2615 – Sheltering in Place with Jen Kirkman

Jen Kirkman

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher



00 – Welcome in! 2615! 

Sunny day in cali! 

Jimmy talks about the Flappers Playing Games show and the proceeds going to Front Line Workers and Black Lives Matter.

Jay Leno shows up briefly. Jimmy and Matt talk about it. 

Oui talk! How’d you pronounce it? Owee? 

5 – “Mom dad the silver man is here!” 

10 – Talking wooden utensils. 



Spoon talk 2020! 

Shooting a load into a wooden spoon: Groot?! 

Guardians of the galaxy chat

20 – Jimmy’s got some major back issues. He’s in a lot of pain. 

He fell asleep with an ice pack on and it froze his skin. 

Talking Ghost bed and masturbation. 

25 – “Get it done before mom comes in the room!”

Talking Rock Stars with sunglasses and Tommy Shaw’s appearance. 

30 – We’re all here! Jen Kirkman is here! 

We’ll be right back! 

We’re back! 2615 and Jen Kirkman! 

Keep the guests on their toes!

Jen’s apparently the only person wearing a mask in her neighborhood.

Talking about masks in public. 

Stepping in poop with your left foot is apparently good luck. 


Trivia topic is Theme Parks!

I’m betting 25!

Jen talks about mistaking her plant for an intruder once. 

Eliot got tested for Covid. He talks about it. 

50 – Who’s zoomin’ whom!?” – Jen

Jen’s been listening to the show in Quarantine! 

Here’s Oliver! 

Trivia question is:

What Franchise did Disney Buy in 1995 to build a ride for that was eventually shut down for being too scary?

Garon: The Dark Crystal (25 points) – Wrong 

Eliot: Toy Story (15 points) – Wrong

Matt: Twilight Zone (14 Points) – Wrong

Jen: Nightmare on Elm Street (15 pts) – Wrong

Jimmy: DC Comics (7 Points) – Wrong – WINNER with Points!

55 – Matt talks about Dead To Me. Jen loved it and binged season 2 in one day. 

60 – Talking watching shows missed the first time around. 

1h5m – Jimmy got me a great birthday gift. We talk about it and he plays my weepy voicemail. 

1h10m – Jimmy’s mic lowered! We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Business taken care of. 


Hot Gossip about a comedian (David Cross) singing a Styx song! 

Rude or funny? 

1h15m – Jen calls reddit a shit pile. 

_____ Fire talk

Dumpster talk 

Matt talks about Trump changing laws to let Obama run again. 

Matt talks about the Winds of Change podcast about the CIA writing the song. 

1h20m – Talking Finding Richard Simmons podcast. 

Jen talks about meeting Richard Simmons. 

Eliot talks about some looting that happened in Palms. He was driving around surveying and found himself rescuing a dog. He talks about it. 

1h25m – Jen calls the prius driver in Eliot’s story a showboat. 

Zoom puns! 

1h30m – Die a slow death! – Jen

Jen talks about headwear on stage and the time she wore a turban style with a gem on it and Jimmy was not having it. 

Jen talks about not wanting to do Stand up on Zoom. 

Jimmy and Jen talk the shows at The Virgil

1h35m – Eliot guesses Toy Story.

Matt talks windy mornings.

Matt’s guess is Twilight Zone. 


Watch Holey Moley according to Jimmy.

Jen’s guess is Nightmare on Elm Street

Jimmy guesses DC Comics

The answer is ALIEN. 

Oliver explains more about it. Extra-Terror-estrial. 

Jimmy wins trivia for the lowest wrong answer bet!

We’re done!

Stay safe!


My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth