16S – Diving Down into the Midnight Sea with Dave Hill

Dave Hill is not from England

Dave Hill is not from England

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Right into the show!! Get some exercise Eliot!

Brick and mortar!

Matt introduces the show for luck.

Jimmy talks people impersonating him.

Oliver is doing a superhero science camp. He was asked what his power should be and Oliver says, “It would have to be to be able to do every impression.”

Tony Thaxton is here. His shorts are offending Jimmy. He’s going to see the LA Kiss with Jimmy’s tickets.

Jimmy wants Tony to set up a bandsaw and then to call Jimmy so he can come over and push him through it.

LA Kiss vs Philly Soul.

Say hello to Rick, Tony!

Tony brought the guys that We Are The World documentary.

Colin Hanks documentary –

05 – The Pride of Eerie PA is Tony’s band. They’re performing soon. Mike Fuhrman had to quit for time issues. He was on bass.

“Pick up the bass, man!” Jimmy to Peter Cetera!

Jimmy guesses Entwhistle’s death exactly!

Keith Moon

10 – Enjoy the game Tony!

Mystery Box June 23! The Pride of Eerie PA!

Jimmy did the JR Superhero Run. Had great fun!

“Suck it Joker!” “Suck it Harley Quinn!” Jimmy to villains on the run.

15 – Oliver was Deadpool in a costume contest! He made the costume himself. He won!! Got a trophy (a huge one at that) The DJ guy had to transition from announcing Oliver as the winner to announcing a lost boy. The staff started looking and one dad: Jimmy. No other dad’s helped look for this kid.

Jimmy thought he might be having a Secrets and Lies situation searching for that kid.

They eventually found the kid though!

20 – Jimmy’s gonna call Rich Sommer and get an update on those escaped prisoners.

Rich has connected the Malaysian airlines crash to the missing prisoners. He’s on the scene in New York (with a burner phone) looking for the prisoners. He’s moved his search down to Manhattan.

Fun Home:  “A delight!” – Rich Sommer

25 – Thanks Rich! Formerly of the now defunct Mad Men.

Mike Cusick texts Jimmy to tell Eliot he and his wife play Hand and Foot every weekend!

Dave Hill is here! Looks terrific.

He met Jimmy backstage once!

Jimmy reads the thanks in Dave’s album.

Restaurant chat.

30 – Pizza at Disneyland is horrible according to Jimmy.

Taking a break! Dave Hill is here! Still has a shirt on.


Welcome back!

16 Salamandar!! He also has a back up word.


Celeb sightings!

Jimmy explains the Players Club to Dave!


35 – “I wonder how this affects my membership in the Players Club.” – Dave’s friend when Telly died.

Jimmy tells the joke Jerry Minor (the white one) did in Vegas.

Phantom talk!!

Dave talks about a Metallica show where they act like the speakers blow up.

Zepplin is Dave’s favorite band.

Jimmy asks Dave’s opinion on In Through The Out Door. He says it’s great. It’s Jimmy’s favorite LZ album.

180 gram vinyl

He just got all the albums on 180g vinyl.

40 – More Zepplin talk. Dave says Zepplin is one of a handful of bands who never released a bad album.

Eric Clapton talk! Dave thinks he’s not great.

Jimmy takes Jeff Beck over Eric Clapton any day.

Jimmy reads off the best of Eric Clapton.

45 – Cocaine is indeed a JJ Cale song.

Lost of Clapton talk!

Glen Frye solo stuff what a ZERO that is.

David Lee Roth talk. Jimmy thinks he is a clown. Dave calls him a showman.

50 – US Festival

We talk McCartney briefly and move on to Morrissey. Dave says his live band is terrible.

55 – The Smiths talk!

Submarine is my word!

Celeb guesses!

First up Jimmy guesses Tom Arnold!

Female celebrity: Kate Flannery!!!

60 – Dave’s gotta hit the head!


We’re back!

16 Salamandar

65 – Eliot’s word is syballince (How the F do you spell that?)


Matt’s word was Snake

Dave’s was Sassafrass..

Jimmy’s back up was Santana.

Jimmy likes Rob Thomas’ voice, but not matchbox 20. He does like his solo stuff.

Dave’s album is #59 release on AST.

Matt unsure where Jimmy’s album sits on the top AST sellers.

Ryan suspects 6 or 7.

Jimmy is not happy. He wants Ryan to lie to him next time.

Jimmy is the best selling vinyl!

Dave Hill is our guest!! He lives in New York.

Jimmy is jealous of Dave over his show at UCB Franklin that had Ronny James Dio as a guest!! He tells the story about how it happened.

70 – We get all the details about Dave’s show with Ronnie James Dio.

Jimmy hates short jokes.

75 – More Dio Chat! I get out the guitar.

Dave has the only guitar signed by R.J. Dio and Ira Glass.

Apple wants Jimmy to have a more secure password.

Jimmy was up in arms over Dio being on that show!

80 – We’re gonna get an acoustic performance from Dave and Jimmy!

85 – Jimmy nailing some Dio!

Matt does some Holy Diver! Jimmy takes the next verse!

Dave’s band does the theme song for Last Week Tonight!

90 – Jimmy doesn’t look at the scale. It can depress you.


Matt and Dave are going to get Lyte’s Autograph!!

Hill is out of the Hall! It’s the dress maker.

95 – You cant have my job Thaxton!!

Black Sabbath is another of Dave’s favorites.

Jimmy prefers Dio in Black Sabbath to his Solo and prefers Ozzie solo to his work in Black Sabbath!

Things are good according to Dave.

Jimmy asks Dave if he likes Indian Food. Jimmy can’t eat it.

Dave doesn’t want to drop names but he played in a band with Moby for a while.

Jimmy says Moby came off like a humorless prick on King of the Nerds apparently. Dave says not at all he’s a great guy.

Maybe Moby's dry sense of humor made him come across as humorless

Maybe Moby’s dry sense of humor made him come across as humorless

Jimmy calls this one a win!

Shattered Dreams:  Johnny Hates Jazz.

Jimmy goes through Dave’s track list.

Jimmy wonders who is ahead of him in AST sales.

Searching for Sugar Man chat.

Dave talks about a friend giving him the sugar man album and one night realizing he’s actually had the album for years.

The guys talk Van Halen. Jimmy confirms he prefers the Hagar years to the David Lee Roth years.

Dave talks about reading Sammy Hagar book and coming around on him.

Smashmouth cookbook – 

Great job Dave!

See you next time!!!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth