Episode 12 – Scott Aukerman, A Crude Limo Driver, Jimmy’s Food Issues, and Young Jimmy as Spiderman

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NNF Season 1 Episode 12

June 23, 2006

Show notes by Darryl Asher


It’s a 4th episode, so we have a guest

Scott Aukerman, host of Comedy Death Ray, and writer of Shark Tale II

Matt is NOT isos on this show, he is The Producer (Matt’s aspecialthing.com name is “isos” – In Search of Sasquatch)

Mike gets applause

How did Mike and Jimmy not hear each other’s childhood stories before the podcast?

Jimmy flies First Class and ignores Mike as he walks by to steerage

You people who turn up your ventilation nozzles on a plane are assholes because you are spreading recirculated sickness

Jimmy's beef: You assholes who turn on the blower on planes

Jimmy’s beef: You assholes on planes who turn on the diseased air blower


Downgrading from First Class to coach is a real step down

Scott’s Writers’ Guild contract specifies you must fly First Class and use the limo

Don’t talk to the limo driver; he doesn’t want to talk to you either

Jimmy’s Houston limo driver starts talking to him crudely about his sexual escapades



Who enjoys the crude limo driver’s story?

Matt tops everyone’s crude bloody talk

Scott likes being on TV a little

How is it being around Brian Posehn when he is recognized all the time?

How is it for Mike hanging out with Big Time Celebrity Jimmy?


Brian Posehn

Brian Posehn

When do friends and lovers stop talking about their childhoods?

Matt cooks but not a good cook

Scott outs Jimmy’s hatred of moist food

Scott is making Jimmy nauseous by talking about grease

Jimmy makes himself legitimately gag by talking about someone using pizza grease as a dipping sauce

While Jimmy is in the bathroom vomitting (possibly), Mike tells is that Jimmy can not smell meat cooking

Jimmy needs food to be a magic trick

Jimmy is trying to figure out when his food issue started; not childhood


Scott and Kulap are house shopping; one house had a pot roast cooking

Scott had the KFC white meat special in honor of Jimmy

Scott needs more money to buy a decent house

Shark Tale 2 is better than Shark Tale 1, but it won’t get made

Scott was against using clams for money in Shark Tale

Kip Addotta’s Wet Dream song


Scott got invited to a guy’s trailer house, where the guy played him Ray Stevens songs

Scott worked at Olive Garden where a 19 year old guy followed a 50 year old waitress around and explained in detail every Weird Al song

Scott started community theater in Junior High

Topher Grace was discovered in a high school play in some way that Scott is not totally sure of

Jimmy was on That 70s Show with Topher Grace

Jimmy was on a plane with Patick Dempsey

Jimmy talks about Tom Jones’s live album reference to “Hotlanta!”


Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey

Jimmy is hit with handsome when he sees Dempsey

Jimmy’s Tonight Show credit makes Dempsey realize Jimmy is legit

Jimmy wanted to sleep but Dempsey wanted to keep talking

Scott sat next to Al Sharpton on a plane recently


Scott was working on The Onion Movie, so he was browsing Our Dumb Century hoping Sharpton would notice the racial headlines and start talking to him

Matt Dillon at a bookstore is another handsome man

Many stars are better looking in person than on film

Mike saw Owen Wilson sitting alone in a movie theater


Scott and Kulap were impressed by a striking teenage couple at the coffee shop

Jimmy says Jeff Foxworthy is super handsome in person

Jimmy has opinions about his recent stint on The Surreal Life

Sally Kirkland was at Jimmy’s garage sale

Matt saw a garage sale sign saying Taylor Hicks would be there

Pat’s garage sale with the 25 cent spiral notebook


As an 8 to 10 year old, Jimmy would make costumes, then put signs up signs with his adress at the local stores inviting kids to “meet Spiderman”

Scott put on puppet shows at that age with huge puppets they made themselves

Scott used to call KissFM as a kid and do his Popeye impression

The Boogie Line was for people to call in and leave messages, which would be edited into a 2 minute segment


Jimmy loves good impressions

Jimmy loves the guy on YouTube who does a Denzel Washington impression

Scott’s Comedy Death Ray at UCB is Hollywood’s hottest comedy show


Scott likes Jimmy’s new MySpace page layout so much that it inspired Scott to update his own MySpace page

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