707 – Jesse Thorn

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Released 6/30/2010

Intro: Episode 707, and there’s a great song by a band of that name

1:30 Dan is wearing fashionable, yet useless, eyewear

2:35 I Could be Good for You (707)

3:30 Matt is dressed to honor the Lakers win

3:55 Eliot’s hand does a little wiggle-wam

4:14 Due to someone being late, today is a 2 camera shoot

5:00 Jimmy likes the word “opaque” despite not knowing what it means

5:45 Jesse Thorn is dressed for NPR

6:45 Jesse bring joy and happiness to Jimmy

7:30 Jordan Jesse Go! vs. The Sound of Young America

9:20 Matt has a nickname for Jesse, but it’s stolen from Adam Curry

10:55 Jesse’s pants

11:45 Eliot lays down a temp track

12:00 Jimmy was on The Writers of Conan O’Brien

12:30 Watching the Lakers in the dressing room

13:00 Sports talk with Jimmy, Jesse, and Matt

15:00 Vin Scully’s useless trivia

16:00 How to call the boring parts of a baseball game

17:00 Baseball player name pronunciation

18:15 Ken Levine’s career

19:15 “Ahoy,” “hello” and telephone usage

23:00 Tesla’s foresight and prediction of smartphones

24:00 Dan, the loosey goosey drugged up idiot

24:30 Amazingly, with Jesse present, the conversation turns back to baseball

25:30 How Jesse picks a team to root for

25:45 The n-word league, and Matt’s public apology for its previous usage

26:30 Cool Papa Bell

27:00 Jimmy’s Hall and Oates Big Bam Boom teleconference

27:55 “I can’t wait to see these on Never Not Notes” [Here you go Jimmy]

29:00 Matt and the Theme from Gobots

30:00 “Hi Fella’s”

30:30 Jesse’s subtle reference to The Marriage Ref

30:45 Taste test of Tim Tams

31:00 NNF fan fiction

32:00 TIM TAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

32:35 Time to mock the fan

33:20 Scoring the taste test

34:00 Jimmy’s obsession with Miami Vice on a fake network

35:30 Jesse’s obsession with secondary HD channels

38:00 Jimmy insists that Jesse gets cable, instead of being a felon

39:00 Baseball on cable

40:30 Summing up the Tim Tam taste test

41:00 Idiocy and bafoonery in baseball commentary

43:00 More baseball info than you will ever need

44:20 Jimmy is angry at his mic arm

44:45 Matt rats out Pat’s kids

45:00 Jesse blames drugs for missing a potentially beautiful joke about Radio

46:00 Does Jesse listen to Christian music?

47:00 Ring tone roundtable

48:00 Someone just called Jimmy, or the ice cream truck came by

49:30 Stock vs. custom ring tones

49:45 Jesse’s most important telephone call

50:25 Jimmy’s Gary Meier sit-down

51:20 Jesse’s meeting with Ira Glass

51:45 Don’t be fooled by David Byrne’s big jacket

53:20 Jesse and John Hodgman

53:20 Ira’s wife, Anaheed, hatred of public radio, and video games

53:40 Matt pulls out his Nerd Membership Card

54:45 Sharing a diet cola with Gary Meier

55:45 Jimmy tries desperately, but possibly fails, at not being That Guy

56:45 Jesse gets hate mail about the sound of his voice

57:30 Jimmy’s on board with the hate mail against Jesse

59:20 Word Girl with Donna Feinglass

1:00:00 Who makes $45,000,000 per second?

1:01:00 Philo T. Farnsworth and Milton Berle

BREAK TIME [Including video proof that Eliot kicks ass!]

1:01:20 Allergies are killing Jimmy, so he took some drugs, and now he is in a haze

1:01:45 Matt tried to kick Jimmy off the show and take over

1:01:50 Jesse bails, leaving it all to Matt

1:02:30 Jimmy lays down his criteria for listening to the Eliot, Dan, and Matt show

1:03:15 The most practical uses of Dan’s weird-ass glasses

1:03:45 The early career of Ben Affleck

1:04:00 Brendan Frasier on The View, and his theater career

1:15:30 Journey to the Center of the Earth

1:05:40 Jaws 3D


1:06:50 The “my bruthuh” character is stretching out

1:07:45 Jimmy and Pat meet Ozzie at Amoeba Records, and a couple wonderful jokes which I will not spoil

1:10:00 House of Blues and racism

1:12:00 Spinal Tap live, vs. the movie

1:13:40 Nobody badmouths Harry Shearer on this program (dot dot dot)

1:13:50 Harry Shearer’s radio show / live show / and SNL

1:16:15 Let’s talk about Dick Gordon from The Story, and Amy Goodman

1:18:30 This American Life‘s TV show

1:20:40 Stupid Question of the Week, hand-picked by Dan Katz: From Ryan Budds: Subway, or locally owned sub shop?

1:22:40 Jesse tells a story where the hilarious punchline is “Quiznos.” [Trust me, it’s funny.]

1:24:20 Jimmy recounts the mistakes of his life

1:26:00 Passionate Jimmy comes alive: “Let’s not act like I’m some dumb fuck who doesn’t understand pizza!”

1:27:00 Stunningly, with Jesse on the show, the subject turns to Bay Area rappers

1:29:00 NBA rappers

1:29:50 This is karma for shit rock talk

1:30:30 Another question: Lola Heatherton asks: Do you evade or listen to petitioners?

1:33:30 Callback to wigglewam

1:34:00 Should you even need an excuse for not engaging petitioners?

1:35:00 Jimmy’s recent In-n-Out Burger experience

1:36:30 Jesse has drug-induced opinions about LA food

1:37:00 Apparently Gordon Ramsey has crashed the podcast.

1:38:30 The Dan Show

1:39:30 More Jimmy anger at the microphone

1:40:00 Dan’s podcast: Podkatz

Ooonnnn the podcast

AK-47 gone, not forgotten