302 – Andy Daly’s Many Sweaters

Show notes by Darryl Asher. This episode was released in season 3, then re-released in season 14.

Eliot Hochberg took Andrew Koenig’s Season 3 video archives and edited every episode into a full-length video. This was a remarkable undertaking, since the original video was never meant to be full episodes, but rather short clips of the show. You can purchase ALL Season 3 videos for only $9.99 at Pardcast.com. It’s a bargain! Of course, all other past seasons are there as well. 



Jimmy, in a stripe-sleeved warmup jacket, insults Matt’s Laker’s warmup and Andy’s plaid shirt, and neither of them had the balls to say “Who are you to talk, Six Million Dollar Man”? (or Burt Reynolds)


Jimmy calls IMDB.com the International Movie Database. And he’s serious.

This might be First Usage of Digital Versatile Disk

Andrew Daley, or Andy Daley? Choose for yourself!


“Andy Daley has a nice rhythm. Boobee boobee.” Classic Matt.

Jimmy is mic-in-stand for the fist time in a year. WHY????? Matt wants to know.

Andy/Andrew’s new movie is Semi-Pro(fessional)

SPOILER: Semi-Pro is NOT about 18 wheelers


“South Bend, Indiana!” might be Jimmy’s new catch phrase

How much improv was in Semi-Pro?

Working with Will Ferrell


imageJimmy would punch a famous comedian in the face, but I won’t put his name here because Google

Sing Along with Jimmy!

Styx – Come Sail Away


Balls of Fury on an aeroplane

Andy is proud of the fact he was, like, fourth pick for his Semi-Pro role

Matt’s new website: Internet House of Pancakes


Matt says the Weird Al law protecting satire is not a real thing. You decide if he’s right.

Pancakes and naked women

Matt insists that Jimmy calls Andrew Andy

Jimmy might start calling Matthew Thew

Jimmy hated Leave it to Beaver

Andy grew up in New Jersey, not South Bend, Indiana

We are now in the Primo! Good-bye deadbeats!

Matt wants use Andy’s “woop woop” sound effect as the Primo indicator

Matt almost had to kill another cop on the way to the show


In the old days, Andy would throw his keys out the window when a cop car passed

Jimmy’s hometown, Hometown, is too confusing

Matt grew up in Canaan, New York

WPIX and old movies


Old movies gave Matt a stomach ache when he was a kid

Family Guy makes Jimmy laugh

Matt apparently thinks The Simpsons is The Highlander of cartoons

Sunday night TV shows caused back-to-school anxiety

An anthropological study of the Olly Olly Oxen Free phenomenom


Styx’s Dennis DeYoung’s light sickness

DeYoung as Pilate in Jesus Christ Superstar

Sing Along with Jimmy!

Jesus Christ Superstar – Pilate’s Dream

Jimmy babysat DeYoung’s son while he shopped

When DeYoung comes to your record store, (don’t) make a big deal


Andy worked at Ridgewood Books and Records

Cash register technology destroyed Andy’s record store career

“Pink Floyd… is that the name of the outfit?” Andy’s old man customer.

“Huey Newton and the Lose” Jimmy’s old man customer.

Andy got to see the U2 Joshua Tree tour


The John Adams series on HBO

Andy’s constant state of punishment prevented him from concert-going

Andy missed a lot of school due to lack of interest

Jimmy passed math on charm alone

Andy had a teacher named Mike Griffone


Andy’s new CD is called Nine Sweaters

Jimmy is on Andy’s CD, and so is Brody Stepehens Jimmy needed less ed

iting than Brody Andy’s sweaters need special handling


Sweater Talk with Jimmy and Andy

The Verve vs. Verve Pipe

Sing along with Jimmy ELP Lucky Man

Andy’s high school band played Lucky Man

Sing Along with Jimmy!

Jesus Christ Superstar: My Mine if Clearer Now

The origin of the name of Jimmy’s high school outfit, Rainbow Bridge

You can get to Paul Boyev’s page on MySpace through Jimmy’s MySpace friend list

Rainbow Bridge had an eclectic set list



Jimmy insists on bringing his printer test sheet to the podcast

This is the second week of the Primo

Andrew Koenig’s court date is coming up, due to his Rose Bowl protest

Matt’s former hairdo was the Bram Stoker

Jimmy is blown away by the response to the Primo


Don’t test the knife-proofness of a bullet-proof vest by using your actual body

Cop Killer was a rock song, not a rap song

Ice-T’s acting career

imageJimmy looks like Uncle Floyd (I don’t see it)

Over 600 contest entries to win an AST Fun Pack


The Spitzer scandal is in the news

Second mention of MySpace; how times have changed

Andrew Koenig is so talented and handsome

Matt insists that Andrew Koenig bring a camera to show his own reactions.

He will regret this when Eliot comes aboard.

Watch Andrew Koenig in Batman: Dead End


Contest winners: William Hughes, Andrew Wiggins, Taggart Doll

When you send your vacation photos to Jimmy, use low-res

Michelin airless tire e-mails

Jimmy likes Vice Versa better than Big, classic status be damned

Pick up your pizza and it will be hotter than delivery

Jimmy does not need your answer to last week’s Stupid Question Stupid Question of the Week

Everything Jimmy knows about the Bible is from Jesus Christ Superstar

We’ll get to Ryan Moore’s question later


Yogurt: fruit on the bottom or mixed in?

South Bend!

Matt suggests sending a gift if they use your Stupid Question

George Carlin


Todd Glass’s impression of George Carlin

Matt’s first slow-dance: Father Figure


Oliver is 6 months old, and Jimmy doesn’t drink coffee

Andy Daley, top 7 funniest guys on the planet

We’ll see you next time ooonnnnnn The Primo!

(For the video, Eliot added footage of Andrew Koenig’s arrest for protesting the Chinese float during the Rose Parade, to call attention to the plight of the Burmese people, as well as footage of Andrew in a running gag during a performance of Jimmy’s at the UCB Theater in Hollywood. Thanks for the tribute to AK-47, Eliot!)