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Kevin Bigley

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26 New Kids On The Block 

Indeed! Welcome in! 26 N as in Nifty maybe?

Jimmy gives us a chair update. 


Jimmy talks about singing with Tommy Shaw! 

05 – Jimmy talks about “young Charles,” Matt’s son, who is learning how to ride a bike. 

Matt talks about how Charlie was learning to ride and the joy of seeing him ride without help. 

Matt talks about a pedalless bike – https://www.amazon.com/Best-Sellers-Toys-Games-Kids-Balance-Bikes/zgbs/toys-and-games/2492943011


15 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penny-farthing

Jimmy talks about Holy Moly. 

He hates Ultimate Tag though. 

20 – The Rock is the Ed Sheeran of Wrestling? – Me

The Pardo-Koenig’s watched Animal House. Oliver was older than Jimmy was when he saw it. 

Maybe it doesn’t hold up? 

25 – Kevin Bigley is here! We’ll be back with Kevin! 

We’re back! 

Kevin’s on Upload on Amazon! Shirtless Kevin if you wanna see that. 

Kevin talks about the song choices he could have sang along with including Jungle Love. He went with Billy Squire instead. 

30 – Kevin talks about the history of Upload and Greg Daniels’ developing of it. 

Kevin talks about his quarantine hair and attempt at a beard. 

35 – Jimmy recommends Thinning Shears. 

Round the horn! 

Talking clichés “It’s everything, my spirit animal, we don’t deserve…”

Kevin still listens and is married now. 

He needs his Soda Stream refilled. 

Does anyone like the flavors? 

40 – Jimmy talks about how people are enjoying the video during this quarantine. 

Kevin compares me to Maggie Smith. 

Doc talk! 

The Birth of Sake

45 – Talk Talk’s album is The Party’s Over. 

Hit Parade chat. 

Michael Jordan nicknames. 

My N is New Kids On The Block! 

50 – Matt talks about seeing NKOTB last summer. 

Kevin talks about getting a Cameo from Vin Rock for his brother-in-law. 

55 – Eliot’s turn! Matt wonders what’s with the ‘Tude. 

Talking curfews and amber alerts. 

60 – Will Eliot go for reelection?

Eliot talks about his family. Apparently, his sister passed away. He talks about him being in her will. 

Eliot talks about the letter he received from Trump about his stimulus checks. 

1h10m – Jizz off that riff gun! 

Eliot’s N is New Order. 

Jimmy share a great joke from comedian Nick Griffin. 

1h15m – Jimmy asks Kevin about Promo for the show. 

Matt talks about Zoe biking/walking around the neighborhood. 

Jimmy comments on his Elliptical. HE has to retighten the bolts every time he uses it. 

Kevin talks about his guitars. 

1h25m – Kevin plays a lot of “surf.” 

Talking learning guitar. 

1h30m – Matt’s N is Nazareth

Matt has a second choice he’s more excited about. 

Kevin’s N is Natural Child

We hear the fans

Jimmy’s five:

5) Nickelback

4) New Edition

3) Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

2) Nirvana

1) Night Ranger! 

No winner!

More Billy Squire talk and saying goodbye to Kevin! 

See you next time! 

Stay safe!

My pleasure,

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