22D – Sweetening the Pot with Matt Donaher


Matt Donaher

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Welcome in! Did Jimmy jump the gun?

Jimmy’s got Conan later today!

Falsetto Hochberg! Great job at PCAT singing Black Hole Sun.

Jimmy and Eliot talk Eliot’s physique.

Great job running everything Eliot! And thanks to the crew who helped out behind the scenes!

Thanks for donating! Another $10grand came in post show. We are super close to going over a million!!

Talking revisiting a live show. Eliot talks about his performance.

05 – Thanks for the caricatures Michael Muldoon! His dad attacked Jimmy and Matt on twitter to get more gratitude for his son’s work.

Jimmy reads a story about Michael Muldoon’s dad calling Shea Stadium and getting into a phone fight with Fran Healy.

NNF and Playing Games at Zanies in Rosemont in May! Get that Super Show!

Upper Midwest on June 3? Where could it be?

Dog leg is a term in air traffic control!

10 – Fantasy Baseball update!

Darren Griffis
Tim Carrol
Kesie Keppel

Im sure those names are spelled wrong.

15 – Talking John Lithgow and Gary Oldman and both winning awards for playing Winston Churchill.

Jimmy went to an Oscar Party. Talks about telling Oliver about Doug Jones and not realizing he’d probably be at the Oscars.

From Lexington, lives in Brooklyn.

Oliver couldn’t believe something!

20 – Talking Friends and how they made Monica dumb in the fat flashbacks.

25 – Jimmy tells a motorcycle story “at what point do you just get a car?” – Steve Iott.

I did good on twitter!

Flappers live show talk! Thanks for coming guys!


Matt Donaher is here!!

30 – He makes a point to point out how good we all looked at PCAT.

It’s a snack from Flore!

We could all lose an Apatow.

Girl Scout cookies talk!

Eliot’s not on mic that’s the biggest fucking trick of the day!

Thanks for coming to PCAT Matt! He came at the halfway mark.

40 – Thanks Flappers!!

More on Eliot!

Matt had to jump out and do a set downtown but came back.

Matt D. asks about Eliot’s Drone.


45 – We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

Welcome back! 22D!

Match the money?!

The ol’ coffee pot. Is dane gonna send a pot for the money?

No ballot for Matt D., he’s trying to stay off the grid.

Talking Oscar Ballots and Zoe filling out for the first time.

Oscars talk!

50 – Mail is here!

It’s an LP! Or 3?

55 – Ron the Blue Ape has a wrench?! Why?

Bathroom talk.

60 – Matt has a weight loss program to talk about.

Ice vest

1h5m – Weed talk.

Eliot talks his shirt again!

Tallking shows and magic castle.

Movie pass article talk!

1h20m – Talking Celery.

Hamilton OC

The Gutted One –

NNF Studio Tour?

1h30m – Eliot’s D actress is Dolly Parton!

Lot’s of Dolly talk.

Betting on Dolly’s Height:

Matt: 5
Matt D: 4’10
Jimmy: 4’11
Eliot: 5’1

Matt wins!

Best Little Whorehouse in Texas –

1h35m – We’ll be back

Welcome back!

Matt was doing some Psy!

Paul Young and Midge Ur are touring together.

1h40m – Chariots of Fire talk!

Matt’s D actress is Debra Messing!

Talkig Eliot’s improve skills!

Matt D’s D actress is Demi Lovato

Fan votes.

Jimmy’s back up: Donna Pesca, Debbie Allen, Donna Dixon, and the pick: Diane Franklin!

No winner!

Celeb sighting!

Stone Temple Pilots:

Nashville talk.

Celeb sighting now!

Bigger than Melissa mcarthy!

Usher!! I get it.

We leave on Eliot’s joke.

Matt D talks about the confusion of Usher vs Usher at a funeral.

We’re out!

See you next time!!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth