1604 – Kicking Back with Sarah Colonna

Sarah Colonna

Sarah Colonna


00 – Hey everyone! Welcome back! “y’know from last week”

Jimmy might be having an allergic reaction to some nuts.

Sarah Calonna is coming in soon.

We got mail!

Jimmy thinks it dropped 20 degrees and started raining between his walk from the car to the door. It was sunny when he parked.

Jimmy really enjoyed Big Hero Six. Thought it got a little redundant in the middle but still liked it. Matt thought a little more time with the robot would have been good.

Jimmy opened the mail and it is “the thing”

It’s artwork of the catchphrases from the season 15 intro.  We’re gonna frame it and hang it up here in the studio.

05 – Thanks Alex Robinson!  Matt wants the next one to be here faster.

Jimmy wants Matt to be more appreciative of our fans.

I got 2600 in Threes. I suck at it.

Jimmy talks fantasy baseball.

10 – He panicked after he picked his keepers.  None of this makes any sense to me. You’re on your own.

Jimmy got a new pillow and had a great sleep.

Jimmy reminds us that you want to pick the best players per Cliff Floyd. You also want them to be healthy.

Welcome in!

Jimmy’s got a question for everyone.

He shows off a water bottle. We all understand what it is.

15 – The bottle

appleJimmy keeps getting shocked.

Talk about apple fuckin’

Talking about fluid measurements.

20 – How much water is too much?

The guys talk about what foods don’t have water.

Water intoxication

“Well I’m using crab apples.”

25 – Jimmy wants to ask Sarah Colonna about the thermos.

Our guest is here!

The guys talk water containers.

Jimmy did not like the phrase “Dropped a couple of clicks.”

Sarah has no idea what the counter does.

144 ounces is 1.125 gallons.

If you’re not thirsty don’t drink!

Jimmy got a sandwich and chicken from Dominos. He enjoyed it. The sandwich is as good as the pizza is bad.

30 – Pizza Rev! 


We’re back. Sarah Colonna is here!

Jimmy asks for a weather update. She says it’s raining ferociously. Well, ferociously for LA.

Safety first out there!

Jimmy’s lawn has never looked better. He talks about his backyard trees. They thought they were dead but they are not! Lemon and Tangerines sprang to life.

Jimmy quotes a Zeppelin song none of us knew.  The Lemon Song

35 – Movie a day chat

White Bird in a Blizzard

Garon’s Tumblr

40 – SNL talk!

Arthur purchased. And New Years Evil on deck for today!

45 – Congrats to the winners of Eliot’s contest!

Jimmy explains Eliot’s contest.

Let’s shut it down Eliot.

Jimmy tells Eliot that Sarah is taken. She’s engaged to an NFL player.

Arena football players make $800 a week?!

Jimmy talks about LA Kiss. Jimmy is gonna give Sarah tickets to a game that he and Oliver aren’t going to.

50 – Honda Center seats 18,336.

Panel talks usage of the word twat. Jimmy thinks Mamet should have put it in Glengary Glen Ross.

Sarah’s fiancée is Jon Ryan. Punter for the Seahawks.

Apparently, he and Sarah met via Ross Matthews?!

Sarah explains the tickets they get for players. Two tickets for home games only no road game tickets.

55 – Sarah got to go to the Super Bowl this year.  She talks about the final couple minutes. She didn’t even watch the halftime show. She went to the bathroom and for beer.

Eliot’s 1-bedroom was rented!

They discuss the $1575 rent. Jimmy thinks it’s crazy.

60 – She used to live on Franklin by the magic castle. She used to see the costume people walk to work at 7am. She thinks Spiderman and Marilyn Monroe were dating and living in a car together. She lived right by “Crack Park.”

Sarah talks about trying to give a homeless guy thanksgiving leftovers. He said, “oh if I have one more bite of turkey.”

Spoiled homeless people in Los Angeles?

Matt is on the homeless guys side. Everyone has turkey for the homeless on Thanksgiving.

Jimmy and Sarah were in London together on World Stands Up.  Sarah was with someone else then. Jimmy went to see his one man show.  This was March 2007.

He didn’t see her from then until recently when they did General Hospital Now. Sarah is also a big GH fan.

65 – Jimmy was treating his appearance like a date. He explains his feelings on Nancy’s cleavage and her sex scenes being so hot.

Sarah and Jimmy talk about GHNow being a lot of fun.

Jon Hamm in sweat pants chat!

Sarah and Jimmy talk about how nice everyone was. All fun and happy.

70 – Sarah hopes being on GHNow leads to a walk on role on the show. She just wants to have a cup of coffee in Kellys.

Sarah thinks she and jimmy have to do it together.

Jimmy explains Kelly’s.

Four soaps remain on the air. Young and the Restless, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, and Bold and the Beautiful.

75 – Sarah gives us some stories of being a football wife. She missed the big play where he through a touchdown pass. She was on a plane. She was on WiFi and her phone started blowing up. She thought either he did something amazing or he was dead. Thankfully, it was something amazing. A big trick play.

Jamie Farr no longer has a gold tournie. He gave it to Marathon Petroleum. 

80 – Sarah talks about forgetting that woodpeckers exist.  Jimmy talks about the neighborhood woodpecker.

Woodpeckers are out there sarah says. “They sure are Sarah. They sure are.” – Jimmy.

Jimmy also talks about the hummingbird that visits his house also.

85 – Jimmy sings some hummingbird song by seals and croft when he sees it. Oliver: “Dad, no one likes that song.”

Seals and Crofts

Sarah saw Billy Ocean last night. We’re gonna talk about that after the break.


We’re back!

Jimmy brings us in with some Carribean Queen. Some friend of Sarah’s thought it was Caribou Queen. She’s like 35.


Sarah talks about Billy Ocean. He’s still got it!

Frank Ocean is not related to Billy Ocean.

20 people is too many people to take to a movie.

90 – Sarah’s dream officiate for her wedding: Liam Neeson. She’s obsessed with him and his career.

95 – Billy Ocean tour dates. 

100 – Jimmy found an old autographed Deep Purple album. He took something down to put it up. He took down his own album to hang Deep Purple.

Jimmy is on a Bryan Adams kick right now. 

May 22, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine.

Sarah hasn’t looked up her teenage years exes on facebook because she is pretty sure how they turned out.

105 – There is a seven-year difference between Sarah and Jon.

Jimmy wants to find something bad about Jon.

Sarah talks about a random drug test Jon had to do. The guy has to sit there while jon is naked until he pees. It was like 20 minutes.

110 – Jimmy used to be a fan of the seahawks and the Vikings based purely on the helmet.

Jimmy forgot all about the pigeon.

They talk more about Jon and his history.

Canadian Football League

Rough Riders are indeed condoms.

Some House of Cards talk. April Richardson watched the entirety of season 3 in one day.

Sarah loves Nashville.

Matt doesn’t want to hide it anymore: this season is so great.

Oliver Hudson – 

Some deep Nashville talk guys.

120 – Jimmy recaps a recent episode of GH for Sarah. He calls it one of the worst soap scenes in history.  A candle falls over and the room is basically instantly ablaze.  One of the kids says, “I smell smoke.” Meanwhile the wall was completely on fire.

We’re on to 90210.

Jimmy compliments Sarah on her tweeting Giselle.

125 – She talks about the tweets and responses.

We’re done!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth