24L – Jimmy and Matt Perform at the Comedy Attic in Bloomington, Indiana

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Studio segment notes by Garon Cockrell
Live segment notes by Brad Wilhelm

Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

(Live segment recorded on January 27th, 2019.)


00 – Hello! 24L! We’re just recording after Betsy Brandt left!

Rich Tachenberg is here!

Thanks for all of the help Rich!

Jimmy tells a short KISS story when he and his brother met gene and paul but heard them screaming at the crew.

Jimmy recounts the show schedule.

Reverse Horn!

Matt goes with Linda Ronstadt because Jimmy was singing it as he wrote his list.

Eliot goes with Lisa Stansfield! He wants to continue “not” winning.

10 – Rich has lost 55 pounds! Rich’s L word is Laura Branigan!

My L word is Lisa Loeb!

Eliot reads the fans!

Lisa Loeb is the top of the fans.

15 – No thoughts from Rich.

We have a winner!

Lana Del Ray, Leanne Rimes, Leanne Womack, LaToya Jackson…

#1! Get the money ready!!!


20 – Santa Claus is Coming To Town –

Talking Christmas Specials.


See you guys next week!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth

Show notes during live show by Brad Wilhelm

Pre show microphone trauma
Intro is loud
Jimmy has an Arnold Palmer
early 9/11 reference
Gabriel is good and talks like hill people to Jimmy’s delight
Jimmy talks about going to Alaska with Todd Glass (this is an abbreviated version of the full story, where Jimmy gets accused of being “yellow” for not fighting in the war) -Darryl
Ficus trees are discussed
Rush is discussed Jimmy loves subdivisions
Tom Petty is taken down a notch
Matt is introduced
MJ documentary is discussed
nerd gumball dissection explained
Pop Rocks are everywhere
More Jackson pedophile humor
Untuck it limerick
behind the scenes commercial talk
Hello Fresh can lighten the fuck up
Jimmy called Alaska Arizona
Windtalkers are discussed
Going to movies after 9/11
More nerd talk
Nerdjerker is a thing
Chris Mancini dopplganger
Jimmy was on Fantasy Island as a child
Bud Friedman was a war hero
Celebrity Sighting
Jimmy saw Lady Gaga
God gaga is not cared for
Insinuation that Elton has a full mouth
Jimmy shrieks as if he was goosed
Elton John setlist
He has a huge ass=lazy queen
Jimmy opened for Elton John
Jimmy voted for Bernie Taupin
Bradley Cooper joined Gaga onstage
Faces of death is horrible
Jimmy is disappointed in Matt for watching Faces of Death
Star wars has stuff in the universe
caelen’s name is made fun of
Jimmy is rattled
Golf talk – with Adam Driver
Fyre festival is finally brought up
Matt respects Trump
Ricky Gervis is an atheist
Gabriel’s wife is the fan
Sevens time
Jared Thompson will play 7s
Jared needs to listen more
My neighborhood is best for Halloween
Matt’s on his knees – Movies is the category
Jared demands sports
Jimmy tells us someone quit
Jared thinks he’s funny
Baseball talk
Talk of an employee quitting
Roy is a man
New t-shirt from a fan debuts
Jimmy said drapes
Harry Potter tat will not fly
Many are called no one yet makes the grade
Anne with an e is playing
14 is the score even though Jimmy did not give good clues
Roy and shirt guy gets to play
Ring talked
Baseball is the topic
Scott gets 13
Roy crushes with 31
Matt gets to talk at the closing
It’s over