14L – Striking out with Aaron Bleyaert and RJ Thieneman


Aaron and RJ. (And Jimmy)

Aaron and RJ. (And Jimmy)

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell


00 – Welcome! Jimmy’s distorted! Headphone related! We’re all good. Distortion aside it’s a great day for America. Jimmy’s enjoying the Bundy rants. He makes a good point about the negro though. Jimmy blames the blacks.



It’s throwback Thursday. Matt’s friend Yost posted a couple of him from age 19! Jewish Passover jokes!

Note: I LOVE jews.

05 – Lots of Facebook privacy options we can discuss off air. Jimmy mentions that there are other Elliot Hochbergs but not spelled the same (hence the 2 Ls.).

Players Club Episode 14L! 14 Limestone. No one wins the money. NNF, Jimmy, and Pat Francis with Rock Solid will be at the Limestone Comedy Festival. May 29 – 31. http://limestonefest.com/

Matt recites the 30/31 day poem. Shut up Eliot! Shut it down! Put some long pants on! Truth be told Jimmy enjoys it and still thinks that Eliot looks like he is in a Green Day cover band. Anything is better than the ill-fitting t-shirts.

Jimmy asks if Eliot’s middle name is really jew. Eliot describes it as 70s jew. Hyyam.

10 – Jimmy and Matt both did the 7 minute Kilmartin. Where they ran instead of doing the workouts.

Why are there sesame seeds?!

I need to take the trash out more often and vacuum!

Dan Katz is babysitting Oliver tonight! Oliver is a little scared. He hasn’t had a babysitter that isn’t grandma in a long time. Jimmy is describing Dan as one cool customer. Oliver told him to stop saying that.


15 – Yakkity Yack ill take the trash out. Our guests are here early! Jimmy’s making them sit on the floor. RJ apparently has lost some weight. Someone in a hoodie let them in and told them where to go.

This is the big time guys!

Eliot keeps turning his mic on when he is talking even though it’s not hooked up. Jimmy thinks Eliot’s showing off.

Mat thinks it’s a rule that you have to be fired on a Friday.

20 – Know that one day Eliot is getting fired. Eliot makes a Princess Bride reference. The day Jimmy is locked up is the day he watches a movie with Eliot.

Matt asks when he should destroy this episode. Jimmy says when we hear what RJ and Aaron have to offer.

Sprint 30 seconds. Walk 10 Seconds. This is the Kilmartin 7 minute Workout. Matt and Jimmy discuss the Kilmartin Work out. Matt got to the 3rd round before he started hurting. Hurting everywhere.

25 – Matt ran 1.62 miles in 13.28. His breakdown shakedown was 5:54 mile in the first 30sec. At the end it turned out to be 6:46.


Jimmy’s lost. Matt texted him that he did Laurie’s workout and almost died.

Jimmy did it TWICE. He came up a houselength short of a mile. And he knocked on that door and begged for an ambulance. He had the same feelings as Matt that it started fine but after the third one it was insane.

30 – Jimmy did it again this morning. He abided by the not running at full speed. He felt a little better but it’s not enjoyable. He came up 4 houses short of a mile this time.

Jimmy owns a home guys!

Our guests are here! Aaron Beyaert and RJ Thieneman rom Team CoCo!

We’ll be back!

Welcome back! RJ Immediately leans in front of Jimmy’s camera.

35 – 3592!


Eliot’s here! Added a second camera. New lens! So many cameras! It’s like Sliver according to Aaron.

Matt guessed Latrine for Jimmy’s L guess. Langistino was Eliot’s guess?! Mine was Lemur.

Floors open to questions! RJ asks if Jimmy is allergic to shrimp. Apparently he is.

Aaron asks about the light globe and wonders if we can predict the future. Jimmy predicts Aaron wont make it through the episode.

RJ and Bley Suck At Girls is their podcast. Check out their tumblr. http://rjandbleysuckatgirls.tumblr.com/

40 – Friday Night Pizza at Reno’s in Burbank.


The podcast is about getting advice from women about what they do wrong. It’s evolved into a relationship based podcast. With Topics like The Friend Zone or The Game Zone.

Aaron describes what the Game Zone actually is.

45 – Jimmy was on their show once and he gave them some advice. Aaron was in a situation where he was on a love seat and a girl was on his couch. Jimmy’s advice? Go to the restroom and when you come back move over to the couch!

Its been a year, and he hasn’t been able to put that advice into action yet.

Matt brings up The Game. Aaron talks about Mystery and Peacocking.


RJ says there is no mystery with them. They go hard. They go fast.

False Bravado is a great Eagles song.

Matt confirms Jimmy has False Bravado.

Jimmy calls out Aaron for calling him Pardo twice.

RJ seems shocked that Jimmy’s name is James. RJ was called Albert in Freshman year in HS.

50 – Aaron’s nickname story went absolutely nowhere.

Snappy and Albert are here!

RJ is from Louisville. Aaron is from Ann Arbor! Jimmy will be there in September.

Aaron is going to be in Night of 1000 Segers. June 28.


Jimmy tells RJ and Aaron to just ask someone out.

55 – Aaron tells a story about a girl who wanted him to slap her, hit her with a belt, and then punch her during sex. He didn’t. Aaron also tells the story about how he dated a girl and ended him kissing her ear. She apparently didn’t think they were dating.

60 – Matt’s been with Elise since he was 19. RJ talks about a botched booty call when a girl texted him at 1am on a Thursday. He drove over and nothing. She didn’t answer the phone or the door.

65 – Jimmy has a problem with My Morning Jacket. “First of all, you don’t wear a jacket in the morning.”

Aaron talks about how there are two kinds of runners. Day runners and apparently scary night runners.

Eliot doing some camera changing. RJ lost 70 pounds in around 6 months. He used Insanity and some book called The Four Hour Work Week.

70 – YMCA – Young Men’s Christian Association. Aaron talks about being hairy and having a zipper get caught in his back hair.

Matt says his self-hatred is justified.

Aaron talks about the back waxing trip. They ran out of wax half way through and the woman was exhausted. She had to have another rep come in and relieve her.

Aaron was able to be the Masturbating Bear on the Conan tour!

75 – Aaron talks about learning the ways of the Masturbating Bears from Gordo, the creator of the bear.

RJ and Aaron went to the coffee shop near by. They get into it! They had a weird cereal thing with water. Like an oatmeal with peppers.

Jimmy doesn’t know what he wants.

Aaron mentions a woman with a wagon dog. Matt confirms he has seen her.

80 – The guys talk wagon dog.

Jimmy asks if someone offers $1000 to kill his sick dog will you do it? You have to break its neck.

Aaron tells a story about some friend of his trying to kill an annoying parrot. He fed it rat poison and it only got stronger and flourished. He then tries to drown it. Eventually the guy shut it in a freezer. It still lived. He gave up. Later the girl who owned the bird found feathers in the freezer and found out. She kicked him out.

Aaron is still friends, best friends, with this guy.

85 – Aaron apparently is not good with bones. Jimmy’s hit two dogs with his car. It was devastating. There is a very good chance one of the dogs was hit on RJs birthday. August of 86. It was in Pasadena on Hill st with Daver. That one was fine. The other was with Danielle on Olympic. This one ran then collapsed. They tried to help it but it jumped up and ran away into a church lot and they couldn’t find it

90 – Jimmy opens the floor to questions. Aaron asked who decided how long to look for that dog. