2605 – Waving Through a Window with Rich Sommer.

Rich Sommer

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – We’ve got a talk and beep situation!

Jimmy talks about getting through Murder Most Foul, Bob Dylan’s new song. 

Jimmy didn’t hate it rather he found it soothing. 

Matt and Jimmy credit him as the first ASMR artist. 

The new song got Jimmy to revisit The Essential Bob Dylan. 

Jimmy talks about Matt not being a fan of singer/songwriter style music.

Talking Kesha! 

5 – Jimmy talks about Oliver doing virtual school and having choir today while Jimmy was doing emails for the show. 

Oliver was a little flat and the family try to understand why his teacher wants him singing that way. 

Eliot has advice for Oliver.

They talk about the kids having Cesar Chavez day. 

10 – Talking about park closures and family walks. 

Jimmy’s sort of giving up on Invisalign. It’s causing him some pains.

Back to the walk story! Long story short they closed the park just as Jimmy and fam were walking up to it. 

Trump is the worst.

15 – Am I a recording?! 

Jimmy explains the new format, the extra isolation episode, etc. 

Tiger King talk! 

Does having a lot of big cats make you crazy like having a lot of normal sized cats allegedly does?

20 – Matt talks about having to take a breath and pause the documentary at one point. 

Matt talks about some zoo he went to in Washington run by some former Disney people. 

Britney Spears connection with Tiger King doc. 

New rules on Trivia!? 

25 – Eliot had trivia rules. They were…extensive.

Jimmy reveals new rules via Jeremy Hrbel. 

$5 winner every week. Points matter weekly. Points break tie. Highest point wins. 

30 – New rules SET and now Mail! 

It’s a care package. It’s graphic novels and comics! Thanks Matt Brazee! 

35 – We can only apologize for Joe Diffe. 


40 – Jimmy cut his own hair!

We’ll be right back! 

We’re back!

Jimmy got an important message from 7/11 about Covid-19.

Also, CVS isn’t taking returns. 

Rich Sommer is here! 

Rich talks about what his kids are up to. 

45 – Matt gives a school update also. 

Rich talks about work and doing voice over.

Jimmy and Rich talk about Insurance issues. Rich had not yet considered that. 

Insurance is “pretty fucked up” in this country. 

Rich talked about the presidential election not the corona virus on the 1000th episode. 

Primaries in June? 

Bang around seniors!

Lots of babies and beards at the end of this quarantine. But apparently beards aren’t hygienic! 

50 – Jimmy talks about lunch with Peter Pardini and the Chicago book and afterwards he noticed he had a bunch of texts. He was going through them and turned to see a face in his passenger window. It scared Jimmy quite badly. It was Rich and he had been sitting there for like a minute staring into the window. 

Rich tells his side of the story. 

55 – 10% comedy 90% true terror. 

The Carbon! Jimmy and Eliot talk about it. 

Are liquor stores closing? 


60 – Eliot has a superman curl apparently. 

Sports talk. Is baseball gonna be canceled this year? 

1h5m – Rich suggests watching more television. 

Baseball cheating and back to liquor. 

Elise quit coke zero! Still on coffee though. 

1h10m – Trivia time! Another Oliver question but it has been vetted by Danielle. 

Pop Culture/Literature

Rich talks about paying a friend in fifth grade for his brother’s hustler. 

Playboy vs Hustker

Rich’s mom found that Hustler and wept about it while she talked to Rich about it. 

Jimmy talks about finding sexual cards/magazines under bleachers. 

Rich talks about finding a porn tape hidden behind a speaker once. 

1h15m – The guys talk about the potential lowering of the voting age to 16 and drinking to 18.  

1h20m – Wagers! 

I’m betting 13. 

The question is: 

Theme songs! We here the first theme inspired by Africa. 

What Famous Horror Movie Line was originally a well-known proverb from the book James Howell’s Proverbs published in 1659? 

Matt: Here’s Johnny!

Jimmy: I want to suck your blood

Rich: It’s alive!

Eliot: In Space No One Care Hear You Scream.

Garon: A Boy’s Best Friend Is His Mother 

We’ll take a break and find out our answers! We’ll be right back! 

1h25m – Welcome back! Rich Sommer is here via zoom!

Round the horn!

Xander responded. 

Jimmy talks about a parent at Oliver’s school who has a 7th grader and she was born in 85. 


Eliot is thinking of Timothy Olmanson. 

How often are we wiping down door handles, etc. 

Jimmy goes through the house at night and wipes everything down. 

Rich and Matt wipe down groceries before they come in the house. 

1h35m – Jimmy confirms the distance between him and Matt. 

My trivia answer is “A Boys Best Friend is his mother.”

Eliot talks about his virus procedures. 

Kristen Bell is hosting some corona virus show on Nickelodeon. 

Talking Encore. Rich talk about the show he would love to redo: Fiddler on the Roof from Senior year of college. He did Mash in high school and would revisit that one! 

1h45m – Eliot’s answer is: In Space No One Care Hear You Scream. 

Matt’s guess: Here’s Johnny!

Jimmy’s guess: I want to suck your blood

Rich’s guess: It’s alive!

The correct answer is: All Work and No Play make Jack a dull boy! 

No winner! Matt was close with his joke. 

Eliot 11

Matt 23

Rich 13

Garon 13

Jimmy 8 

Jimmy wins $5! 

Xander got it right!

Thanks Rich!

Wipe it down! 

See you next time! 

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth