33R – Kissing and telling with Taylor Williamson

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher



00 – Happy new year! Countdown at the end of the show!

Talking backwards alphabet. Eliot can rattle it off pretty quickly.

Jimmy talks about his experiences being stupid and driving after drinking.

Christmas talk!

10 – Matt talks about whether or not Charlie believes in Santa Claus.

Stiller! Charlie’s Elf on a Shelf.



15 – Pardo-Koenig family Christmas meal at Firefly – https://www.fireflystudiocity.com/

Jimmy got more prevegen!

Celebrity sighting!

Jimmy Oliver and Danielle went to see Bringing Up Baby at the Aero where they saw a friend of the show and a celebrity.

20 – Jimmy talks about doing a bit for this friend of show after thinking he was doing a bit when he wasn’t.

Who was it? Wayne Federman!

25 – Was Jeffrey Tambor we tooed?

Rob Morrow!

Mail is here!

T-shirt and Chocolate!


Jimmy’s on TikTok! JimmyPardoNNF!

We’ll be right back with Taylor Williamson! How old is he?!

45 – Welcome back!

Couple things in the break!

Cow Chips are jingle Jangle good!

Jimmy gets to the bottom of Taylor’s age.

Taylor talks about where he and Jimmy met at the Comedy District in Culver City.

Taylor used to call Jimmy “Mr. Pardo.”

50 – Taylor would like to not comment on 9/11 or his lack of involvement.

Taylor talks about doing a USO show in Guantanamo.

Jimmy briefly recounts performing for navy and it not going well.

55 – Taylor talks about getting heckled by marines.

Talking Taylor’s new special and America’s Got Talent.

He lost to a Japanese dancer.


60 – Taylor talks about joke flirting with Heidi Klum and getting a storyline on a competition show because of it.


1h5m – “can I curese? Screw it!” – Taylor

Taylor talks about post AGT and his new yolo attitude that may or may not work.

1h10m – Taylor talks about the last minute interview he did with James Lipton.


Taylor found 2007 lineup that he was on with Jimmy!

Talking the El Paso comedy club!

1h20m – Jimmy talks about the time he snuck into Juarez with Dan Kaufman.

Taylor wonders what happened with the line ups and the legends. It’s more often that he only recognizes one name at Laugh Factory.

Matt talks about the way charts are calculated and Jimmy mentions how easy it is now to access the music you want to hear.

1h25m – Taylor wants to complain about A Special Thing right in front of Matt?!

1h30m – Taylor talks about defending Nikki Glazer on the AST Message Boards.

You’ll never get Scott Aukerman’s love!

Matt’s giving us a chart from December 14, 1991!

Taylor is friends with the folks across the hall.

1h35m – Who is our neighbor?!


1h50m – Charts over!

Round the horn!

Garon: Robert Blake

Eliot: Rob Morrow

Matt: Roger Moore

Taylor: Randy Quaid


Jimmy’s Five

5) Rob Lowe

4) Robert Redford

3) Ronald Regan

2) Ryan Reynolds

1) Richard Roundtree

No winner!

2h – Watch Taylor’s new special on YouTube! He’s extremely proud of it!

Jimmy asks about Taylor’s special and shooting it at the Comedy Store.

Taylor talks about being bullied on the internet.

Count down! Happy new year!

Ok bye!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole