16V – Starting Over with Paul Brittain

Paul BrittainIn studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – The door is open and closed! Welcome to the players club! We’ll find out the V word in a bit.

Jimmy just got tired in the middle of the sentence.

Jimmy discusses Matt shoving his phone up his ass on vibrate.

Jimmy is getting the exterior of his house painted. A pale blue, chalky blue, and dolphin tail. Sergio and Louis! Another great morning team, Matt says.

Eliot got a haircut but still is wearing the hat.

futurama_603_02_v6Not sure how successful it is. Matt likens them to these Futurama characters –

05 – Fantasy Baseball update!

Standings as of July 9!

Mad Dog Jimmy is here! No more emails telling Jimmy he doesn’t sound like Mad Dog. Take the phone and rattle that prostate. Ladies can rattle that cooz.

Remember That Smell
Living Players
Zach’s Temp Team Name
Spineless Windbands

Lots of movement and excitement in the league!

The Nashville hat Jimmy got last week is a season 2 Crew Only hat!

The guys talk crew jackets.

Jimmy doesn’t like them but likes the conan ones. Matt would wear a conan one.

10 – GRP Records – 

Dave Grusin and Larry Rose Productions

Our guest is here!

Jimmy goes in on Whoopi.

Bill Cosby chat!

Jimmy is canceling his appearance on the View.

15 – Jimmy and Matt get deep into Cosby, his comedy, and his rapist tendencies.


Matt busts out his Dennis Miller doll. It’s just as funny as Dennis Miller is now.

Stan Katz

Stan Katz

20 – Stan Katz

Starting Over

Paul Brittain is here and born in 77!

25 – We’re taking a break! Paul Brittain is here! He’s in Hotel Transylvania (s)

Don’t defend people using their phones in LIVE THEATER. Patti Lupone took his phone away.

Jimmy wants to murder people in a comedy club who use their phones during the show.

We’ll be back!!

30 – We’re back! Jimmy took a chill pill during the break.

Matt asks if he got it from Cosby.

16 Velociraptor?!

No winner! Might be a back up winner though.

Paul admits to being a huge Kiss fan as a kid.

Paul wanted more Peter Criss songs. Jimmy tempted to throw him in out.

Jimmy admits to going with Danielle to a mall to see people from Starting Over talk.

More Starting over talk.

Jimmy talks about doing a pilot for Bunim/Murray called Laugh House about comedians living in a house.

35 – Jimmy’s got headphone problems!

My word is Volt. No winner!

Jimmy talks about freaking out about running out of juice and not knowing he had a charger in his car.

More headphone problems! They’re dead!

40 – Warranty talk for Jimmy’s headphone.

We get a refresher on who’s show this is.

45 – The governator!

Maggie – 

Nope. Unfair.

Nope. Unfair.

Eliot looks like Shemp per Jimmy.

Paul recommends Inherent Vice!

50 – Garon Daniel Cockrell

Behold, he stands at the door and knocks. Won't you open your heart to him, MC Lyte?

Behold, he stands at the door and knocks. Won’t you open your heart to him, MC Lyte?

Matt goes back to MC Lyte. They’re not there.

55 – Eliot’s word is Verify. He’s been working on his game.

Modest Games

Paul talks board games.

Jimmy played Clue with Oliver over the weekend.

Matt still loves Sorry! He plays with the kids.

Jimmy says Oliver and Danielle love The Game of Life.

60 – Matt went with Velveeta! The cheese and the room where Jimmy will be on in August! http://thevelveetaroom.com/
Paul shopped at the record store that Jimmy managed. It’s entirely possible that he shopped there while Jimmy was there.

Paul talks about his early albums and loves. He was a hair metal guy.

Don’t know what you got till it’s gone is Cinderella!

65 – 80s hair metals singers had some high-pitched voices.

Paul’s V word was Verbatum.

Paul’s first improve team was almost named Banana Republicans. Instead it was named Verbatim.

Jimmy briefly worked with an improv group called The Outpatients.

Paul and Jimmy talk fantasy baseball. Paul is in a 12 team mixed league.

70 – More fantasy BBall chat.

Paul’s team is called The Hamburger.

Jimmy’s teams: Spineless Windbags, Port Charles MobStars, OCDHers, Bagless Vacuums

Sonny Corinthos – 

Greek/Irish and Cuban.

Jimmy just got a new bagless vacuum. He got the cordless, bagless vacuum. He’s never enjoyed vacuuming more in his life.

75 – Jimmy loves his new vacuum. Matt wonders if Jimmy’ll put his dick in it.

Brief talk about the guy who got his dick ripped off by the vacuum.

Is It Normal

80 – We’re talking vacuum sex guys!

Rap Chat!

Fat Boys – Wipe Out –


Fat Boys – Are You Ready For Freddy –

90 – Here is MC Hammer pimping British Knights –

Fat Boys

Kiss Time Traveler –

Paul’s girlfriend of 4 years writes for the upcoming sitcom Kevin From Work.

Matt does a comparison of Dream Warriors and Time Travelers. They are similar!

Paul talks about his high school days. He used to watch SNL as a kid.

His dream came true when he was on SNL! He did 2 seasons. He was on with some greats!

Paul and Brooks Wheelan went to see the Entourage film together.

Paul lives in Los Feliz. Jimmy wants to start a pool that increases for each of the people who live in los feliz.

Paul is doing some shows in Toronto next month. He will catch a baseball game while he is there!

Big news on twitter: Ken “The Hawk” Harrelson is on twitter!

Baseball talk!!

Jimmy does some Chicago accents.

Are there any Donald’s that aren’t assholes?

Donald Glover is the exception.

Famous Donalds 

Jimmy’s gotta make a phone call so we’re done.

A joy Paul!

Ducks have corkscrew dicks.

The hamburgers are picking up!
See ya next time!

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