16T – Dancing in the Deepest Oceans with Greg Behrendt

Greg Behrendt

Greg Behrendt

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – 16 T! Welcome to the players club! Jimmy recounts emails discussing the word game. Matt and Jimmy let us know what sounds they compare to Eliot’s voice.

Both Jimmy and Matt got simultaneous texts!

Christian Rock talk. Matt talks about hearing it at a nearby church.

Jimmy tells us all about the church, and the steeple, and the drum kit.

Garbage talk is fascinating!

Take out lawn and add a parking spot? Is that too hillbilly?

Matt loves the circular drive.

My mic making noise apparently.

05 – Wireless headphones for me?? Jimmy always tempted to get them from brookstone when they are on sale.

Eliot has something to say about hollow bricks.

Only solution for Matt and Jimmy’s parking issues is a mansion.

10 – Parking chat.

You’re either backing in or you’re backing out. Next NNF shirt?

rent logoJimmy’s gotta come clean on something. 97% backpedaling on something.

Jimmy talks about the listeners and addresses the Rent play sucking but not sucking.

I’m going opening night!

My first official episode was 1112 with Julian McCullough.

Jimmy comes around on The Beach Boys. He still thinks some of the surf music sucks though. He gives us the lowdown.

15 – Jimmy is 100% wrong on the Beach Boys and apologizes. He went to see Love and Mercy and loved it. He says Paul Dano is amazing and everyone else is good.

20 – Matt always mixes up Rachel McAdams and Anne Hathaway for some reason.

Matt quotes Rich Sommer, “Annie is a better person than people give her credit for.”

Apologies to Beach Boys fans from Jimmy.

Jimmy talks about 80s songs at ball games.

Enjoy The Silence – 

25 – Jimmy walks to take a piano wire to Richard Blade over something he said about Depeche Mode.

Matt’s hair is a tsunami of hair today.


Celeb sighting!

Actor Matt saw at lunch.

Jimmy recounts a joke he heard from Todd Glass originally by Evan Davis. Over the age of 12 only two reasons to wear your hat backwards: you’re a sniper or you’re giving your friend a blowjob.

Larry’s back and talking hats!

Bye Larry!

Actor has come up on this show as a potential guest.

Depeche Mode – 

Greg is here! Looks great!

Jimmy talks to him a bit.

30 – We’re guessing Matt’s actor sighting. Not Wil Wheaton. Not Oliver Hudson.

Talking Greg’s neighbor.

35 – He plays DWs! (Drum Workshops) Clem Burke


“They were cheap, made of plastic and…….Well, they were cheap and made of plastic.”

Jimmy talks about a friend being super excited about a new stereo and Jimmy sarcastically asking if it was a Soundesign. It was. To this day it haunts him.

It was Jere Burns!!! Matt blew it. Greg is friends with him.

Matt sickens Jimmy.

40 – Jimmy and Matt talk about what they could talk about with him.

Mark Maron made podcasts hot again!

Walking the Room closet talk.

Greg prefers The Cure to Depeche Mode!

We’re taking a break!

Welcome back! CLOCK DOWN!!

16T 16 Triumph!

Naples Incident

45 – It’s a bad week for flags.

Anything to take the focus off guns.

Snatch it down!

Good looking flag though.

Jeff Ross’ Roasting of Prisoners special was great according to Jimmy. He talks about it. Apparently the guys were more reserved but the girls were loving it.

Jimmy took his mom to see Neil Diamond where they met up with Jeff Ross and Kevin and two girls who Jimmy is pretty sure did not care for him at all.

50 – The guys talk about interacting with people and the jokes not landing at all. Jimmy has this problem a lot at school functions.

Greg talks about his daughter going to a public school for two years and hating it because of vaping and dick picks apparently. She wanted to go back to private school.

Greg talks about getting a pot card to help with the cancer. He got a spray, tried it, and immediately burst into tears.

55 – Both of Greg’s daughters are very serious dancers. They will not take part in the Dance Moms stuff, which is all BS and fake apparently.

The guys talk about their kids dancing.

Greg’s kids are into comedy! They come home and watch Portlandia, SNL, Arrested Development, etc.

Greg was against Portlandia at first. He watched it with his daughters and loved it.

Since his Illness, Greg has tried to be less judgey and opened himself up to more comedy (including Maron).

Strong lady cast on SNL currently.

Girls (the show) is not Jimmy’s cup of tea.

60 – Greg talks about watching comedy specials with the kids. They watched Chelsea Perretti’s since they love Brooklyn 99.

Greg thinks Men of a Certain Age was doomed because of its title.

Nobody saw Ray Romano being a good actor coming.

Greg talks about talking with Ray at a point when Ray had no idea what he was doing and his career going nowhere. The next summer he exploded.

Greg talks about a comedy club whose owner had a oxygen tank in the basement and would let comics use it to help with hangovers.

65 – Greg suggests Ice Harvest.

The Brink – 

Ballers – 

True Detective talk.

70 – Greg not a robe guy

Jimmy misses the pajama. “it’s a little bed suit.” – Jimmy

Nick Cage and John Cusack movie: The Frozen Ground – 

75 – Eliot was trying this time and goes with Tiger.

Some Tiger Woods talk. For HUMOR!


All is well at La Familiare.

Matt’s T word is Tostada. Tostada this, tostada that.

Greg’s first word was Tramp and spoiled it so he changed it to

Greg’s cancer is treatable!

Greg tells us how he found out about his cancer.

80 – Nothing better than a morphine nap!

We learn that Australians are amazing.

On the flight home, Greg sits next to the drummer from Switchfoot. The guy couldn’t be nicer.

Non Hodgkin’s B-Cell Lymphoma is what Greg was officially diagnosed with. Greg has stage 2, which indicates how many place the cancer is. He has 2 more rounds of Chemo to go. It’s a highly treatable version of cancer.

85 – Greg realized that he was not that freaked out about possibly dying. Jimmy suspects his positive energy is helping with his recovery.

Jimmy is on Greg’s best friend list.

There is no history of cancer in Greg’s family. Except for his mom having long cancer but “she went after it.”

Jimmy asks about how you get cancer. Greg says it just appears.

Greg also tells us that chemo kills ALL your hair.

90 – The hardest part for Greg is the lethargy.

Jimmy confirms Greg looks great.

Greg talks about his Largo appearance and joking about cancer being the thing at largo now. He did it because he was told there was a rumor that he was dying.

The crab goes Side to Side!!

95 – Greg and Jimmy talk about a pilot they did together.

Greg gives the details about the pilot.

Jimmy tells Greg about a guy from the production company talking about the show pointing at Jimmy and going “what about him.”

Hooray for puppets!

Matt talks about his Muppets feelings.

100 – Greg says Inside Out did not ruin his father’s day. Jimmy doesn’t want to hear too much about it. Greg says the trailers beforehand were pretty dull. He also gives a thumbs down to the short before hand.

Jimmy and Greg talk The Cure vs Depeche Mode.

Jimmy wonders why Depeche Mode does Staples and The Cure does Palladium.

Greg thinks it might be the gay culture latched on to them so they are huge here.

Bundeswehr tank Top – 

105 – Greg and Jimmy talk about the first time they met in 2012.

We’re done!

Phenomenal! This is the only podcast that Greg has done or will do.

Dave and Greg will reunite at podfest but not under the guise of Walking the Room.

Not everyone should be podcasting.

Greg thinks that the guy from Queens of the Stone Age should have his own show.

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth