2212 – Packing a Suitcase with Ellis Paul


Ellis Paul

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – CLOCK GONE! Piece of paper is a show business phrase.

Gotta make that paper!


Wheeze laugh is done for today.


Jimmy talks about Salt Lake City and the great fans that came out to see him.

Too much airtime for Jake Iverson.

Broing out over basketball.

05 – Jimmy loves Matt’s shirt and had a Great time in SLC!

Jimmy talks about his flight.

“Put your big boy pants on…” guy on the phone who then starts singing Kenny Rogers. Possible tweeker?

Peter Pardini is here!

He’s in flip flops!

No Toe Zone!

10 – Talking Peter’s hair.

Peter has souvenirs for Jimmy!

Jimmy has some ideas for Chicago’s tour where they are doing Chicago 2 in full.

Peter fills us in on comments that the band gets on the tour.

15 – Peter is working on a new doc called Fat.



20 – Vinnie Testiverty (sp)?

Gary Taub is going to appear in the doc! Matt brought him up.

Peter talks about his weight fluctuation and adhering to a no sugar no grain diet.

Talking fat, Fat Adaptation.

25 – Bye Peter!

30 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vinnie_Tortorich


Thanks again Peter!

“Come on man.” – Jimmy to Eliot after he coughs.

Jimmy calls John Mulaney’s Kid Gorgeous the best hour of stand-up he’s seen in ages. He calls it flawless, and possibly the best he’s ever seen.

35 – Watch the special! Kid Gorgeous on Netflix!

No one has watched Cobra Kai. Jimmy watched ALL TEN and loved it.

Matt has looked into getting dance lessons from Shabadoo (SP?!)

Fortnite talk! Matt was forced to tell eliot to shut the fuck up.

45 – Talking gun violence on film/games.


Anne Bancroft talk.

Jimmy goes back to Cobra Kai.

50 – Ellis Paul will be here when we get back!

Phil Collins talk.

We hear some Phil Collins songs.

We’ll be back!

55 – We’re back!


Ellis Paul is in transit! Matt has a hard out.

Hard on! Twice in one show.

Mail call!

Thanks for the gift friend! It’s a long letter from Brenden.

Sundown – 

Ellis is here! He locks the door behind us!

60 – Ellis talks about driving down from Sacramento. He talks about it. He left at 7 am and drove down from Sacramento. He drove by the house of the Golden State Killer!

1h5m – Ellis talks about driving by the GSK-EAR house. Ellis is a true crime fan.

I’ll Be Gone In The Dark – 

Yacht Rock Book

Welcome back Bean!

1h10m – Jimmy talks about Ellis Paul’s album. Live album and sobbing.

That was in 2000. 18 years ago.

Ellis working on a new album!!

Storyteller’s Suitcase.

$10k gets you a weekend on tour with Ellis.
We’ll be back!

1h15m – We’re back!

Ellis Paul is here!

Talking guitar straps and pianos!

Jimmy and Ellis talk about raising young girls.

Fundraiser can be found at EllisPaul.com!


1h20m – Ellis is going to sing the title track for us!

1h25m – Ellis talks about venue size for shows. Jimmy talks about comedy show sizes.

Everytime Ellis has a show someone talks about NNF.

Ellis talks about someone who cut his performance from the show and used it for his wedding dance.

Against the clock!

Carousel – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carousel_(musical)

Jimmy suggests Bad Samaritan.

Ellis is a comic-guy!

Eliot’s sleepy and wheeze laugh is back.

1h40m – Talking Cameras!

Ellis talks about his record release schedule.

Ellis talks more about his songs and how he is going to stop doing his back catalog stuff unless announced before hand.

Matt correctly guesses End of the Road correctly as the #1 song of 1992.

1h45m – Ellis does another song, this one about his fathers passing and talking to his daughter about it.

Talking The Ellis Paul Cruises. One is this month!

Ellis is super impressed by the camera setup.

2h – One more song from Ellis! This time, as promised, Look At The Wind Blow.

Songs performed by Ellis:

Storyteller’s Suitcase
The Innocence and the Afterlife
Look at the Wind Blow

We’re done! See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth