1917 – Cruisng for a Bruising with Mike Siegel

Mike Siegel

Mike Siegel

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello all! Jimmy forgot to ask about the episode number.

It’s 1917! More than half way though the season!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Eliot took a week and 3 minutes off.

Some talk about Eliot’s mustache.

Matt describes him as a 70s pitcher.


Tough day Eliot? Some Familiare drama.

Water issues after an 8-hour toilet leak.

Jimmy wants details on how to fix that.

No one likes to be fondled when they’re wet.

Jimmy had an early soup. He had a chili today (hot tamale).

Eliot apologizes for being late officially.

Jimmy talks about a weird thing on the 10. It was the Dept of Transportation driving down the freeway cleaning graffiti.

That should be a night paint.

05 – Jill Stein to the rescue?!

Trump talk and the origin of his voter fraud tweet coming from one random guy on twitter reported by infowars.


Jimmy took Oliver to see Hamilton! He tells us about it.

Hamilton taking a back seat to David S. Pumpkins for the kids.

Will there be a Christmas version?

10 – Jimmy met Miguel Cervantes at Hamilton and got a tour of the stage. https://twitter.com/miggstac09?lang=en

Oliver was the talk of the theater apparently.

Mike Pence Booed at ‘Hamilton’ Performance

Thanks to Anthony and Muneesh for setting up the meeting!

Jimmy talks about standing on the stage and the story that Oliver can now tell about it.

Spring Fairbank – https://www.ibdb.com/broadway-cast-staff/spring-fairbank-79033

15 – Theo Epstein was at the Hamilton that Jimmy saw. Along with another celeb!

We’re gonna guess!

Celebrity sighting!

Actor, Man, TV, and Theater. Daveed Diggs!


20 – Jimmy tells the story about seeing Daveed and Daveed knowing that they saw him. Couldn’t have been a nicer guy. They had amazing sets, the show was fantastic, even with this new cast. Oliver was blown away. “Over the moon.”

Jimmy may have been the guy that talks too much about someone they’re talking to just to show they know a lot.

Jimmy wonders if there will be a drastic change in our lifetime to Football since the ratings are dropping so badly. Will they get rid of tackling?

Matt talks more about dropping pads and going back to the leatherheads of the past.

25 – Jimmy’s talking about starting an arena football league with Foghat. “The New London Fog.” – Matt.

Matt talks about the way baseball was great for radio while football was great for TV but how does that all change in this post-TV digital era.

Most popular sport? NFL as of 2014.

Eliot Ice! Jimmy enjoys the clicking of Eliot changing cameras.

What sports have we lost? Any?

30 – Trump’s America? Gladiators?!

What about bring actual mascots to the games?

Who becomes the best team?

Mike says a little Celtic.

Mike looks great just rolling out of bed. Jimmy calls Mike a celebrity.

Spring Fairbank update.

Kelsey Grammar falls –

Jimmy saw Hedwig 3 times already!

Jimmy went back to see Lena Hall as Hedwig. He says if Darren Criss is a 10, she was a 9.5.

Matt refers to Hedwig as a “Transgender Jimmy Pardo.”

35 – Matt’s glad he went to see it and thanks everyone for the recommendation.

Jimmy isn’t comfortable taking his mom to see the show let alone Oliver due to the subject matter.

Jimmy made it to the front row for the last time he saw it.

40 – Jimmy wants to know what the ending was. Is Hedwig real?

Talking more Hedwig, more Lena Hall.

45 – Matt admits he was behind on the emails and cost Jimmy the chance to meet Lena Hall. He gives the ways to reach out to him.

Mike’s wearing an Oliver shirt!

We’ll be back!

We’re back!


Jimmy talks about the new PCAT plans! 12-12 at Flappers in Burbank! Tickets on sale 12/1!

Looking forward to the show!

Also a nice time up in Salt Lake City. It was “stupid fun.”

Thanks for the jar cakes Jenn Asher!

Matt had trouble on TSA bringing them back

(Even though we are “a driving couple” and usually road-trip from Montana to LA, when we brought jar cakes to the studio a while back we actually did fly. But we had no trouble as the jar cakes were in checked luggage. – Darryl)

50 – Talking my pull quote on Tyler Oakley’s book.

