33L – Keeping the lights on with Tommy McNamara

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher



00 Hello! 33L! Welcome in!

We had some rain for a few hours.

Insnailsion 2023! Jimmy found like hundreds of snails around his house.

Eliot is chiming in a LOT already.

Eliot Mayor (of Whoville)?!

Jimmy talks his cold readings.

5 – AL Rookie of the Year nominees: Gunnar Henderson, Tanner Bibee, Tristan Casas, Josh Jung, Yainer, Masataka Yoshida, Edouard Julien, Anthony Volpe


Bill Burrs wife is named Nia Renee Hill

10 – Matt guesses Gunnar correctly!

Big news!

Tickets are on sale now for NNF in San Fran on, Sunday January 28! 3PM! Janet Varney as a guest! SketchFest! SFSketchFest.com

First Road gig!

New rule! Let everyone finish a sentence!

Great live show this past Tuesday!  Great crowd!

15 – T-Shirt drawing!

NNF in Australia?!

Shaun Reimer

John Polton

Jeff Burn

Georgia Pulham

Michael Held

Chris Corbin

Tyler Ulm

Jessica Sapp

Colin Brady

Justin Stange

Enjoy your shirts!

Welcome to the NNF Family!

More NNF in Australia talk!

30 –Cruise!


Private jet? Cruise? How can we get to Australia?

40 – https://www.immediatefamilyfilm.com/


We’ll be right back!

We’re back!



Lotta blue for Jimmy today.

Tommy McNamara is here!

45 – Is Tommy keeping AST open?

Tommy’s new album is out as of 11/16!

Tommy talks Merch with Jimmy.

Tommy’s an aisle guy. He goes to the bathroom a lot.

Cold Brew coffee not beer.

Tommy was here doing promo for the new album!

Jimmy and Tommy talk about the Netflix is a Joke shows they did. Jimmy says Tommy and his friend Luke killed.

50 – Jimmy shares how he made Oliver def jam laugh.

Doc call! Jimmy had to take the call.

Joel Kim Booster is on Comedy Central Records!

Jimmy bought two albums from amazon that he already has.

55 – Tommy likes indie rock!

Tommy tells us about his relationship status and touring with Tom Thakkar

Tommy talks about going to an LA Fitness as a guest of Tom Thakkar and the gym dude making him fill out forms and take a tour. Lotta pressing in his gym sesh.

60 – Oliver had the best tuna melt of his life on his trip apparently.

Filet of Fish – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filet-O-Fish

Talking golf. Tommy went with Tom golfing also.

Tommy started in Chicago! He and Jimmy talk about it.

Can’t find that comedy special.

Matt has a question about which song features the Alex from Stroh’s dog in it.


1h25m – https://onlysky.media/ahall/tim-allens-and-bill-cosbys-comedy-tour-is-canceled/

Letter game!

Tommy’s guess: Lou Ferrigno

Matt’s Guess: Leonard Nimoy

Jimmy’s guess: Laurence Olivier

Garon’s Guess: Lou Gosset Jr.

A more contemporary L? Lawrence the cable guy? – Tommy

Larry the Cable Guy on the celebrity golf tour!

1h40 – Jim Shue!


1h55m –

Eliot’s 5!

5) Lee Marvin

4) Lionel Barrymore

3) Lawrence Fishburne

2) Laurence Olivier

1) Leonard Nimoy

Matt wins!

2h – Joker’s Wild!

Where does Tommy go from here?


Uh oh we’re talking Taylor!

Tommy’s a swiftie! He saw her opening for Rascal Flats!

Rascal Flats talk

Taylor special guests!

No one needs to see Chris Brown.

Tommy calls Jimmy his Steve Dahl.

Matt asks about Tommy’s Follow Through hat.

Who’s buying Pop Culture Beast?

Ok bye!!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole/Snail Party