2423 – Losing Control with Kyle Anderson

Kyle Anderson

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello! 2423! Controversy on the episode #!

Lots of Susan Powter talk!

Jimmy had a celeb sighting at a concert!

Jimmy saw me at the Cyndi Lauper concert.

We talk about it.

Jimmy made a last-minute choice to go to the concert and ended up sitting behind some drunk white folks.

He talks about the guy in front of him.

Lots of Cyndi Lauper talk.

Jimmy finally tells a max Weinberg story where he got yelled at.

20 – Metal detector talk. Jimmy talks about the people who couldn’t figure out how to get through a metal detector.

More Phil Keoghan talk (guy from Amazing Race).

Matt started a doc series.

Brady Bunch talk.

Matt talks about the show being a touchstone in comedy.

Matt tells us all about the Brady bunch

The Experts talk – https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0097314/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

40 – Matt saw Sour Grapes opening night.

Oliver watches Seinfeld now! He loves it.

Lots of Seinfeld talk.

Jimmy called his acting class to see if they were going to have the night off to watch the Seinfeld finale.

Jimmy loves his Firestick!

Kyle Anderson is here! He’s now got shows you can get on demand on SiriusXM!

We’re gonna play Chart Flashback later in honor of Kyle!

50 – Pirate Radio talk!


Pirate Radio still seemed pretty mainstream.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Jimmy talks about the new Green Tea Lemonade he got.

Talking Live Aid and Phil Collins.

60 – Eliot has a lot of records from his google assistant.

Round the horn!

1h5m – Kristen Chenoweth concert show!

Kyle saw Stuber!

Jimmy and Kyle both saw Crawl and loved it.

Talking people sitting close at theaters when there are tons of open seats.

1h15m – Handmaid’s Tale talk.

Movie talk Stuber.

Jimmy corrects himself on Kamala Harris’ pronunciation of her own name.

1h20m – Eliot’s turn!

He tried editing in Garage Band.
We’re all flipping coins!


1h30m – Singing 98 bottles of beer.

Kyle talks about EW Radio and his new shows.

1h35m – We’ll be right back!

We’ll be right back!

We’re baacck!

1h40m – Peter Pardini is here! Talking his new film Fat.


Peter talks about Keto diets and his documentary.

Talking The Dirt!


Talking music biopics.

Chart Toppers

10 – Nothing But A Good Time – Poison
9 – Make Me Lose Control – Eric Carmen
8 – Hands to Heaven – Breathe
7 – Night and Day – Al B Sure!
6 – Roll With It – Steve Winwood
5 – Hold on to the Nights – Richard Marx
4 – New Sensation – INXS
3 – Pour Some Sugar on Me – Def Leppard
2 – Mercedes Boy – Pebbles
1 – The Flame – Cheap Trick

Year: 1988

Jimmy: 5
Eliot: 2
Garon: 1
Kyle: 1


Eliot used to write songs.

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See you next time!

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