2902 – Admiring the art with Hannah Einbinder

Hannah Einbinder

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 – Hello! 2902! The Deuce! It’s Monday for us, Wednesday (or later) for you.

Jimmy forgot to pop out his flapper.

Eliot talks about Jimmy’s tolerance of human interaction.

Jimmy talks about dealing with other parents.

At the end of the day, none of us should be talking.

Eliot and Jimmy talk more about Eliot and Jimmy dealing with being held hostage by people.

Jimmy enjoys Eliot anywhere but here.

In the talking Olympics, Jimmy’s a podium competitor, Eliot’s a small country teammate.

Jimmy has his arm up and no one understands why.

Eliot talks about his clock’s being set ahead.

Eliot admits to his former consistent lateness.

Eliot talks a lot about his shower clock.

10 – Matt talks about his bushing problem.

Matt talks about the hardware store that has cats running around.

Talking dogs in stores.

Jimmy talks tooth. It’s an 8-month process for a new tooth. Jimmy recounts his 64-teeth bit.

Wisdom tooth!

Thanks for coming to the Flapper’s gig!

15 – Jimmy talks about Flappers and the personal phone calls he did on Saturday. Plus, Eliot sent out the personal videos which people are loving!

20 – Ploy!

Jimmy talks Braves and odds. He talks about his baseball betting.

Matt talks about going with his gut when he was on Doug Loves Movies.

25 – Jimmy talks about his new colorful masks.

Matt is gonna give us the tagline from the poster and we have to guess it!

Making Love is Easy…Being in Love is Difficult.

Jimmy guesses About Last Night! He got it!


30 – Hannah Einbinder is here!

Lots of Jim Belushi talk! https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000902/?ref_=tt_cl_t_1

40 – Jimmy talks about Hannah doing Conan’s show.

I need to vaccum.

We all love Hacks!

We’ll be right back!

Welcome back!

Hannah Einbinder is here!

Hannah talks about virtual press stuff and zero events.

Jimmy talks about the Emmys.


45 – Desi Arnez is 5’10’’

Nicole is 5’11’’

Lucy is 5’7’’

Talking about films about comedy.

50 – Hannah talks about her love of things about comedy and her show.

Hannah loves our hallway.

Matt seems like an art guy. We talk about going to school.

Hannah went to film school, film school, but originally Broadcast Journalism. She talks more about her fandom of Rachel Maddow and evolving to TV Writing/Production.

55 – Hannah was a big hippie growing up apparently. She went to Chapman!

Hannah and Jimmy have not seen a second of Beverly Hills 90210. Hannah says why watch it if you lived it.

Less Than Zero talk.

Eliot has not seen Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

Jimmy and fam watched The Trip this weekend. “Phenomenal!”

60 – Hannah recommends Elon Gold for impression.

Talking Rodney Dangerfield impressions.

Hannah did Wendy Liebman’s show at Vitello’s. She talks about it, the audience, and how she reacts during her set if something doesn’t work.

1h5m – Jimmy talks about the shows he had in 2020 and how his appearance on Wendy’s show was his favorite, of six?

Hey now!

Jimmy and Oliver went to see Jungle Cruise. Oliver HATED it. Jimmy enjoyed it.

1h10m – Hannah enjoyed Free Guy! She knows nothing about video games, but she loved it.

Just get down the river!

Talking movies we’ve seen in the theater!

1h15m – Last movies? Call of the Wild for Jimmy, Uncut Gems for Hannah.

Round the horn!
Oliver’s Trivia question!

1h20m – Ryan Gosling talk. We love him!

Trivia time!

Category is Mascots.

1h25m – We’re all tested in vaxxed!

Mailman is here!

1h30m – Back on backpacks!

Hannah used to have to sneak into her school for a text book heist.

1h35m – Question is

The Twitter Mascot is named Larry, after what other famous Larry?

Is this too easy?

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

Quick answers!

Quick mail! It’s from Candace. She included a letter!

Trivia Results:
Category: Mascots
Question:. The Twitter Mascot is named Larry, after what other famous Larry?

Garon: Larry (from three’s company) (8 pts)
Eliot: Larry Bird (17 pts)
Matt: Larry Bird (19 pts)
Hannah: Larry Bird (8 pts)
Jimmy: Larry Bird (22 pts)

Jimmy wins!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth