22C – Making Coffee with Jon Schabl


Jon Schabl


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Indeed! Welcome in to the program you are tuning into ! It’s the players club! Pony up if you wanna be with the big boys!

Mic Arm talk!

What the big boys eat!

Talking Pete Rose!

Did he have a gambling problem?


05 – Talking Gambling.

May 12 Zanies in Rosemont! Two matinees! 130 NNF and 400 Playing Games! $25 a ticket or both shows $40!

The Bellhouse in Brooklyn! June 2 730PM No chance of a second show being added. That will sell out!

Big ups to Brooklyn!

Upwards of Oliver enjoyed Jimmy’s Hamilton reference at the talent show.

10 – 43 acts at the show and Jimmy had to tell people to quiet down like during 30 acts.

Jimmy talks about having to tell people to pick up after themselves at the show.

Talking Charlie’s Little League. The head coach quit. Matt talks about it.

15 – More little league talk.

Sports talk!

Brief PCAT talk. It has happened as we record but will have as you listen!

25 – Auction talk!

Dodger stadium talk.

Stick ball talk!

30 – AYSO – http://www.ayso.org/site3.aspx

Thank you Michael Muldoon! Great looking caricatures this year!!

AP Bio is really funny per Matt.

TV Show talk.

Nashville worst sentence: “When Nashville returns in June.”

Matt loves a cult storyline!

40 – Jon Schabl is here! He was on Write Now!

People still talk to Jimmy about that show.

More Nashville talk.

45 – Talking to Jon from Canada and Reseda. His daughter is named Everly, like Channing Tatum’s kid!


Thanks Joe!

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

No theme song yet!

Coffee talk!

50 – How much to eat a spoon of coffee.

I found supplies. Jon is going to eat it a spoon of coffee!

It’s a big deal – Jon – possible intro quote?

55 – Trivia talk!

Friends talk! Oliver and Jimmy watched the entire series. Jon and his wife love it.

60 – Talking Friends and their significant others (the show).

Friends The One With The Ultimate Fighting Champion


Here is a friends quiz!

1h10m – Sporcle Friends Quiz!

More trivia talk.

Steamed Hams Simpsons talk.

1h15m – Cate Blanchette!

PCAT talk I’ll be tweeting.

All PCAT for Eliot these days.

Sarah Michelle Gellar talk.

Celeb sighting.

Eliot’s C is Connie Britton.


1h20m – Lots of twitter talk!

1h25m – Celeb sighting!

Freddie Prinze Jr! and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Wonder Woman talk!

1h35m – Matt’s C is Catherine O’Hara. She has a stamp.

When did Nightmare Before Christmas come out?


Matt 93
Jimmy: 94
Jimmy had action figures from the movie?!

Matt wins!

Sorry you had to share your shoutout with me Debbie Wiseman.


Jon goes with Christina Applegate!

1h45m – Eliot reads off the listener guesses.

Claire Bowen!

1h50m – Cowboy Junkies talk.

Everly is at Preschool now

Shingles talk!

1h55m – Never Not Notes and Never Not Wiki talk.

Matt had a Vin Scully.


Rachel Ray talk !

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth