1418 – Winging it with Bob Saget


Filthy comedian Bob Saget

Filthy comedian Bob Saget


In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell

NNF 1418 – Bob Saget
Dirty Daddy: The Chronicles of a Family Man Turned Filthy Comedian

00 – Hello! Welcome to the Original Never Not Funny! Jimmy doesn’t know what that means. Lots of controversy in the world.

We can all agree that Jimmy is too old to have a zit that big on his lip AND he bit the inside of his lip. Matt asks if he was hungry. Jimmy goes on record not liking that joke.

He has no sense of humor when it comes to a lip bite.

He bit it in Bloomington and then again yesterday at the airport.

Travel day yesterday. Jimmy’s a bit tired today.

10/10 for the Limestone Comedy Festival!

Jimmy did some karaoke. Matt has video!

05 – Comic-oke. Karoake with the comics for the VIP guests. The VIP guests could sign up and sing with the comics.

Jimmy chose Next Time I Fall by Peter Cetera and Amy Grant.

Jennifer Warnes – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jennifer_Warnes#Singles

Both I’ve Had The Time of My Life and Up Where We Belong went to #1.

10 – Emo Philips is full of great laughs.

Jimmy appreciates fans.

A fan spotted Jimmy at the airport in Dallas!

Celebrity sighting on Jimmy’s plane! Flight to Indianapolis.

Matt missed one of Jimmy’s shows. Emo Phillips saw both shows. He waited in line for the meet and greet after the show to be respectful.

Emo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emo_Phillips

Ask Jeeves turned into Ask.com.

Trivago has the inappropriately familiar sexily dressed spokesman.

15 – Jimmy and Matt are doing important research on their iphones as to whether the speech to text works on airplane mode.

20 – Direct to Indy.

Bob Saget is here!

The Sure Thing girl is Nicollette Sheridan, he traveled with Daphne Zuniga.

Lots of memories for Bob in this area.

25 – Ok celeb sighting for Jimmy. Sitting in First Class with Jimmy. Very fastidious. Proper gentleman that Jimmy thought was dead.

30 – Ron Glass was on the plane. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ron_Glass

Bob is creeped out by the camera set up, reminds him of 8mm. George C. Scott version is called Hardcore.

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

35 – PCB update in progress! The facelift jimmy is referring to is the Lifestyle Lift. http://www.lifestylelift.com/

Don Rickles saying Hot Soup made jimmy laugh.

Raze: http://www.popculturebeast.com/2014/06/dvd-review-raze.html

The guys talk Chickens!

40 – Matt can’t grasp what the drum part of a chicken is. Bob continues to teach us about Chickens.

45 – Jimmy wonders if we were all stranded who would get eaten first out of matt, Elliot, and myself. Bob just doesn’t eat. Same with Jimmy, they’d just die.

Eliot’s here and he has thoughts on a Chicken.

Bob’s dad was a grocer so he grew up in the business.

50 – Bob doesn’t trust Tesla. You can only go 350 miles, Jimmy wonders where he’s going that he needs more than 350 miles.

Jimmy likes his buffalo sauce spicy.

Steve Perry returned to the stage with EELS again. This time in DC.


Both Bob and I enjoyed Walter Mitty: http://www.amazon.com/Secret-Life-Walter-Mitty-Blu-ray/dp/B00H7KJTCG/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1401741616&sr=8-2&keywords=The+secret+life+of+walter+mitty

The Lego Movie: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=The%20lego%20movie

55 – Bob watched Lego movie, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and Monument’s Men on the plane to/from Austrailia. He also watched The Internship, and liked it.

Jimmy saw Delivery Man on a plane and also liked it.

Kings in the Stanley Cup finals!

The guys love George Miller. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Miller_(comedian)

http://www.srfcure.org/ is the foundation that Bob Saget works with and is doing a benefit for the Thursday this episode releases June 5.

60 – Origin of Geek: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geek#Etymology

Bob tells a story about his mom who recently passed away. Great story about her giving him a sign. Lancomb and Dove soap!

65 – Bob put anything funny about death and his balls into his book.

Jimmy plays some keyboard.

Jimmy ran 5k today and apparently only watches movies about running.

Bob talks about having a similar hogan’s heroes joke as Gilbert Godfried 25 years ago.
We’ll be back!
70 – We’re back!

Bob did a benefit with Billy Crystal and Albert Brooks. Bob says that Albert Brooks is possibly the funniest person alive.

75 – Jimmy asks if Bob remembers when they first met. It was the Bud Friedman Roast. Red Buttons was the headliner. Jimmy recounts the red buttons/earthquake opening line. Bob quoted that same night in his own book, “and in case you missed it, fuck!”

Bob tells a story about attending a lunch for Milton Berle’s 85th birthday. Milton to Bob, “You wanna see it?” Red Buttons, “Milton’s dick is so big it has a sun deck on it. I’ll tell you something, I’ve had it up my ass!” then he hugs and kisses bob.

80 – More chickens! Bob’s dad wouldn’t eat chicken because of how they killed them. Jimmy drops the Bob Saget joke he used to quote all the time.

Jimmy and Bob wonder how a comic can lift several minutes of material from another comic.

“My wife had a C-section and that’s this area right over here.” – Bob’s joke.

Bob talks about some jokes of his that were taken.

85 – Bob talks about a documentary called Comedy Warriors about soldiers who come back from Iraq and Afghanistan and do stand-up. http://www.comedywarriors.com/#!/splash-page


90 – So many great puns about Wings from Bob.

Bob tells another story from his book about being in an elevator with the Zagat guy, Tim.


the guy came off a bit of an asshole.

Apparently google bought Zagat a few years ago.

95 – Darby O’Gil and the Little People – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0052722/?ref_=nv_sr_1

Bob’s article on Time.com http://time.com/50292/bob-saget-favorite-tv-dads/

95 – Bob goes through his top tv dad list.

everyone remembered Bob hosted 1v100 at the same time.

100 – The Great Gazoo was voiced by Harvey Korman! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Great_Gazoo

Howard Morris did an Ed Wynn impression for Grimace. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McDonaldland

Bob finds that he is affected by the news a lot and that it bleeds into his stand-up if he watches it near a stand update.

110 – Bob thinks Tina Fey would be a great host for Late Night if she’d ever do it.

Bob was an intern on the Mike Douglas show when Jay Leno did his first TV set.

Good luck with Chicken, Matt!

We’re done!

My pleasure,

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