26E – Finding a Comfort from Inside You with Tony Thaxton

Tony Thaxton

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher



00 – Jimmy’s taking off his coat! 

It’s a Helen’s cycle shirt. 

Jimmy talks about watching Blockbusters and doing his South Side of Chicago accent when a contestant from Chicago came on. 

More south side guy talking tall buildings. 

Who plays Mahjong? Old jewish women and Chinese people?


05 – Jimmy talks about Living Spaces and the fight Danielle is having with them. 

Eliot’s back on twitter?! At least he is with 3 Word Trivia.

He talks about the company he put on blast on twitter.  It’s some storage company.




Name the brand

Jingle talk! 

10 – 26E! Get those band names in! 


Who was in Tootsie?

Nordling! But he was actually in Quiz Show. 

20 – Matt is burning through The Office. 

Matt talks about a See You Next Tuesday featuring people from The Office. 

25 – We here the Kotter competition.

Jimmy’s watching The Rockford Files now. Eliot has a story about it featuring the original promenade. 

30 – Talking recognizing local streets and locations in shows/films. 

Jimmy talks about auditioning on the fox lot. 

There was a fire at an apartment Jimmy lives near. 

Matt talks about the family playing Yahtzee and Charlie’s artwork. Jimmy Pardtato Matt Bell Eliot Hedgehog and Garon Cock-a-doodle-doo. 

35 – The Pardo-Koenigs played Kenny G Keeping It Saxy. 

Matt talks about James Blunt NOT doing a concert from his living room. Jimmy thinks he is terrific.  

40 – Tony Thaxton sneaks in!  

Jimmy talks about Bizarre Albums. He and Oliver listen together. 

Jimmy reenacts what he does during every episode. 

We’ll be right back! 

We’re back! E for electricity!

45 – Talking mortgages. 

Big Lou adds on Sirius. 

The latest episode of Bizarre Albums is The Wrestling Album 2!

Jimmy talks about celebs doing live shows from home. He finds it self-indulgent. 

50 – Talk to your kids! 

Jimmy makes a guest appearance on the Johnny Cash children’s album episode. 

Time feels weird nowadays. 

Tony got a dog! He’s divorced now but he got a dog. 

Her name is Moose!  

55 – Jimmy talks about his major breakup and how he didn’t have a contact like Baseball because of the strike. 

60 – Talking famous coronavirus infected.


1h5m – Tony Thaxton is taking time away from crying into his dogs face. 


Olivia Newton Juice 

Round the horn!

What band is from West Hills? Dawes!

1h15m –Me E is ELO! 

Sherman Hemsley was 37 when The Jefferson’s started.


1h20m – Eliot’s got some keypad problems at the familiar. 

Eliot talks about why he confused Xander Berkley on last episode. Turns out he saw him at some kind of Make Up event. 

1h25m – Eliot’s E is also ELO. 


1h30m – Matt goes with Erasure. 

Tony goes with Eurythmics! 

Eliot reads the fans. 

Jimmy’s five

5 – Elefant

4 – Eurythmics

3 – ELO

2 – Echo and the Bunnyman

1 – Emerson Lake and Palmer 

Dinosaurs talk. 

Wait Tony has a music trivia game for us! 

Thanks Tony! 

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth