16P – Working the Phones with Jimmy and the Gang

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16 P as in Party!

00 – Hello! Indeed yes indeed! Jimmy’s coming in hot. Sully Sullenberg gonna bring this bird in! He didn’t turn the plane upside down.

We can say cock on the players club. We keep it nice and clean on the other one.

Matt and Jimmy play with their iPhones.

Jimmy is texting to Danielle.

16 Poison!

No winner.

Jimmy is wearing his U2 T-shirt. It’s a write off!

They’re talking the show. Insanity and grab ass tour? Innocence and Experience tour.


Jimmy likes the logo.

Jimmy is apologizing and giving me an amazing birthday gift!!!!

05 – Jimmy mocks the listener complaining about the gerbil! He does the show for himself and hates you all. (not really).

Mr. Generous

Mr. Generous

Darryl Asher got Matt and Jimmy U2 tickets. Thanks Darryl!

Steve Harvey knows his fish.

Jimmy gives details on his U2 seats. They had muddy sound from weird speakers.

10 – Jimmy talks about hearing an old man working at the forum who is giving out closer tickets!! Jimmy and Matt end up moving into what is probably the best place to watch the show. Turned out to be perfect! Except the rhythmless dancer that was sitting in front of Matt. She was so bad that it would make you think the bad was off.

We lost Dennis, U2s Tour Manager. 

The guys recommend seeing this show even if you just LIKE U2.

15 – Jimmy tells us the U2 albums he has.

Here is the setlist if you are curious!! 

Once again, Mr. Generous

Once again, Mr. Generous

Jimmy offered the closer tickets to Darryl first.

Jimmy wants to win the lotto so he can move to an island and hatchet a radio playing jimmy buffet.

Sheryl Crow chat!

Her covers: 

No guest today!

Jimmy talks about his beard. He had to take a cold shower because of a power outage.

20 – Jimmy is having issues with his cable/internet due to the outage.

Unsure why his heater uses electirvity.

Power outage hit the entire neighborhood. The subway (sandwich place) worker saw it all and told Jimmy what happened.

Don’t drive over downed lines – 

Awww, shucks! You're welcome Jimmy and Matt! We didn't eat like assholes at the concert, but Jimmy bought me a tour t-shirt and Jenn a hat. Thanks Jimmy!

Awww, shucks! You’re welcome Jimmy and Matt! We didn’t eat like assholes at the concert, but Jimmy bought me a tour t-shirt and Jenn a hat. Thanks Jimmy!

25 – We thank Darryl Asher!

The seats they moved into go for 700-800 bucks.

Jimmy is a lizard?!

Hollywood Bowl chat! Jimmy wonders what it was like pre-video screens.

Jimmy enjoys The Doors at Hollywood Bowl show.

30 – We’ll be back!

We’re back! 16 Poison!

Alice Cooper’s gonna be on Conan.

Hi! 16 Party!

We name party songs.

35 – I watched Grabbers

Eliot went to Kublacon for his game. He tells us about it.

Apparently thousands of people were there!

He fills us in on everything.

40 – Jimmy wonders what the “puss situation” is like at this con.

A lot of married couples at the show apparently.

Apparently Eliot arm wrestled someone in Atlanta and lost.

Jimmy does 40 crunches in honor of Dennis who’s up there with the big man.

Eliot’s word is Popsicle. Jimmy chooses to share it!

Eliot won a tournie! Letter House finalist! Jimmy places it up top to show off.

45 – Jimmy talks about Indianapolis being the most expensive city to fly into.

Matt’s B word is Pantera. In the neighborhood. Poison is like a “female cheap trick,.” Jimmy on Poison to Daver. Jimmy reiterates a listener who said he wanted to “fuck the girls in Poison.”

Here come the calls!

50 – HI Mike from Minneapolis! See ya Mike!

Chris here in town! He’s heading to work in Culver City. Doesn’t need a chatty apartment manager.

Derek’s calling! Lose the tude Derek! He’s over in Maryland. Derek guesses Pigeon and is unable to name a song with Party. Jimmy gives him the third degree.

Hard or Soft taco? Matt goes Soft. Matt removes the tostada from his tostada. Jimmy goes soft.

Bye Derek!

55 – Hi Ryan! Hallelujah The Hills Ryan! They did get the Pardo Bump! Jimmy has their vinyl between the Hooters and Iron Maiden.

Matt asks Jimmy’s alphabetizing policy.

Ryan is able to name 2 party songs.

60 – Jimmy’s got an itchy face.

Ryan’s stupid question is which era of Cheers we prefer: Diane or Rebecca.

Jimmy enjoys Diane because he likes the Coach.

Hi Amanda!!!

Phone troubles. Jimmy’s gonna shut it down! He’s sick of the shit today.

Amanda Zimmerman is on the phone. She runs twitter and facebook during the pardcastathon.

Matt talks about the most amazing part of the u2 concert where he hardcastles!

65 – Amanda’s P-word is Psoriasis.

Chris calls back and he’s off the freeway. Matt cuts him loose.

Hey Brian from the 517. He’s from portage MI near Kalamazoo. He met Jimmy in Ann Arbor.

Brian’s p word is Planetarium. He is a special ed teacher so no funny there.

He fails instantly and gets cut loose.

Eric! Jimmy does his DJ voice. “blow sound” is a great turn of phrase.

70 – Eric works for newspaper companies.

We talk to Eric’s daughter Robin. She’s in 4th grade. She’s out of school since last week. She has older siblings. She likes her sister better. Her brother bothers her. She doesn’t wanna mention what he does. He’s not a duggar kid.

Robin’s P word is pizza! That’s a good one. Robin’s back! She likes all toppings except veggies. She likes the chain pizzas. She hasn’t got her grades yet but thinks she did awesome. No camp but 4 weddings. Her brother is always on the computer.

Lots of older cousins getting married.

Eric names songs with the name party in the title.


Robin was very well spoken for a 9 year old.

75 – Clint from Tyler Texas!

Clint’s p word is pussy. He’s outta here.

We gotta 253! HI Lisa from Iowa City, IA! She thinks Jimmy has the hots for her boyfriend.

She invites Jimmy to come back to town to race her for her boyfriend. She’s out.

Michael from Portland. Never Not Viney Michael!

His P word is Plymouth! Matt asks for confirmation and eliot immediately jumps in.

80 – Michael names 2.

Stupid question is something Jimmy doesn’t give a fuck about. Toilet Paper over or under.

Shout out for Eliot grabbing Matt’s reaction to the snake can. Jimmy met Michael’s wife Casey.

Bye Michael!

Apparently, Michael doesn’t look like how youd think he looks.

85 – Craig from Florida! He writes Hit and owns Gentleman Baby comics.

Clint from Tyler is back and goodbye.

516! Hey Johnny!! He wasssssupps us and Jimmy not sure if he loves it or hates it. He’s from New York.

He guesses Peter for his P word.

Jimmy guesses Johnny’s kids age and gender. Matt guesses his name!

Clint’s back but his p word is Persistance. He almost makes it on but gets cut loose anyway.


90 – We’re back. Jimmy’s tweeting from his account to see about getting calls.

Jimmy and Matt both loved the Mad Men finale. What else is there to say.

Jeff from Cincinnati! Chef Jeff!

Chef Jeff’s P word is…Panda! Nice word but wrong word.


Chef Jeff is able to name 3 songs! Special tonight is overnight slow-cooked pulled pork bbq. Fresh Mashed Potatoes steamed fresh green beans.

95 – Hello Ryan from Georgia! Players Club member. He guesses Possum! He’s in Atlanta! Jimmy will be back in Atlanta soon. He’ll be playing for the Hawks soon as a point card.

Ryan gets some seven in seven action! Movies!

Jimmy gives to Matt and Listener Ryan: 9 pts

Jimmy works at a grocery store. Good luck on those 18 hours! Have fun in Disney World.

One more call!!

919! It’s not a girl. Hello Pox. It’s his nickname because he got chicken pox. He hiked the Appalachian trail and walked the whole thing. He is an extra in the upcoming Robert Redford/Nick Nolte movie.

Pox names 3 songs!

Pox plays some Sevens.

Matt gives to Jimmy and Pox (listener): 12 pts

G’bye Pox!

This is the last call! From the 818! Hi Chris! Bye Chris! Oh no! He’s saved. His P word is Pardomizer. He names 2 party songs.

Jimmy gives to Matt/Chris (Listener): He’s denied!!!

Bobby Hawke! That’s his name and hanging up is Jimmy’s game.

Bryant! With a t. hang up with a g.

Eliot ruins everything.

Mike from Traverse City. He’s checking in after a couple years. He’s out.

Hey Dave! He ran 3 miles down in Edmond OK. The guys guess 32 minutes, he ran it in 31:30! Jimmy suggests the U2 vinyl to help with crunches.

Dave’s P word is Platypus. Charlie’s favorite animal!

Jimmy disgusted by Robin Manchura (sp)

115: Sevens!

Matt gives to Jimmy /Dave(listener): 18 pts

Dave is an investment advisor but will not give us any advice! He’ll do it one on one. He’s married with two boys (11/8). School ended last week.

You gotta admire Eliot’s callback. Dave gives Eliot a blank stare.

Thanks for calling in!

Happy birthday everyone!!

We’re honored that you guys stick with us and welcome all the new listeners!

See ya next time!!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth