2702 – Printing Money with Maria Bamford

Maria Bamford

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher



00 – Hello! Indeed! 2702! Achtung! 

Jimmy talks about some guy named Joe Pardo. 

Super Joe Pardo! https://superjoepardo.com/super-joe-pardo-show/

Is Jimmy gonna start playing Soccer?! 

Talking stocks and Robin Hood. 

Was he real?


10 – Talking Mel Brooks Robin Hood: Men in Tights and Spaceballs. 

Like what you like mind your business! 

Robin Hood: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0955308/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_22

Maybe I should lay off the Celsius?

The Pardo fam went to an actual drive in theater out in Torrance. They saw Twister! It was great.  

Talking Bill and Ted! Good natured idiots! Like us! 

Jimmy ices himself after his Shaggy Doo joke. 

20 – Jimmy and Matt talk about the game show show that they did over the weekend. 

Can Jimmy be an action star? Matt talks about Bruce Willis. 

25 – Talking about the Halyx doc. Eliot watched it. 

Julie Dixon was in the Universal Monsters show at Universal. Wayne Brady played the Wolfman! 

Maria Bamford is here!

You Are A Comedy Special is Maria’s new project on Audible! 

Jimmy’s got new glasses! 

30 – Help Me Help You Help Me is Maria’s live special! 

We’ll be right back! 

We’re back!


Live from her Dad’s office! It’s Maria Bamford! She’s in Duluth. 

Honor your father! He refused to give her the printer passcode but he did give her the WiFi code! 

Professor From Planet Pluto

Jimmy talks about going to the Dentist. Maria wonders what it’s like in the pandemic. 

Maria talk about her dentist having a TV for her to watch while they work on her mouth. HGTV! 

Jimmy talks about the dentist with the DVDs ruining his teeth. 

35 – Jimmy talks about hate mail from being on Byron Allen’s show. 

Maria talks about her upcoming specials. 

Her You Are A Comedy Special on audible is free! 

40 – Maria has been in Duluth for three weeks. 

Dump the dirt Maria! 

Happy birthday, Maria!

Trivia has been delivered!

Apparently, it’s not his best because he was rushed.

Topic is: Super Trivia Man! 

Jimmy brings Oliver in to explain the category. 

Round the horn! 

45 – (25!!!)

Cash on the Barrel Head!

Question is:

What Superhero was originally pitched as an industrial capitalist who sold weapons to everyone and was greeted as a challenge to make a person like that likeable. 

Iron Man/Tony Stark

50 – Trivia results:

Garon: Tony Stark/Iron Man (25 pts)

Eliot: Tony Stark/Iron Man (17 pts)

Matt: Tony Stark/Iron Man (25 pts)

Maria: Bruce Wayne/Batman (24 pts)

Jimmy: Captain America ( pts)

Covid Free roommate!

I don’t want to fuck a bat though. 

55 – Stop painting Ozzy as a shrieker! 

I watched Bill and Ted and more!

Maria talks about her dogs being driven across the country. 

60 – Rush Talk. 

Tom Hanks glasses! 

Maria’s been watching old world series’ with her husband. 


Iron Man is my guess.

1h5m – Eliot talks about moving his car, except he ended up not doing it. 

“Automated Car Wash is what they used to call my pussy.” – Maria

1h10m – Maria gives Eliot some help. Eliot asks about therapist having crystal balls. 

The painters Eliot was protecting his car from were having a fast food for lunch.

Eliot’s answer: is NOT Oliver Queen – Green Arrow. It’s actually Tony Stark/Iron Man. 

Girl got caught in a kite and flown 100ft in the air. 


RIP Chadwick Boseman. He died on Jackie Robinson Day. 

1h15m – Matt’s answer is Tony Stark!

Maria chimes in to let us know we’re all nerds. 

Maria’s answer is Batman! 

Her husband is going to stay with her for a long as he can take it. 

Her dad’s method of showing love is giving you a list of tasks that never ends. 

Maria’s sister is now a life coach/shaman. 

Her sister has asked Maria not to impersonate her anymore. 

1h20m – Jimmy’s answer is: Captain America. 

Correct answer is: IRON MAN! 

Does Oliver’s terrible handwriting indicate he’s gonna be a doctor? Both Maria’s father and sister have terrible handwriting. 

Maria wonders what Joe Biden is spending his money on to keep asking for $3. 

1h25m – Jimmy talks about snatching a biden sign from the rally he attended. 

Who won?

TIE Between Garon (me) and Matt!

Maria wants to be sure she has a secure debt with us. She’s trying to unload some of her CDs on us. Her dad has hundreds apparently and tried to give one to a hospice worker. 

1h30m – Maria talks traveling. She flew via Delta and recommends it. 

Target talk! Maria did her campaign like 15 years ago! 

Apparently Target doesn’t treat their employees very well. 

Let’s make America good? 

Jimmy starts over. Suspects seizure. 

We’ll be right back! 

We’re back! Late second break! 

It’s Maria’s Dad!! 

Dr Joel Bamford! 

Joe Lieberman?! 

1h35m – Jimmy compliments Maria. Joel talks about enjoying her comedy as well. He’s enjoying her visit. 


No one heard “Foot long fecal rope.” Which is what Maria’s husband calls a “crowd pleaser.”

Joel talks about his printer. He gets monthly ink delivery whether he needs it or not!

A pleasure! Over and Out! 

Jimmy wraps us up plugging Maria’s shows: Help Me Help You Help Me and You Are A Comedy Special. 

We’re done! See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth