Behind the scenes: search terms

While we are all anxiously awaiting the next episode of Never Not Funny, here’s a little something to kill some time.

People find NeverNotNotes through a variety of ways. Obviously, when it’s mentioned on Never Not Funny, the traffic goes up. A banner from also links to the individual episodes. The e-mailed Never Not Funny newsletter also brings a lot of visitors. In addition to all that, I announce new posts and episodes via Twitter and Facebook. This is not news to most of you.

But I think the most interesting way people find the site is through search terms. (where this site is hosted) keeps track of the search terms used to find the site, so I thought I’d let you peek behind the curtain into the wonderful world of search terms.

By far, the most common term is never not notes in its various permutations: never not notes; “never not notes”; never not funny notes. At least one person must have been interested in a specific episode because they searched for never not note.

Some people search for, which tells me that many people still don’t know how to use the address bar on their web browser.

Others find the site by searching for a specific person, such as Mike Siegel, Rachel Quaintance, or our friend Andrew Koenig. Some people get a little more specific: Pat Francis Facebook; Jimmy Pardo Monster Drink; and Maria Bamford as momstar.

Some come upon the site in their quest for gossip. such as comedy and everything else todd glass leaving and Why did Mike Schmidt leave Never Not Funny?

Here are a few others:

“when i’m cleaning windows” pardcast
“jennifer pelkey” aspecialthing
never not funny transcripts
liz lemon high def
rachel quaintance photo
pinup pastries
never not funny blog
never not funny season 1 notes (Don’t hold your breath!)
pardcast primo
never not funny pat francis ebay
jimmy pardo fan facebook
pardcast conan 608
rachel quaintance podcast
never not notes darryl

There you go. A peek behind the curtain. I hope it doesn’t totally ruin Never Not Notes for you.