19M – Speaking Up with John Ross Bowie Live from Now Hear This

Now Hear This with John Ross Bowie

Now Hear This with John Ross Bowie

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Welcome to the show! Talking Windsprints and traffic.


Jimmy talks to Oliver Jones.

Jimmy talks grabbing Puss and Asperger’s fest. He describes grabbing puss in the elevators.

Jimmy tells a story about Oliver and his friend Clementine.

Weird Beards come in and jimmy goes back to trump.

Jimmy tells the Clementine jokes. She’s 9 and it’s the greatest joke ever. Oliver (her dad): what should we do to commemorate 9/11? Clem: I don’t know, Play Jenga?

Guest issues.

Jimmy sends Katie for our guest.

Jimmy talks about the fest and asks the audience about how they’re liking it.

10 – Jimmy talks to Sean Kalani. His dad is Hawaii.

Talking birth certificate.

Jimmy might join Vine.

He’s talking to the camera guy. Matt, two Ts on the tail.

Sean wants to wrestle. He’s staying at the hotel.

Jimmy’s having ‘Nam flashbacks. Neck deep in paddy! Peppermint Paddy!

15 – Matt’s here! Talkin’ about the intro.

Jimmy talks to Eliot about the audio.

It’s all about the bass! No treble.

Eliot forgot about the bass. He admits it.

20 – Jimmy and Matt do some Hamilton for us.

Jimmy flew to see Hamilton and meet Lin. He retweeted his photo.

Jimmy’s attacking east to west!


Jimmy talks about what he did for Oliver when he told him they were going to Chicago to see the show.

Jimmy talks about Oliver loving Danielle more than him.

25 – Jimmy talks about balling at the Loving trailer and Oliver comforting him.

The first movie that made Jimmy cry was Bryan’s Song.

Talking more about Tim Burton, Mars Attacks, and the how the Jerky Boys movie was superior.

One guy got the regis chair company joke.

Little bit of an echo.

Jimmy could do without the kid in the wheel chair on Speechless. Let’s weekend at Bernie’s him.

John Ross Bowie is here!!

30 – Jimmy’s got a dumb question for John. He asks about the actor playing JJ. John explains he has cerebral palsey but he’s not as severely handicapped as in the show.

Jimmy talks about his Mad Men audition.

35 – John talks about also auditioning and the creepy building they shot and auditioned in.

David Bowie talk.
More mad men audition talk.

40 – Jimmy Matt and John do some maiden with the monitor!

It took John a bit to get down here. He feels like he is still driving.

Talking the power button on the Prius.

John listened to the original 1979 Sweeny Todd cast recording on his way here.

John talks about which characters he played while singing along.

John wants to play Caiaphas in JCS.

He and Jimmy duet.

45 – Jimmy doesn’t seem to know many of the words to his favorite musical. John calls him a jist singer. Jimmy admits to it.

Round the horn!

Misery! Hobbling vs Curbstomp.

American History X talk.!

50 – Talking to katy. She’s married!

Talking me in golden dreams!

55 – Eliot is here! He had tummy issues from the ride.

He explains the ride.

“You can’t fuck on a ferris wheel!” – Jimmy “You can jack off in ariel’s grotto.” – John

60 – Talking more about the ride and coots.

John talks about Great Wolf Lodge.

He says it’s airborn athlete’s foot.

Raging Waters is in San Dimas.

Eliot’s M word is My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Jimmy calls it the worst movie ever.

65 – Talking Lainey Kazan. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0443577/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

Talking GIF! With a hard G. The audience approves.

Zombie Minnie Pearl plays John’s wife on Speechless?! Minnie Driver!

Matt’s M movie is Moonstruck! With Cher! She won an Oscar.

70 – Dirty Carson!

Gary wins money from the audicne for knowing it’s a mad mad mad mad world!

John guesses M.A.S.H. Wrong!

Tom Skerritt!

Halloween 3!!


Talking the movie.

75 – Night of the Creeps – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Night_of_the_Creeps

Cubs lose!

No one is guessing correctly!


Jimmy tries to find out who is on his wife’s podcast tomorrow. It’s Jimmy!

Jimmy gives to John Ross Bowie: 24 pts (TV)

80 – Kyle is taking his turn! Might win a prize!

Jimmy fails on White Collar.

Trying again.

Jimmy gives to Kyle: (TV) – Now Hear This Fest FAIL.

Tim is standing far from the guys.
90 – Tim is a teacher. He talks about Halloween.

Jimmy Gives To Tim: (TV) – 13Pts Now Hear This Fest.

T-Shirt anyway!

Tim wants to tell a joke! Jimmy rages and takes the shirt back!

Jimmy is furious!

We got a lady on stage to compete.

She is from Fairbanks Alaska and a copy desk editor. Also single.

Jimmy gives to Natalie: 12 (TV) Now Hear This Fest

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth