2505 – Climbing Every Mountain with Kevin Nealon

Kevin Nealon

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello!

We’re learning a new talent of Eliot’s. Jet sounds with tape!

Steven Yates is here! Another smile train donor!

Great voices talk!

We talk to Steven. 2 kids 26 and 29!

His son is a metal head apparently.

The entire trip turned into a family vacation.

Steven sent us the books about autism.

The hugs come and go as the kids grow.

10 – Where the ocean meets the shore!

Jimmy talks about going through more of his mom’s stuff and preparing to mail out a bunch of pictures. He started to do it this morning but got interrupted by some guy who was talking, and no offense meant, but very 70s jive like.

15 – It was a younger guy and not an older gentleman as expected.

“boxes boxes boxes boxes boxes.” – Jimmy

Jimmy lost it at the lady because she kept helping other people. The other guy just told him to get out.

20 – Talking past history and things we regret.

25 – Oliver and Danielle could both tell which kid was the bully in a class photo.

Matt had a birthday party for Zoe over the weekend. They went to the Huntington Botanical Gardens and the Tea Room.

Charlie did not have any tea.

30 – Talking about Hollywood Blvd and dirty costumes.

Riki Rachtman – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riki_Rachtman

35 – Talking the original VJs and how they should be added to the rock and roll hall of fame.

Our guest is coming from a table read so might be a little late.

40 – Talking Melrose Swap and Griffith Park.

Steve looks like John Waters’ handsome brother.

Kevin Nealon is here! Jimmy kicks us both out.

H.O.P.E. restaurant.

Impossible burger talk.

Kevin is shocked at the production value of the podcast.

First time for Kevin in studio!

Kevin’s done PCAT 3 times.

45 – Steve knows someone who was shot in Bridgeport.

Griffith park talk.

Kevin is wearing a key around his wrist.

50 – Catherine O’Hara talk.

Kevin talks about an Open House he went to and the realtor name dropping neighbor.

Lots of dentist talk.

Jimmy talks average sets and someone telling him that voice over people are looking for “a jimmy pardo type”


55 – Talking Hiking With Kevin, season 3 is coming soon!


Take a break we’ll be right back – Kevin

We’re back!

Kevin goes through some of the guests he’s had on his show.

Kevin talks about the people who said no to his show.

60 – talking first concerts.

Jimmy’s was Kiss and Judas Priest.

Kevin’s was Yes, Edgar Winter, and Eagles

Jimmy has seen Chicago over 100 times.

Kevin has done David Spade’s new show.

1h5m – Larry David flat out said he doesn’t wanna do the show.

Round the horn!

Matt explains why he quit social media.

Talking Brittany Runs A Marathon and my reaction to it.

Jimmy’s got blood draw bruising. 3 tries. Kevin goes after his symptoms.

1h10m – Talking bruising after getting blood drawn and needles going through the veins.

Kevin’s son worries about him. He talks about his son showing him a face app of him as an old man.

1h15m – Kevin was in Daddy Day Care with Eddie Murphy.

He talks about the 40th anniversary party where Trump attended. “Nealon you did all right for yourself.” He said after seeing Kevin’s wife.

Kevin talks about seeing Prince. He and his wife shook his hand.

Kevin shares a Payton Manning story. Apparently Eli Manning changed the font on Kevin’s phone to Chinese.

1h20m – Celebrity prank talk. It’s endearing.

Jimmy came to town in 1995.

Jimmy saw Kevin open for Garry Shandling. Apparently, Kevin has some of Garry’s ashes.

Kevin does not believe that he worked with Jim Belushi nor does he have time to scroll through his massive IMDB.

1h25m – Kevin talks awards. He talks about his trophies.

Kevin’s in the market for a dog. He couldn’t find one yet. Gonna give them more time to rehearse.

Kevin talks about his own laugh track and realizing that he’s not getting recognized as often.

1h30m – Kevin talks throwing a first pitch for the white sox! He went to a park and kicked a kid out of the catch he was playing with his dad to do some practice throws.

Jimmy talks about when he threw the first pitch and the good advice he got beforehand.

1h35m – Kevin was a football guy growing up. He’s trying to get back into it.

Kevin golfs but he’s not good.

Talking surgery. Kevin talks about kind of liking it.

Jimmy and Kevin talk coming out of anesthesia and being paranoid and nauseas.

1h40m – We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

Eliot sickens Jimmy with his new sign. The fan suggested C1.

Jimmy got drunk at a wedding once, “no one’s kicking me out of here!”

Kevin’s son enjoys baseball.

Oliver is taking ping pong lessons from an Olympian. Kevin played on the college ping pong team. His son is good at it as well.

Top Golf? https://topgolf.com/us/locations/

1h45m – Kevin talks about working with Arnold Palmer on the commercial. He watched him putt and get most of 120 putts. Kevin got maybe one.

He talks about Arnold getting him an invite to the AT&T Pebble Beach but it came with a $26k entrance fee.

1h50m – Why do specials? Kevin and Jimmy talk about it.

Eliot’s good. He got a haircut. Sorry, he gave himself a hair cut.

Jimmy had a nine minute bit about cutting his own hair.

Kevin talks about Rocketman.


Go watch Hiking with Kevin!

Watch k\Kevin’s stuff!

Jimmy’s known Kevin’s wife longer than Kevin.

Thanks Steve for donating and joining us!

My pleasure,

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