20A – Being There with Matt Gourley

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Matt Gourley


00 – Windscreens?! Get me in the intro!

Lots of good suggestions for funny stuff I’ve said but they’re too quiet!

Eliot is cracking his neck and it looks bananas.

Jimmy calls Eliot’s new opening credits the best yet.

They talk about them. Go check them out! Everyone loves the new opening.

Matt talks about Norm McDonald talking about Kojack.

“Apple Pie Fourth of July she’s a WHORE!”

“Apple Pie Fourth of July she’s a whore!”

Jimmy’s got a bit inner cheek that hurts.

05 – Talking Hamilton apparel. Jimmy wants a long sleeve t-shirt.

Jimmy talks about Camo feeling a little too alt-right for him to wear.

Eliot’s got muppet hair today apparently.

Jimmy’s got a 3 and out hold rule. Jimmy saw Eliot running across from 7/11 and thought it was a flying nun.

Vincent Schiavelli – 

Talking Telescope.

Pirate telescope is called a Spyglass.

Talking my light bill moments.

Jimmy thanks Matt for his house basically.

10 – Matt apologizes to Alaska.


We got mail!
Jimmy enjoyed some Smuggler’s Blues today! Normally, he hates it, today he didn’t.

15 – Pins?

Join the Resistance Star Wars pins!

Thanks Mario!

Pin controversy!

Matt might not get Rogue One for home?!?!

Jimmy suggests getting it for the kids for easter.

20 – Dane Coffey! Our Pharmacist friend. He sent us gummy medicine.

Jimmy has some trouble reading this letter.

He got us all some medical gummies.

25 – Everyone reads our prescriptions.

Nothing would thrill Jimmy more than to show up at Hamilton and see Matt in the cast.

Talking 2017-2018 Pantages season – 

Aladdin, School of Rock, Waitress, The Color Purple, On Your Feet, and Love Never Dies.

Can Matt do the moves in Hamilton?

30 – More mail! This from Rachel.



We all love the paper portrait! It’s beautiful!

Fun piece of business(es) at my lifestyle.

Jimmy got a lot of joy from a text Matt sent him that his wife said.

35 – Our guest just walks right in and immediately catches fire from Jimmy.

Matt Gourley everyone!

We rewind!

Matt walked into the wrong room before. It was full of jerks and assholes.

Talking concerts as youths.

Talking the NKOTB, Boyz II Men, Paula Abdul tour.

Talking Duran Duran concert

40 – Jimmy and Gourley talk about Jimmy’s appearance on his show. Talkng Michael Cronin.


We’re back!

20 A!

Gourley proud to be the opener for the Players Club season.

Apparently the guy installing the new internet here is not happy about his job.

Gourley was objectifying this guys tools.

45 – Talking about Gourley’s cat Margot and Matt’s new dog Buster.

“Dogs are great man.” – Matt

Talking Allergies.

“Your nose remembers.” – Matt Gourley.

Jimmy loves a little dust on the mountains. Same as doing blow of the boobs.

Lowest zip code is 00501.


Trump is going out of his mind.

South Africa meaning of “45”

50 – Talking autographed Michael Jordan baseball.

Talking Split!

New rule!! What did I miss??

Alice! Gourley and I match??

55 – Bitcoin has been going up! – Eliot


Gold talk!

Eliot’s A word is…(and he wrestled with it) All in the Family.

Jimmy wants to know the others but Matt yells at Jimmy to wait.

60 – First episode of the players club, does Jimmy need to lay down the law?

Alice is one of Gourley’s favorite shows.

Alice theme song!

Jimmy spoke with Linda Lavin on the TV show.


Her mobster name is Sam Butler.

Talking Three’s Company Actresses.

Matt never accepted Terri.

65 – Dirty Carson and Ed!

Matt’s A is A-Team.

Matt talks about the A-Team stuff when it was at Universal Studios.

Gourley talks about his obsession with theme park stunt shows. He talks about the A-Team show and we talk about the Waterworld show before Gourley goes back to the A-Team show. The same guy played two different people.
Talking more about stunt shows at Universal.

Miami Vice –

Matt Gourley is STAR WARS CANON! He has friends who wrote one of the young adult books andput a shop in it under their names.

Danielle wrote an Invader Zim comic AND is going to have a character on Modern Family named after her.

70 – Talking Man in the High Castle. Jimmy loves it.

Someone has WON THE MONEY!!

Eliot’s other choices: A-Team, Alias, America’s Funniest Home Videos, @Midnight, Axecop.

Gourley says Animaniacs.

ONE winner. It is NOT Alice. All In The Family! Eliot wins!

Trash talk.

Eliot teaches Gourley about the camera lines.

75 – Anything is fair game on NNF!

Jimmy introduces Matt Gourley!

Jimmy is on the most recent episode. He loved it and had a blast.

80 – Jason Thompson let Jimmy down by moving to Young and the Restless.

Jimmy asks Gourley if there are any episodes that he buried. There aren’t, but there was a time a guest came to the studio but ended up canceling. He was having a terrible day.

Jonathan Lipnicki was 6 in Jerry Maguire. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_Lipnicki

Jake Lloyd – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jake_Lloyd#Personal_life

85 – Jimmy’s mouth hurts.

Talking fast food and mall food and eating while sick.

Jimmy does McDonald’s and Mall walk when he’s sick.

Talking people who say they’ve never fought with spouses are lying.

Jimmy and Gourley are going to do a mall walk together.

Jimmy gives up the Brigadoon Vinyl to Gourley.

Gourley talks about a small mall in eagle rock.

Talking with Gourley about his fiancée.

Every couple fights. Everybody hurts.

“Loved their first two albums. After that please don’t play me another note.”

90 – Going through Nightswimming covers.

Jimmy recounts his discovery of “a Filipino boy singing journey.”

JD Fortune – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J.D._Fortune

Jason Bennison is his real name.

Matt Gourely has to run! Jimmy wants to have him back this season.


We’re back!

Welcome back for us to say goodbye.

Matt sings Never Say Goodbye.

Jimmy gets it.

You may not know this about me but I enjoy Bon Jovi.

Live NNF in Philly this April! Tickets on sale this week. 4PM April 22! Our nation’s capital?

Jimmy wants to fix that bell.

Historically accurate sex show for Hamilton history?

You don’t have to take your clothes off to have a good time.

Jimmy talks about getting hit on by Jermaine Stewart.

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth