27W – A Night at the Museum with Costaki Economopoulos

Costaki Economopoulos

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher



00 Welcome in!  You subscribe, you listen, you appreciate! 

Fine line before love and hate! 

Storm is brewing!

Talking measuring rain with cock!

Talkng about Eliot’s panic. IE Pardcastathon and lawn flags!

Eliot talks about the elevator phone situation. 

Lots of potential numbers for the elevator to call. 

Eliot recounts the time a delivery guy was stuck in the elevator and the phone box called the fire department.

Matt is haunted by the game where we talked about Baby Shark VS Kars 4 Kids

10 – Jimmy talks about one of Eliot’s tenants and deliveries.

Mike Schmidt talk! Jimmy doesn’t know a funniest storyteller. 

Matt started watching Murder She Wrote. 

Eliot recommends youtube channel Pushing Up Roses


20 – Guessing Bert Convy and Jimmy talks about Bernadette Peters on an episode of McCloud. 

25 – We’ll be back!

We’re back! 

Costaki Economopoulos is here!!

Jimmy talks about Costaki’s upcoming show on Feb 4 for Nowhere Comedy Club. It’s an all-new hour!

Brett Favre talk.

30 – Costaki gives us his real name and informs us about how he got to Costaki. 

Costaki gives us some examples of his name getting screwed up. Including them putting Snuffalufagus (for humor we assume). 

35 – Jimmy’s got a story about the blockbuster game that Oliver insists he tell. 

He had to quote Goodfathers and his quote was: “Hey look at us, we’re not the godfather.” 

“For Life!” – The Goonies??

Lots of Goonies talk. 

40 – Costaki talks about his first cancelation of the pandemic being a lunch with Jimmy. He’s done one gig since, for Nowhere Comedy. 

45 – Jimmy talks to Costaki about the Vaccine rollout in Georgia. Costaki’s mom got her first shot! 

Taylor Swift Cardigan talk.

Jimmy thinks of a Taylor Swift quote, “I don’t have a man back there”


Round the horn!

50 – Inversion table talk! 

My W is Kristen Wiig! 

Costaki was at a wedding with Kristen.

That wedding had a coffee bar. 

55 – Jimmy didn’t have coffee but would have prevented doug benson from falling off a stool and doing a drunk set at the improv if he had. 

Talking the celebs at Jimmy’s wedding. 

Costaki talks about his wedding. They snuck into the met and did it. 

60 – Eliot and I haven’t seen anyone famous at a wedding. 

Although he did say Matt Mercer was at a wedding he was at…to no one’s recognition (DM on Critical Role)

Uncle Frank was at a wedding with Matt! 

Natalie Merchant was at Matt’s sister-in-Laws wedding. 

Costaki hasn’t done much radio, apparently local business affects local radio. 

1h5m – Talking radio that really support comedians. 

Costaki has a radio anecdote. He crossed paths with Tim Wilson after his five minute appearance, and later found out that Tim was there for 6 HOURS. 


1h10m – Jimmy and Costaki met for the first time in Grand Rapids Michigan! 

Hello Matt! 

There will be a link sent out for a very small fee (cents) via paypal so that we can capture shipping info. Mid Feb for Tier 3, April 1 for Tier 2. 

1h15m – International folks will have to pay shipping as well. Or bump up to Tier 3 and get it shipped free!

Jimmy talks to Costaki about his upcoming show and how the club assigns an opening act to do 10 minutes. Costaki’s wife is doing 10 minutes also! She started Stand-up during the pandemic! 

Matt’s W is Robin Williams. 

Jimmy can’t get out of the gardening hole.

1h25m – Talking The Hustler! I auditioned for it! 

Costaki’s guess is: Flip Wilson. 

Jimmy’s guess is Jimmy JJ Walker! 

1h30m – Eliot reads the fan guesses!

Talking Dennis Wolfberg!

Eliot talks about opening for an Improv show Robin Williams did. 

Jimmy talks about his one man show, “Attention Must Be Paid.” He reminds us it opened on 9/10/2001. 

Costaki did a show on 9/11. 

Costaki had sets arounda  lot of national tragedies. 

1h40m – 

Eliot’s answers:

7) Matt Walsh

6) Fred Willard

5) Justin Willman

4) Kristen Wiig

3) George Wallace

2) Harland Williams

1) Jimmy JJ Walker

Jimmy wins!!

Stupid question:


Favorite Type of Hat?

Jimmy wishes he could pull off a Fedora or a sombrero. 

Matt, Costaki, Garon: Ballcap 

Eliot shows off a fedora

Jimmy predicts back to normal on 9/11/2021! 

See you next time!!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth