16C – Partying Hearty with Matt Weinhold

Matt Weinhold

Matt Weinhold

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 – ABORT! Welcome to Never Not Funny! Players Club 16C.

We’re all wearing our VIP Daddy’s Dojo shirts from OneKolor.com!

Jimmy did the someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah riff with Oliver.

Jimmy’s wearing the cans this week! Left his new buds at home.

Jimmy wonders what the future of football is. Robotics maybe?

Jimmy in a headphone Catch 22.

Something’s gotta be done about football!

05 – Flag football? Any joy in that?

No treble Matt!

Matt says without the tackle the game doesn’t last.

VinylRecords_TriangleWebJimmy talks about his new credenza, receiver, and turn table.  He found a bunch of bumper stickers that will go out with the new vip stuff next season.

Jimmy is into 180 grain vinyl now.  He picked up Chicago 2, 5, 7, GH, Kiss Alive, Styx Grand Illusion, Iron Maiden Number of the Beast.

10 – Jimmy is enjoying music again! He describes his listening process and lists off the comedy albums he has (including several Martin Mulls).  His Cosby album did not make the move from the garage to the house.  In fact it was violated severely.

Jimmy’s forbidding Matt from listening to Cosby.

Matt talks about his upcoming appearance on Comedy on Vinyl talking Stephen Wright’ album I Have a Pony.

He talks about the shortest joke: Lost a button hole.

15 – The Day the Laughter Died

Our guest just walked in! Matt Weinhold!

20 – Jimmy on hecklers: Shut up animals let daddy talk. (paraphrased)

Jimmy says Matt W looks great. He is embarrassed by how long it’s taken him to get here.

Matt gives tons of action figures to Oliver.

Jimmy talks about Oliver playing two parts. “Bowtie is for Bear!”

Jimmy calls it a great job.

Jimmy is so disorientated without his headphones.

Jimmy enjoyed Man of Steel.  Matt W. talks about it.

25 – Monster Party himself is here!

Well be back!

Welcome back to 16 Cetera!!

Jimmy put it on a tee for us.

Megaphone Marty is here!

Draft order being decided today after the show.

Im in trouble.

30 – Eliot inspires an Anka! He made Jimmy look the fool.

My word was Chicago. Incorrect.

A major Chicago announcement is coming down the pipe.

Jimmy wonders how to describe the difference between heavy metal and rock.

Matt W describes it as rougher, harder sound. Like art, you know it when you hear it.

35 – Matt talks about Black Sabbath Crazy Train.

Oliver LOVES Ace of Spades by Motorhead.

Kiss talk!

40 – Jimmy tweets Chicago!

DJ Voice off between jimmy and matt.

No Chicago updates as of yet.

45 – Jimmy loves Kingsman!

Jimmy wonders if both matt’s go to Dr. Herbson. Nope.

Matt W lives in Studio City.

50 – Eliot’s C word was Comb, the Cher, then Chicago.

Eliot gives an update on the openings at his place. The one-bedroom 1575 or loft 1545.  The One bedroom might be taken pending a payment from an approved application.

Matt W hates bead. He prefers a door.

Jimmy’s advice dealing with Saloon doors, “Keep moving!”

55 – Jimmy can’t remember the bead/shutter door placement. It might be a combination.

Door chat!

Jimmy bought a mirror on the road that looked like a portal. He was super excited about it but it looked like shit when he hung it up.

Matt W is gonna turn that portal mirror into a submarine.

Jimmy is not as into Planet of the Apes as Dana Gould thinks he is.

60 – Matt W ordered a Thailand made Jack Torrance action figure!

Here are the monster presidents Jimmy is talking about 

Matt W. is gonna give Jimmy some Apes stuff for the studio.

The guys talk about Kojack and Jimmy’s four-month obsession.

Matt started with Corn, but after Jimmy’s clue he changed it to Carlin.

65 – The guys talk Bill Cosby and Woody Allen.

Matt W started with Chicken.

Masterbation chat! Matt W talks about putting his cock in an apple and a potato.  Matt doesn’t understand how that works. Matt W explains.

70 – Matt wants a detailed explanation of apple sex and what comes before and after.


Matt W. changed his word to Chic-Filet.

Chicken fucking. Venereal salmonella?

Matt is fascinated!

75 – Granny Smith Apple is a little Milf action. One Tart lady – Matt.

The guys move on to fucking vacuums.

Jimmy didn’t “take any chances” with his masturbation habits apparently.

80 – Jimmy talks about Giuliana Rancic scandal 

Oscar host talk!

Matt W worked with Danielle on The Stash. He talks about working on the show and for Playboy.  Jimmy reenacts his favorite clip featured on that show.

85 – “Don’t go up against the Chambers family.”

Matt is still curious about the fruit fucking.  Matt W talks about putting some kind of orange spray on his armpits and it hurting like hell.  It’s concentrated citrus.

90 – Jimmy plays some Chambers Brothers. The talk turns to Kesha. Matt W went to see the Dictators recently.

Matt W brings us some Monster Party swag!

Pardomid after the break!

Welcome back to 15? Cetera! Jimmy sings a little Glory of Love for us. Everyone joins in.


100 – Pardomid! Matt W warns us that he is terrible at games.

Matt W. vs Jimmy!

Matt W. – 6

Jimmy – 5

Matt V Matt

Matt W – 5

We’re done!

Shows over! Do what you do.

Draft order!

Sean Kelly

Jake Stern

Kyle Reesemenal













Congrats guys!

Jimmy’s all about vinyl.

See you next time guys!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth