and all look great.

Gary used to surf a bit and did some skateboarding.

45 – Matt talks about the special baseball mud that comes from south jersey. 

Gumball Rally 

Movies are made differently these days. Jimmy talks about the random guy in Blazing Saddles.

Jimmy was an “extra” in Ferris Bueller. He talks about it.

Eliot confirms that the floor is open for questions. Matt asks which part of the parade they were filming when Jimmy was there.

50 – Welcome to 15 N……………………………………………………..Neverland.

15 Nightmare.


Matt does his impression of Jimmy loving the new Billy Idol album. He calls it phenomenal (FEH! Nominal)

Jimmy’s spoken to Bill Engvall once in his life on the Bob and Tom Show.

The first time Gary and Jimmy met, Jimmy thought Gary gave him the shiv. Jimmy brought a friend along who did a guest set and went WAY long. Jimmy got caught in the wake of that issue.

55 – Jimmy completely misread the situation with Gary. No one was on board with it. Jimmy got into a shouting match with Fred Greenlee at an improv once. Jimmy also thought he shived him.

Jimmy says he’d never joke at the express of the MC if they are struggling.

“Really, you’re mad because I didn’t shake your hand?” – Fred to Jimmy. He won apparently.

Darryl says: They guys discuss the M.C. Shiv. M.C. Shiv is my rapper name.

60 – Gary got yelled at by Buddy Hackett in an airport. He tells the story about how they’re trying to get Buddy on video. Buddy laid into him hard about it.

Jimmy tells about he and Pat meeting Neil Diamond. Pat was getting yelled at by Neil’s people and Jimmy just walked away.

Sandy Hackett 

65 – Shirley Booth 


Mr. Baxter was a lawyer.

Concert talk. Jimmy likes to sit. So does Gary. So do I.

The panel talks World Series game 7.


70 – Jimmy talks about Pet Shop Boys. They get the click when they come on 80s at 8. Jimmy talks about hearing U2 on First Wave. It infuriates him.

Walkin’ on Sunshine lyrics 

Gary describes his running outfit. Matt says he sounds like a kevin bacon character and jimmy says he sounds like an asshole. Simultaneously.

Once Jimmy got past his anger at Gary he enjoyed watching him perform.

Gary talks about the Irvine improv.

Jimmy thinks he should open a comedy club in the Irvine area.

Eliot is here.

Jimmy talks about running at the beach. He goes bike path.

Jimmy runs nearly every day. Matt does Monday Wednesday Friday.

Gary talks about finding change on his runs. He decided to start grabbing it and saving it. He finds money nearly every single run. He thinks everyone passes a penny a day and with his savings since January he thinks he is over the $3.65.

Gary runs around 4 ½ miles when he goes out. Jimmy tries to do 5k a day.

80 – Jimmy talks about going to his twenty year reunion and Bob the muscle head coming up to him saying they have something in common. They’re both on TV. Jimmy had two shows on tv at the time. Bob did a push-up on opera.

Gary talks about his people magazine appearance happening right before a reunion.

Eliot went Nabisco. Jimmy was part of a Nabisco family. Eliot asks if Jimmy ever performed at the Santa Monica Improv. He hadn’t but he went there once and the guy at the door said no one hangs out here go back to LA you’re embarrassing yourselves.

There does not appear to be an improve in Sherman Oaks.

85 – Matt’s N word is Niagra. Jimmy sings more Chicago. From Chicago 18.

Gary’s gonna choose a twitter handle and let us know so we can alert the masses. Jimmy thinks he is perfect for twitter.

Gary used to write for Jeff Dunham. Gary says Jeff tends to go for the easy laugh. Jeff was gone before Achmed showed up. Jimmy finds that puppet too racist.

90 –Jimmy talks about a show he did in Vegas with Jeff Dunham on the panel for GSN. It didn’t survive the regime change.

Gary’s N word is Nostradamus.

Jimmy almost went with Nosferatu. Jimmy talks about a Phil Hendrie character vampire hunter Arthur Barn. He let Oliver hear some of it and he laughed at it. Oliver now does his own version of it.

95 – Jimmy loves Phil Hendrie.

Gary’s show is on Mondays in the afternoon on the Blue Collar Comedy Channel on Sirius XM. Occasionally Murray Valeriano is a guest host.

Jimmy occasionally checks ebay or whatever for a Fiero.

Jimmy’s dream car is a Tesla.

100 – Me missing a bus elicits a sigh. Gary is going on a bus tour with Brian Regan. Jimmy can’t think of a better show for people to go see. They’re doing New Years in Phoenix. Gary, Tom Ryan, Jackie Kasian, Joe Bolster, Kermit Opeo, and the others. Brian is flying them all in for the show.
We’re done! See you next time! The door is closed!

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