Jesse Thorn, well-dressed and well-drugged

Few people can raise property values by their mere presence. Such a people is Jesse Thorn, host of The Sound of Young America and Jordan Jesse Go!

The mere presence of his classy self immediately added 10% to the value of the building in which Never Not Funny Headquarters is located. Of course, property taxes went up as well, so the 7-11 downstairs had to raise their prices on Slurpees, hot dogs, taquitos, and Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches during Jesse’s visit.

But, in order to maintain humility amidst his classiness, Jesse lets us know that he is making his Never Not Funny appearance in the middle of drug-induced haze. I’m sure Jesse isn’t the first or last, but he is the most forthright about it. Of course it’s entirely legal and moral, to help Jesse deal with his chronic migraine headaches.

But despite the haze, Jesse gives a top notch performance, and comes close to having a Battle of the Pants with Intern Dan!


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