Jimmy’s on the SAG Nominating committee.

Talking stunt casting winning guest actor awards.

Jimmy talks about it.

55 – Eliot talks about being a part of the TV Academy and getting TONS of DVDs.

Talking award season screeners and network procedures.

Trump’s “Presidential” hat – 

Keith Olbermann on ousting Trump.

60 – Jimmy thinks a Pence presidency wouldn’t be as bad as a Trump presidency simply because he is a statesman. He doesn’t agree with anything he says but thinks as a statesman he’d do a better job.

Talking more about Pence v. Trump. Mike talks about his travels in Europe and how they ask him if this Trump stuff is serious.

Mike talks about how he would try the running of the bulls.

65 – Mike talks about having the chance to go to a bullfight but not going.

Eliot’s here!

Jimmy fills Mike in on what happened at the Familiare.


Eliot now tells us what ELSE happened.

Apparently a battle between two internet companies cutting each others lines.

Tyler Perry – TPP?!

70 – Two fighting companies: Cable Company and a Phone Company. AT&T and Spectrum.

Rent talk. It’s too damn high.

Hello Matt!

Jimmy introduces our guest Mike Siegel!

Mike talks about the cruises he’s been on.

Jimmy asks for details and info on the rooms Mike stays in.

Internet on the ship talk. They charge the workers and the guests to access the internet, albeit it cheaper but still expensive.

75 – Jimmy wonders how to masturbate with no internet.

Mike talks about how many shows and how they need to be squeaky clean. He got scolded for saying penis.

Talking more about cruise gigs and political jokes.

80 – Entertainment is basically 5th in the line of importance for cruise goers according to Mike.

Mike talks about a winter cruise he did through Alaska.

Glacier Bay – http://www.homedepot.com/b/Glacier-Bay/N-5yc1vZn7

“Here we go!” Old guy when a park ranger mentioned Climate Change.

85 – Mike talks about doing a Rock Boat cruise with Graham. Mike remembers Rusted Root and Brandi Carlisle being on the boat. Graham also did 311 and Kiss cruises.

Could Doug Benson fill a cruise with his fans?

Kids take over cruise ship pools.

Disney Cruise has a no kids section.

Mike is not afraid of hurricanes while on a cruise.

Get all your climate change agenda out!

90 – Talking drinking on board and hooking up with guests when working the ship.

The cruise line has older guys working whose job it is to dance with older ladies.

We’ll be back! Plenty of more show to come! “Plenty?” – Mike

Welcome back!

Down low tea!

Communal fridge talk.

95 – Talking PCAT changes.

NNF-Mail call copy

The Mail is Here!

Tabitha Bohanan (sp?) sent us a letter.

Jim Bohannon – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Bohannon

Dead Malls – http://www.deadmalls.com/

The Drone Racing League

Mike talks about preemptively quitting before he got fired from a job.


That was a business letter so Jimmy’s moving on to the big box we got.

Banned for life – 

Back to the mail. It’s books from Rob Harrold! Zarff books for the kids.


Peanut butters are delicious!

Eliot can’t eat peanut butter anymore.

Talking food we didn’t like/liked as kids.

hotdog110 – Talking ketchup on hot dogs..

Thanks for the books and peanut butter!!

115 – Back to hot dog toppings.

Talking Cubs!

More Keith Olberman talk.

120 – Jimmy talks Kelly Anne Conway.

Young Scrappy and Hungry is Mike’s favorite comedy team.

Mike talks about selling his house.

Mike does consider moving to another country at least for a short time.

He’d consider Spain, Buenos Aries.

Doug Flutie – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doug_Flutie

Talking Chicago sports and Dennis Rodman. So much homophobia but perfectly fine with Rodman wearing a dress.

125 – Matt’s not a fan of the beach anymore.

Talking surfing.

Jimmy confronts Mike for giving away a very rare copy of Jimmy’s album, Uno.

Talking albums and a Matt doppelganger.

Matt explains his phone orders.

Plenty of places that Mike has not been. He lists some for us.

Lasangna and tamales!

They’re coming!

We’re done!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth