2724 – Traveling through Time with Scott Aukerman

Scott Aukerman

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher




00 Welcome in! 2724! NNF! Gloomy LA today! No snow or blizzard conditions for us today. Gloomy bit!

Jimmy updates us on the great livestream we had!

He also updates us on his Glade Carpet Freshener situation. 

He reminds us how terrible the smell is. He got some kitty litter and baking soda to absorb the smells. 

He tells us all about his scent remedy adventure including his trip to target for supplies. 

Eliot offers up his carpet cleaner today. Rather than yesterday when this came up. 

10 – NNF Platinum update! There is a perk change!

Along with the rest of the bonuses, we WERE going to give you a bag but we did not find a bag good enough for our standards, so we’re going HAT! It’s similar to the Hamilton style hat! 

15 – Talking plastic bags. 

We have to educate Jimmy on what a Gollum is. 

20 – Another update on the live stream! Suzie fell asleep and she sent us an update that she is fine she just fell asleep. 

Matt and Elise may have had some slight food poisoning. 

Pivoting to SNL! 

25 – Matt talks about a great joke from the Weekend Update. 

Talking Fran Lebowitz “Pretend This Is A City” with Martin Scorsese. 


Talking Fran Lebowitz and her comedy. 

Matt’s got some mail! 

It’s a little card with a Santa stamp on it? Oh it’s a Thank You note. 

Cynthia Beltre made a donation on behalf of us to a POC in Tech fund. Thank you!

35 – Richard Pryor talk leads to the funniest thing I’ve probably ever said. 

We’ll be right back! 

We’re back! Joined by a legend in the comedy scene! From LA or Orange County. 

Scott’s mom got her vaccination at Disneyland! Jimmy’s dad got his Friday and the in-laws tomorrow! 

40 – Talking about the Vaccine process. 

Everything’s okay with the Bang Bang! 

Scott talks about the show during the pandemic.

Jimmy fills Scott in on the Glade situation. 

45 – Scott talks about the carpet in the room that’s ruined from dogs. 

Jimmy can’t tell the two Scotts apart. 

Jimmy talks about Matt’s pictures being used on sites for interviews with past guests. 

Jimmy asks about Kulap. Scott calls it out that Jimmy asks about her every time. 

50 – Scott talks about being a kid during this pandemic. 

Talking school years. 

Scott wonders if Jimmy puts on live NNF shows for Oliver. 

Scott asks about Drive-Ins back in the day in Chicago. 

Matt reveals his thoughts on Grease and Danny’s dick getting cut off by the car door. 

55 – Scott reveals his brother ran over his foot when Scott was 13. 

Scott recommends In and Of Itself. Jimmy asks about if it holds up from seeing it live via TV. 

60 – Scott talks about analyzing one of the tricks from In and Of Itself. 

Scott says that Jimmy has a Biden vibe. 

No way on an open book bar exam according to Matt’s Step-sister.

Cheaters – https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0218094/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_43

1h10m – It’s Trivia time!

Results at the end!

Category: Cameo, Oh Wow!

Question: Along with some others, which famous director voices the audience members in the 2016 movie Sing, however despite many famous people, Bill Murray isn’t in it. 

1h15m – Should we bet on Scott guessing Zoe’s age? 

He guessed 13 but she is 12! She turns 13 on 9/8! 

1h25m – I watched 3 movies! Play Misty For Me, Deep Star Six, Friday the 13th Part 2. 

My guess is Steven Spielberg

Eliot shows off some more safety equipment he bought. 

Serious follow-up for Eliot. Why is he buying faceshields? 

Talking Masks and if it’s a permanent thing. 

Talking about Dax Shepard being “Fun Bunch Anex,” the sketch group from ages ago. 

1h30m – Talking Podcast fame. 

Talking alone and dying. 

1h35m – Jimmy asks if Dax was on CBB. He was on the podcast early on and on the tv show. 

Eliot’s guess is “The director of Life Aquatic”

Matt’s guess is Martin Scorsese. 

Scott talks about working with “Marty” on Shark Tale. His answer is Sofia Coppola. 

Jimmy’s answer is also Martin Scorsese.

The answer is Wes Anderson!

We do not give it to Eliot. 

But Eliot wins anyway because of a tie! 

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Talking Kulap. 

Here are some Stupid Questions!


If you had to pick one beverage to drink the rest of your life- outside of water- what do you choose?

Jimmy: Coke Zero

Matt: Iced Tea 

Eliot: Cranberry Juice Cocktail 


Scott: Vitamin Water Zero (Red)/Wine


Would you go back or forward in time?

Eliot goes forward.

Scott goes backwards. 

1h50m – 

Scott talks about Matt’s review of an Iphone back on AST. 


I go backwards to Victorian England. 

We’re done! 

Scott loves us! 

See you next time!

Category: Cameo, Oh Wow!

Question: Along with some others, which famous director voices the audience members in the 2016 movie Sing, however despite many famous people, Bill Murray isn’t in it. 

Garon: Steven Spielberg (25 pts)

Eliot: “The director of Life Aquatic” (7 pts)

Matt: Martin Scorsese (25 pts)

Scott: Sofia Coppola (25 pts)

Jimmy: Martin Scorsese (7 pts)

The answer is Wes Anderson!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth