19 BONUS – Live at LA Podfest

la-podfestNever Not Funny Live from Podfest 2016!

00 – Welcome to NNF Live at Podfest!

Jimmy’s a podcaster!

Asberger’s fest 2016!

Mike Schmidt is here in the crowd.

Jimmy talks about our “post church” crowd and them wanting trump to win.

He talks about Scott Aukerman hanging with Hilary all afternoon for Between Two Ferns.

We got the coldest water in town!

Jimmy talks to an audience member: Chris. From NC! Lotta trouble down in NC so glad this guy is here and safe.

Maybe they’ll talk about Seattle next?

Jimmy goes back to Trump.

Let Her In –

Jimmy bets with the audience.

05 – We got an aussie!

Hi Matt!!


Big bets around the room $2!

10 – Trying to figure out how to do these bets!

Jimmy wants now to bet on who of the betters will win!

This is THE JIMMY PARDO PODCAST. He reminds us all.

Stools too high, chairs too low.

Jimmy and Matt reach for the ceiling.

Jimmy ass Graham if he ever got to that thing he asked him to do. Graham asks what that is and Jimmy says Fuck off.

Jimmy says 3.
Nikki 6 (seex austrailian accent) so Jimmy tells her that is not an American number.

15 – The highest current denomination is the $100 bill. The highest bill ever printed, however, was a $100,000 note that was printed from December 18, 1934 to January 9, 1935. It was used for transactions between Federal Reserve Banks. President Woodrow Wilson was pictured on the front. The following bills have not been in print since 1946: $500 (William McKinley); $1,000 (Grover Cleveland); $5,000 (James Madison); and $10,000 (Salmon P. Chase, former Treasury Secretary).

Eliot gets iced for helping out.

Shadoe Stevens –

Jimmy says 3.
Nikki 6 (seex austrailian accent) so Jimmy tells her that is not an American number.
Debbie 11
Joe 13
Maria 12
Heidi 14
Austin 4
Perla 10
Paul 9
Chris 18
Matt 8
Jimmy’s going in with another $2 for 16.
20 – Matt tries to guess who sings Kaleigh. Jimmy MEETS Kaleigh! She’s adorable.

Marillian sang Kaleigh.

#10! On the charts Perla wins!

30 – Pants talk!

Joel and Jennifer Grey talk.

Jimmy talks to Christy (Christy and chris).

I go to a couple rooms and check out the crowds.

Kaleigh’s out of the room.

Fright Night

40 – Around the horn!


Familiare still has an opening! Still going to install that vinyl plank.

Eliot talks about Fraudway LA live show yesterday.

Talking Eliot’s lady friend. She enjoyed the show.

Eliot wonders about sex in mud. Jimmy asks if he means anal.

In truth, Jimmy can’t answer or says it’s snow, like cocaine.

Matt says sand.

Jimmy tries to introduce Pat but can’t get his catch phrase right.

45 – Pat I mean PAUL STANLEY is here.

50 – Pat/Paul talks about babies and Christine 16 being about a baby.

Paul/Pat talks about the tonight show with Suzanne summers and Eliot gould. Dirty Carson and Ed show up!!

Jimmy talks to Mike about podcast anniversaries.

55 – I’m seeing Troye Sivan!

60 – I tried to go get Janet but serious part of the show.

Paul is still here?!

Jimmy tries to talk to Pat about the Chicago Rock Solid.

Pat Francis is here!!!

Home Run for his Paul Stanley!

65 – Pat talks about his costume and make-up.

70 – Pat talks about someone who emailed in about the Chicago show and Jimmy thinks he knows exactly who it is.

75 – Jimmy and Pat talk being roommates. Pat talks about the times jimmy showed his ass while trying to grab something.

sevensSevens time!

Pat sets the bar so a listener can win a prize!!

Dirty Carson talks about Brooke Shields.

Jimmy gives to Pat Francis: 18 (80s Music)


Jimmy gives to Listener Leanne: 15 (80s Music) No winner!

Listener might win a TOTINOS TRACK SUIT!

Jimmy gives to Listener Paul: 20(80s Music) WINNER!!!

Pardcastathon news! March 4-5! IN STUDIO live streaming. 9am – 9am! 24 Hours of Pardcastathon.

Podfest Exclusive!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth