27X – Dropping in with Danny Bevins

Danny Bevins

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 27X! Welcome in behind the paywall! 

We talk about my hair and some sneakers that Elise wants. 

They sold out. 

Eliot talks about the blue fur shoes he bought once and referenced them being cookie monster skins. 

Talking the US Postmaster Trump installed. 


Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds

Talking Sea Shanties resurgence. 

10 – Talking late night shows 

Talking Seth Meyers comedy vs other Late Night shows. 

25 – Talking Regina King’s One Night in Miami 


Glengary Game Ross – Can SNL have it?

30 – We’re gonna take a break! 

Back in a sec with Danny Bevins! 

Welcome back!

Jimmy calls our guest one of the best stand ups he’s ever worked with.

Danny Bevins! 

Danny talks about doing shows in Florida. 

Danny and Jimmy talk having one kid. 

35 – Danny walks us through his pinwheel looking wall. 

Talking about Gordon Elliot 


40 – Danny goes on a rant about Gavin Newsome. 

Danny talks pandemic hair. He had a mohawk. 

We’re talking cutting hair! 

Talking about Gordon Ramsey. 

Confusing Gordon ELLIOT for Gordon RAMSEY.

Danny talks about skateboarding with his 9 year old son. 

50 – Danny is 54! He does approve of Jimmy’s record collection. 

Stupid Question!


if you had to assign each cast member of the show to a role in Kiss (the band) how would it line up?

Eliot is Gene Simmons

Jimmy is Paul Stanley

Garon is Peter Criss (The Soft Kitten)

Matt is Ace


Hot dog toppings. Go!


Ketchup slices?! It was on Shark Tank. 

Danny was in the army from 86-90. He talks about it, including being in Berlin in the 80s. 

60 – Round the horn!

I could have hidden my hair under a hat. 

Talking Nick Cannon having both a talk show and Covid. 

Danny says Jimmy should have a talk show. 

Danny doesn’t have cable or TV so he’s watching the superbowl at his parents house. Except he has to sit outside. 

Talking Superbowl! 

1h5m – Lots of pandemic behavior talk. Florida anti  maskers. 

Danny couldn’t get into Kiss because he got beat up by guys frequently who wore Kiss T-shirts in middle school.

Danny had an apartment on Laurel Canyon. Jimmy wonders why he got a place that looked onto the Freeway. 

1h10m – Danny has a story that Jimmy doesn’t remember about a party Danny had at his place where a comedian told a story about getting the light and not stopping no matter what including when they turned the mic AND the lights off on him. 

Jimmy wonders if this comedian might have gotten a little political in recent years…

1h15m – Danny talks about doing a set in Alabama where they had cops posted on the stage and the next morning they escorted him out of town for his own protection. 

1h20m – Round the horn! 

My A is Cristela Alonzo! 

Jimmy insists that Eliot join a Kiss cover band and get bass lessons from Lee Quick. 

Eliot’s A is Tom Arnold. 

He has an article in Podcast Magazine. https://podcastmagazine.com/

Jimmy tells Danny about Tom Arnold’s relationship with his brother. 

1h25m – Talking first impressions on seeing a priest. 

Matt’s guess is Louie Anderson.

Danny’s guess is also Louie Anderson! 

Jimmy talks about seeing Tom Arnold do stand-up. 

He also tells a story where Sally Kellerman heckled Tom Arnold. 

Eliot gives us the fan’s guesses. 

Jimmy’s five:

5) Bud Abbot

4) Maurey Amsterdam

3) Cristela Alonzo

2) Louie Anderson

1) Dave Attell – NO WINNER

Talking about Dave Attell influencing (ruining) a lot of comics. 

Danny talks about the advice he got from Dick Done. 

Comic Covers? 

Danny used to do Pryor’s entire act as a kid at school. He got suspended for it. 

Danny talks about how having a kid changed his outlooks on himself and on comedy.

1h40m – Wear your mask and quit fucking around! 

Fusian Fox!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

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