2405 – Topping it All Off with Andrea Savage

Andrea Savage

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Indeed! Welcome in! 2405!

We’ve got guests who brought gifts! Jimmy’s rattled!

John and his wife donated to sit in on the show.

Jimmy saw the logo for PCAT 2019 and it’s wonderful!

The time change affects us all!

Expose! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expos%C3%A9_(group)

Emilio is Gloria’s husband.

We’re living in a “fuckmare”

Jimmy talks about getting a new phone.

Talking Bob Costas eyes and Dr Demento.

10 – Eliot’s balls and area are fine.

He got a haircut.

The Pedantics!

Eliot looks great!

Let’s open gifts!

The DeKoven’s are here.

15 – Eliot talks drones.

“is a thing I just said.” – Eliot

20 – More Leaving Neverland talk.

Talking Trump admitting mistakes and why Tim Cook even met with him.

25 – Gifts!

John and Julie have been married for 8 years. Julie saw him do stand-up and that’s how they met.

They talk about it and how Jimmy met John.

John makes his money doing IT. Julie works for Macy’s.

Julie’s from Scotland!

Julie apparently has corrections for us in terms of the UK.

Talking Scottish independence.

30 – Gifts! We got NNF wrapping paper!

John and Julie got me an art of horror book!

Talking movie posters.

Oliver saw Close Encounters after reading the novelization.

Wes Craven’s New Nightmare Novelization talk. 

Oliver: “Do you guys have any questions for me?”

Matt’s opening his gift.

It’s a custom Beastie Boys skateboard! Matt loves it!

Eliot’s opening his! It’s a Dr Who board game!

40 – What did Jimmy get?!

It’s a Rik Emmet vinyl!

Thank you for the gifts!

Speaking of gifts, Jimmy has a message for the guy who sent Oliver some models.

45 – Andrea Savage is here!

Talking Paul Reiser.

Andrea recalls somersaults but not promising Jimmy a role.

Sexual tension!

50 – Jimmy fills Andrea in on what’s going on in the room.

Andrea feels she was made to be a divorcee but she is unfortunately happily married.

It’s her anniversary in early June.

Eliot’s having a solid day. ¾ today!

Bug on the mic!

We’ll be right back! No Summersaults!

We’re back!

Tapper talk!

Jake Tapper – https://www.cnn.com/videos/tv/2016/09/18/sotu-cartoonion-9-18.cnn

60 – Jimmy keeps saying he has Digital TV. He does not.

Jimmy taking down TruTV.

Andrea insists we did not prepare the popcorn correctly.

Andrea’s daughter is turning 10 this month! She’s crushing 4th grade.

Zoe sang Spoonful of Sugar at her show.

Andrea’s daughter’s show is an ORIGINAL civil rights show, precursor to brown vs education. She says it is really intense.

1h5m – No one knows about the case.


Andrea’s daughter is on the shier side.

1h10m – Talking Captain Marvel!

1h15m – Matt wept!

Eliot’s hair.

Andrea not a fan of “tight pony.”

Round the horn!

1h20m – I saw The Kid.

Eliot Velcro something.

I auditioned for Press Your Luck!

Oliver’s class is doing Once Upon The Mattress.

Talking about a recent school show of Oliver’s that was loonnggg.

1h25m – Andrea talking about the 2 shows she missed but actually facetimed in for them.

1h30m – Talking about Charlies dance show. It’s Michael Jackson themed.

1h35m – I saw another drag show. Mean Gays, I wore the Lazy Queen shirt.

The Lazy Queen design was stolen!


Jimmy talks his acting skills and being on the set if he did season 2.

1h45m – John confirms his fandom by quoting the Andrea’s show. Front Tushie talk.

Different names for genitalia.

Arm tits talk.

1h50m – Male tank tops. Andrea talks about when her husband bought one.


I wore tank tops!

We’ll be back!

1h55m – We’re back! The DeKoven’s are here!

Andrea talks to the DeKoven’s about how they’re enjoying this.

John talks music.

Betting on How much Stormy Daniels’ tickets are.

2h –
Julie: $65
Garon: $60
Eliot: $35
Matt: $45
Jimmy: $99
Andrea: $55

2h5m – John sounds like Ben Stein!

Jimmy talks about his feelings of Ben Stein.

Eliot won after he stole my answer!

2h10m – Jimmy told the fam about Eliot’s reaction to the gel. They loved it.

2h15m – Andrea’s casting Eliot as a character named Jimmy.

Thank you Andrea!

Thank you John and Julie! And for the gifts!

2h15m – Bye!!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth