19P – Taking the Cake with Mike Henry


Mike Henry

Mike Henry

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Welcome in! Never Not Funny! Jimmy’s been the host since March 2006. Some coup talk.

Matt apologizes for the coup and compares it to bombing Japan. Jimmy makes his Asian bash of the day and calls us white dues Beigians. (beige+Asian)

The young Armenian male enjoys the loud tail pipe.

Jimmy talks about Glendale and going to the Three Stooges film festival again. They showed six of them and 2 in the middle stunk.

He talks about how great the stooges are when they’re on but how bad they can be when they aren’t. Stooge family were there.

Three Stooges

Joe DeRita!

One of the Shemp ones was a bad one.

05 – The Pardo fam enjoyed some Outback and enjoyed steaks. Jimmy can’t eat the blooming onion.

Testing water bottles!

No reproductions!

10 – Matt loves erection sets (porn).

Jimmy makes Eliot clean his monitors.

Jimmy took an OCD test online and scored 100%.

Matt is bothered by Hillary’s 1.9% lead. He needs it to be 2%.

The guys talk OCD and numbers.

Matt talks OCD treatments.

PCAT 17 tickets went on sale at noon today! We crashed the website! No idea how that happened or what the update is on the tickets yet.

15 – Jimmy analyzes Matt’s new phone. “That’s a good looking phone.”

Matt teaches Jimmy how to increase Jimmy’s text size.

20 – Talking Keith Olbermann. Jimmy loves his videos but Jimmy is getting worried he might be going a little nuts. Matt appreciates it and considers it a nice catharsis.

Talking Trump’s Victory tour.

Lotta sweet treats in the room today!

Jimmy had to say something but couldn’t get it out. Matt wants to make sure he wanted to say it.

25 – Eliot left the windex bottle and it was driving Jimmy crazy.

More Keith Olberman talk.

Some loud people outside. Jimmy demands Mike Henry tell them to shut up. He does it but they’re gone already.

Jimmy having some nice lunches lately. One with Mike Henry, one with friend of the show Kyle Anderson. Jimmy talks his tweet to Mike. It was a terrible salad.

Jimmy talks more about his salad troubles.

Mike’s gonna try to smoosh the water. FAIL!

30 – We’ll never replicate what I did!

jimmycabooseJimmy Caboose is back!

Talking political twitter people and who Jimmy’s added.


Doc Talk!

The 13th – 

35 – Matt reveals his car does not have Bluetooth.

Jimmy talks about why he is researching new cars.

Matt reads Jimmy “Eliot” like text. Mike has a great joke to tag on to it.

40 – Jimmy Matt Eliot talk about the new E-Golf.

Chevy Bolt

More from Jimmy’s text.

Jimmy talks about the Asian kids jumping into the car even though the parents are
still outside waiting while Jimmy is checking out the car.

Talking about Matt’s BIIIG Too DOOOOO.

We’ll be back

We’re back!

19P! Mike’s in! Jimmy intros him a bit. Mike Henry, creator of a bunch of our theme songs.

45 – Mike Henry talks about the donuts he brought from Donut Friend.

Donut Friend

Mike goes through the donuts.

Jimmy serves!

Mike talks about being a “libtard” and dropping the new balance shoes

Jimmy’s eating the donuts and taking too big of a bite.

50 – Bob cratchet??

Celeb sighting!!

Jimmy talks about Pearl Jam being in 5th place.


55 – Jimmy and Matt talk Hall of Fame and who should be in.


Checking Eliot’s mustache.

Mike says it’s “Croce Strong.”

Jimmy talks about a friend who made a video getting attacked online and Jimmy was gonna attack back but saw he was a Jim Croce fan.

60 – Jimmy predicts the five who will get into the Hall of Fame: The Cars, ELO, Pearl Jam, Kraftwerk, and if it isn’t Journey, Joan Baez or Yes.

Matt talks about who he likes better, Tupac V MC Hammer. Tough call. Matt goes Tupac, but would rather see MC Hammer in concert.

Jimmy doesn’t enjoy ELO.

65 – Talking Hall of Fame, and Yes.

70 – Jimmy goes through some Yes for us.

Talking Joan Baez now.

75 – Should J. Giles get in??

Prefontaine! I match with Matt but do we match with Jimmy??

Talking Pre.


80 – Is Roger Waters Anti-semite? 


Moana talk.

Oliver doesn’t want to see it.

Now Oliver loves Cats the Musical

Princess Bride talk.

90 – Movie talks!

Jimmy talks about touching a boob during “Good Girls Don’t.”

Eliot is here and he also brought treats that he describes as an “experiment.”

Pie tasting!

100 – Cold talk!

The apricot cake/pie is a success. The berry fudge brownie, not so much. In fact, it’s raw.

105 – Mike’s word was Purple Rain! He wins!

Know what Jimmy bought? He bought that Flex Seal caulk!


Talking Receipts and Receipt apps.

Jimmy has Neat.

The Neat App – http://www.neat.com/helpcenter/neatmobile-app/

Celeb sighting today!

A celeb from yesteryear? From TV.

Charles Robinson from Nightcourt!

Jimmy sat next to Ron Glass on an airplane.

Eliot has a celeb sighting he’s been hanging on to!

Matt playing the song again.

115 – Actor, TV/Film most recently TV, female, Comedic, sitcom, network,

Matt talks about Elise and Zoe seeing Melissa McCarthy at Target.

Matt talks about the Crime Town podcast. https://gimletmedia.com/show/crimetown/

120 – Mike has a Buddy Cianci connection?!


Mike talks about his connection to Buddy.

Jennifer Coolidge was Eliot’s sighting. Jimmy and I got it together.


Talking Christopher Guest movies.

130 – Brooklyn 99 talk.

Mike brought us some new theme songs!


Betting on my Electric Bill!

Mike: 1299
Matt: 846
Elliot: 12320
Jimmy: 987

Matt wins!!

Mike also made a song about the Malaysian plane for calling Rich!

Going to Sevens!

Extended version of Sevens theme!

Jimmy gives to Mike Henry: 32 (70s music)

We’re out!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth