26O – Hitting the Links with Kira Soltanovich

Kira Soltanovich

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher



00 – Hello! Indeed! 26O! Orgasmic!

Jizz is the top of the cum terms list for Jimmy! Splooge is in there somewhere.

Eliot updates us on the Washer/Dryer situation at the Familiar. 

Talking getting into Eliot’s washer/dryer and getting coin. Maybe using a Gladiator box set. 

Oliver is on an upcoming game show Stars Wars Jedi Temple Challenge!


10 – Star Wars Kids talk.

Jimmy watched some Old Tony Awards while he was in severe pain the other day and then somehow ended up watching That Girl. 

Matt talks about the Josh Gad reunion show. 

15 – Have we filmed ourselves during sex? Eliot has recorded himself via audio. 

20 – Do we do sex tapes? 

Jimmy talks about his former neighbor Phyllis who was always playing her TV super late at night. All bass. No Treble.

Maybe it was Phyillis Trainer?!

Turns out The Last Dance made Jimmy hate Michael Jordan.

30 – Continuing to talk about Michael Jordan. 

We’ll be back with Kira Soltanovich!

We’re back! 26O! 

Kira Soltanovich is here with a hat! 

A Schlapa? It is authentic from the Ukraine. 

40 – Kira talks about unemployment issues. It’s been three months. 

Best parrot name? Polly. 

Is unemployment like child support? Kira explains. 

Kira’s mom had a pet owl in Russia. 

The Wind of Change podcast comes up again. Matt explains it to Kira. 

45 – We’re learning about pronouncing countries and different names. 

Eliot asks Kira about the name Seleznik. 

Eliot tells the Seleznik story while Jimmy adds light. 

50 – Jimmy’s back! 

You gotta Zoom you don’t gotta groom! 

What is a Skookums? 


Jimmy asks Kira about Hunter Biden. 

55 – Talking about Kira’s family activity during quarantine, including sneaking into a closed golf course. 

Her husband is working from home. 

Kira talks about feeling like a substitute teacher. 

Jimmy talks about kids being mean to a substitute teacher. Why? 

Jimmy talks about Brian Noonan being a sub teacher. 

60 – Kira talks about having the football coach have to sub for them once. 

Marv Levy is the former Bills coach. 

Oh we’re counting back in! 

1h5m – Round the horn! 

Talking Over The Top and Nascar banning the confederate flag. 

Eliot asks Jimmy what his visualization of a go kart is. 

Immediate gets taken down for it. 

Talking more about Go Karting. 

Go Karts not getting rid of the flag or probably cleaning well. 

My O word is The Osmonds! 

1h10m – cha cha! 

Van Nuy talk.

1h15m – Cinnamon Stick! Eliot gives us a Palms update. They had a brown out while Eliot was playing D&D. 

Eliot has a question for us all. Do you name a cockatoo Quigley. 

A cockatoo IS a species of parrot.

Talking Quigley Down Under. 


Alan Rickman is who Eliot is thinking of. 

1h20m – The Owl was named LEV! 

Can clinking! 

Kira’s daughter came to say hello! 

1h25m – Eliot’s O is Off Broadway USA. 


Matt’s O is OMD Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark! 

Pretty In Pink talk.

Never Have I Ever talk. Matt enjoys it! 

1h30m – Kira talks about doing zoom comedy shows. She does them a lot. 

She had a furry in the audience who removed his head and had another fur head on. 

Kira’s O is not Ozzy Osbourne, it’s Oasis!


We here the fans guesses and talk Spinners vs OJays.

1h40m – Ukrainians don’t like happiness according to Kira. 

Jimmy misses the 4-5 year old age of Oliver. 

Kira never would have had kids if she new a pandemic was coming. 

Jimmy’s five:

5) Oingo Bingo 

4) Off Broadway

3) Orleans

2) Outlaws

1) The Outfield

Dead Man’s Party appeared in Back To School – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dead_Man%27s_Party_(song)

1h45m – Thanks Kira! We’re glad you were able to shower for this. 

Kira talks a bit about how she does her Zoom stand-up. She has a show on Saturday! She’s going to Phoenix for an actual live show! She’s driving there. 

See you next time!

My pleasure,

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