23Q – Making Mom Proud with Geoff Tate

Geoff Tate and his eyebrows


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Jimmy’s sick even though I took the day off Monday! He’s hopped up on biotics and steroids.

Parking sucks at this time apparently.

Jimmy knows what he’s doing!

Matt’s trying to go to the Grammy’s with Zoey!

Talking Grammy ticket pricing and seating.


10 – Ilios is available to play at Geeky Tees in Burbank!

Eliot is a “decent shot with a beebee gun”

15 – Hello to Eliot’s guests! Dave Hsu! He’s a doctor – Interventional Neural Radiologist. He talks about it.

Sugarman had a famous actress in!

20 – Talking Top Gun 2 – https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1745960/

Dan is 20 years married with 2 kids! Boy and a girl (16 and 14!) Dan and Jimmy got to go through this at Doc’s Lab.

You can’t come watch the podcast.

25 – Raffi not Raj is here. His mic holding is rapper-like.

Talking his apartment and his dabbling in comedy.

Talking the Comedy Store and its latest lineups.

30 – Paulie Shore stole Raffi’s girl.


Jimmy talks Bud Frieman.

35 – Raffi’s girlfriend is moving in next month!

Oh Geoff Tate is here! And he’s on the floor criss cross apple sauce.

40 – Cats and dogs outside!

Geoff’s beard is so well trimmed that it looks fake.

Talking Cher and The Cher Show!

45 – Geoff was on Doug Loves Movies 12 Guests of Christmas and won twice!

Larry Tate vs Roger Sterling

Roger Stone talk.

Jimmy compares Trump and W.

We’ll be back!

50 – We’re back!

Our actor is F for 23Q!

Doug Loves Movies fans love Geoff. Matt and Geoff complement each other.

55 – Into The Night – Benny Mardonis.

Are we responsible for Ken Berry?

I’m here!

Jimmy’s got Dayquil!!

Talking Sugarman clients.

60 – My F is Fred MacMurray!

1h5m – Dan runs!

Dave ran the NY Marathon.

Talking Chickenfoot.

Kevin Hart hosting Oscars! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chickenfoot
Dan’s F actor is Frank Sinatra.

Geoff talks his baseball history. He’s a cub fan.

1h20m – Die Hard Talk!

Raffi goes with Forest Whitaker!

Matt is on the record with Forest Whitaker!

Greta Van Fleet talk. They don’t sing about Goblins or trees.

1h30m – Cap’n clunk!

His F word is Frank Stallone.

How many movies has Frank Stallone been in?

Jimmy: 31
Matt: 25
Geoff: 18
Eliot: 43
Garon: 26
Raffi: 21
Dan: 28

74 credits. No winner!

1h35m – Geoff Tate is here!

Geoffs F is Fred Guinn!


A subtle shoutout just before the show ends. Thanks Geoff!

Geoff’s Top movies: MI Fallout, Sorry To Bother You, and the Idea of Kevin Hart.

1h40m – No WINNER but there is a mention.

Frank Welker and Fred Armisson!

1h50m – “Call me back if you got the balls.” – Geoff’s uncle.

Kennedy Assassination talk!

Thanks Dan and Raffi and for donating and bringing donuts!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth