27K – Waiting for it with Brandie Posey

Brandie Posey

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher



00 Welcome in! 

We’re all optimistically cautious. We still don’t have a president. 

Five states still outstanding!

We talk about where we are as a country and what is happening. 

Trump’s never 69’d in his life. 

10 – Steve Kornacki is gay!? 


Too bad Arnold cant run

20 – Arnold movies!


25 – White list NNF and Jimmy emails!

We’re bringing Stupid Question of the Week back! 

30 – Matt and Jimmy have bidets! They’re a sponsor. 

We’ll be back!

We’re back! 

Brandie Posey is here! Here second post-election appearance! 

Jimmy loves Brandie’s glasses!

40 – Brandie has a peloton! She’s sharing free log ins for peloton bikes!

Talking Tik Tok viral guy. 

45 – Stupid Questions!

Shower:  loofa scrunchy thing or wash cloth?  Liquid soap or bar soap?

50 – Talking Cologne! 

Jon Hamm smells great apparently! Eliot says so!

Brandie talks about going cologne when she was a lyft driver. Suspected riders may have been dead and disguising it. 


Jimmy talks about putting on too much Brute at the LA Fitness and asking someone if it was too much. 

Eliot wants a cologne scented fabric softener. 

One more Stupid Question: Brain freeze once a week or kick your toe once a week

Brandie watches PBS news. She trusts newscasters who should be podcasters. 

Talking tests, covid, and a trip to the Emergency Room. 

My K is Laurie Kilmartin! 

1h5m – Brandie talks about a live show she did and took her own mic. 

Brandie talks about driving Lyft. 

Tip your Karaoke host/hostess!

Talking about mics at Karaoke and someone who would bring their own mic. 

1h15m – Jimmy talks about cleaning the receiver at hotel rooms and how disgusting and gross it was cleaning out. 

Give Jimmy a gold mic! Or a purple windscreen according to Eliot.  

1h20m – Eliot is here! Elections in June. 

Eliot talks about Neighborhood Council and being yelled at my viewers of a meeting. 

Jimmy talks about going to a meeting that Karen Bass was holding with some major guests like John Dean (Watergate) and people just yelling about local stuff. 

1h25m – Brandie wonders what Eliot’s campaign colors are. 

Talking about potential lock down again. 

Talking Halloween parties and gun stores in Burbank.

1h30m – Eliot doesn’t want to go to the learning annex he wants to learn in the main building. 

Eliot’s K is Howard Kramer. 

Matt’s K is Martha Kelly. 

1h35m – Lady to Lady Podcast! 

They have French Stewart on every 100 episodes. 

Laurie’s K is Jen Kirkman! 

Fan guesses!

Jimmy’s five are…

5) Danielle Koenig

4) Jen Kirkman

3) Karen Kilgariff

2) Laurie Kilmartin

1) Jackie Kashian

No winner!

Eddie Murphy talk

It’s Jack! Brandie’s dog! 

We’re done!

Fingers crossed the election is resolved by the time this is released.

Stay Safe!!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth