15B – Hanging Ten with Murray Valeriano

Murray Valeriano. You can't see it, but he's standing on a surfboard.

Murray Valeriano. You can’t see it, but he’s standing on a surfboard.

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell; additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF Players Club 15B – Murray Valeriano

B as in baseball

00 – Welcome to the show! The door is open on 15 Bananas. This shit is bananas. Matt sings some Fresh Beat Band from Nickelodeon.

Jimmy sings some Sinatra after the mic fell out of the mic stand.

Jimmy jumps to the other mic and explains why he broke into Sinatra My Way. No one can understand why that mic was so loose. Matt takes responsibility.

This shit is not gonna fly! Matt gives new Earwolf CEO Adam Sachs a new nickname. Adam “Yakkity” Sachs.

05 – Jimmy says he’d play that yakkity sax song everytime that guy walks by if we were in earwolf studios.

Serious stuff out of the way.

Happy birthday to the great Andrew Koenig! Jimmy is glad that he has been coming up a lot lately. The guy brings up Andrew’s love of the movie Taboo and his gobs and gobs of jizz quote.

The guys talk cookies. Jimmy hates a soft cookie. He wants his cookie hard through completion.

10 – Entenmann’s originates from NY. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entenmann’s

ELIOT! Daddy and Mommy are talking! Jimmy’s gonna subscribe to Harry’s and use his engraved razor to cut his throat.

Jimmy's beef: A chewy cookie!

Jimmy’s beef: A chewy cookie!

Jimmy wants a crispy cookie!

The famous Gobs and Gobs episode was episode 413!

Thanks NeverNotNotes http://nevernotnotes.com/questions/:
Q – Can anyone tell me the Christmas episode in which Jimmy, Matt and Pat eat all the cookies? (from Aarika)
Answer: Replying to myself because it’s, of course, episode 413 – also known as the “Gobs and Gobs” ep. It’s not *truly* Christmas until I listen to this one. (Aarika)

Happy birthday Andrew!

We got another gift. This time from friend Nug.
15 – Our guest is here! I missed whatever happened for a minute.

Jimmy reads the letter. He doesn’t understand why Nug doesn’t know we already have one. But we’re gonna all sign it and auction it off for pardcastathon.

Matt and Jimmy mention episodes with stories about Robin Williams. One is episode 14 where Mike Schmidt and Matt talk about meeting him.

20 – Jimmy tells a story about meeting Robin at Sketchfest where Jimmy fucked up his knee during a match game. In the middle of the show jimmy twisted his knee (he had surgery on it eventually) Robin stopped him on the way to the green room and said he was the fastest mind he’s ever seen. Robin also was helping Jimmy with his hurt knee. He got him ice!

Listen to Matt’s story on episode 14. (Show notes here.)

25 – It’s a heavy week but Murray is here and he’ll solve everything.

Happy birthday Andrew. We love you, Robin Williams!

Jimmy talks about watching Good Will Hunting (for the second time) on a plane and sobbing.

30 – Good Will Hunting: http://www.amazon.com/Good-Will-Hunting-Anniversary-Blu-ray/dp/B0088EDO08/ref=tmm_blu_title_0?_encoding=UTF8&sr=8-1&qid=1408048957

robinConan was the guest everyone was trying to guess. Turns out Jimmy was looking at the Pardastathon releases.

Quick break!

Murray Valeriano is here! Jimmy is unable to pronounce his last name. Murray is one of the rotating hosts at Rock Solid. He gets Devil’s Pass on DVD just for being here.

We’re back!

Jimmy points out the worst muppet: water face. He can’t be around bright light but he’s a blues guy. Jimmy changes the muppet name to Bayou Byron.

35 – Cajun Jimmy pops in for a minute. Jimmy went to see Into The Storm. He gives it a 5 Gator storm. It is not a good movie but he did enjoy it. Jimmy says Matt Walsh is the star and is great in it. Murray says Bayou Byron drove in with him.

Jimmy talks about a scene from Into The Storm where a guy is neck deep in water screaming he can’t get a signal and spinning around. There is a scene where the audience laughed out loud. Despite it, Jimmy loved it.

My B word was Baseball. Murray is the new Jeff Dunham?

Jimmy talks Poker night emails.

The play went great!

Guys talk iPhones.

No couch!

40 – Eliot’s here. He guessed Batman. Jimmy took Oliver to the WB museum and he got to turn on the Bat Signal. Oliver is 2 movies and 5 books into the Harry Potter series.

No open properties and no gardener meeting. Matt stands on disinterested.

45 – Matt goes Bonsai. Jimmy wants Eliot to prepare the harry blade for his murder.

Bonsai vs bonsai – http://www.bonsai-howto.info/bonsai/banzai-bonsai

Karate Kid holds up.

“Look at the brother doing the crane!” Jimmy’s new Alley Guy character.


50 – I love me some blank and well this happened. Can both end on facebook per jimmy.

Jimmy's beef: "I love me some..." and "Well this happened..."

Jimmy’s beef: “I love me some…” and “Well this happened…”

Also This can end per murray. Jimmy also against Discuss.


Murray is Jimmy’s friends. They play poker together and he still can’t say his name. Jimmy and Murray met at Jackie Kashian’s house. She has a giant iguana named Tiberius.

55 – Jimmy talks about the first time Jackie showed him her Iguana.

Murray’s B word was band-aid. He still gets Devil’s Pass. Murray’s birthday is this week. His son’s is in December.

Jimmy guesses Murray’s birthday is August 22. It is actually August 18!

Barry Manilow wrote the band-aid jingle!

Matt hit his knee, and it’s pretty painful.

Murray surfs 7 times a week. He shot the pier last week. Shoot the pier means you can surf through the pylons of the pier.

60 – Murray explains the hierarchy of ocean sporting (Boogie board, surfing long vs short, paddle boards).

Jimmy not a fan of the Skim board. They’re dangerous.

Jimmy wants to know the difference between short and long board. He long boarded today. Long board for smaller waves, short board for bigger waves.

Murray went board short no shirt today!

65 – Bang a U-ie.

Murray brought Pat Francis’ VJ book so Jimmy could give it to him tonight at Poker. He turns the book into a puppet named Bookie. Jimmy asks if he can put $20 on the angels.

Jimmy and Pat are both going to Frankie Valli so they can’t go to Murray’s birthday party. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frankie_Valley

The guys talk Rock Solid.

70 – Murray talks about a Jimmy Buffet concert at Manhattan pier for shark week. The stage was a giant shark mouth. This is the same pier that had a shark attack just weeks ago.

Jimmy talks again about seeing Steve Perry with Eels and how he wrote Lights about South Bay.

Jimmy true or false Murray about seeing the biggest rat he’s ever seen behind the Orpheum.

Get it in the record that murray has known Danielle longer than he has known Jimmy.

75 – everyone knows the guy who says your music sucks but you cant say his sucks. Murray mentions that he’d want Jeff Tweedy on Rock Solid. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeff_Tweedy

Tom Snyder – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Snyder

80 – Jimmy steals Murray’s book bit. Jimmy spills change.

How many pennies in the cup cooler?! Win them all and $5!

Jimmy is scared of surfing!

Murray tells a story about swimming to the end of a pier and thinking he was gonna drown. The life guard yelled at him to stand up. The water was waist deep.

Jimmy’s running for President with the Birthday Party.

Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons show – http://www.popculturebeast.com/frankie-valli-four-seasons-coming-segerstrom-center-arts-august-16-2014/

90 – Pat drives like a grandparent apparently. Pat Francis, Mike Siegel, and Mike Schmidt, are Jimmy’s worst drivers. But, he thinks that it might be him. Jimmy’s a great driver.

Who loves you pretty baby!

We’re guessing pennies!

Eliot makes a valid Rain Man reference.

Matt: 13
Murray: 8
Eliot: 11
Me: 6
Jimmy: 7

10 Pennies! No winner!

No license for me.

Renny Harlin – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001317/?ref_=nv_sr_1

Jimmy sick to fucking death of Sam Jackson and Pete Schwaba.

Murray talks about the first time he met Pete Schawba at a show and Murray just said Schwaba for five minute on stage.

Jimmy likes to laugh! Murray may or may not make it to poker. Jimmy not a fan of the icehouse.

100 – The guys talk Wendy Liebman on America’s Got Talent. Matt said he saw her set for the judges and Heidi Klume’s face was frozen in confusion.

Murray’s phone chirped. He doesn’t know how to work it.

The guys talk hair coloring.

We’re done! 15B as in bananas!

Thanks Murray!

Concert chat on the way out.

Another famous Tiberious is the roman emperor.

Murray talks about the Shea Stadium with Billy Joel and Paul McCartney.

We’re done!

See ya next time.

The doors are closed.

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper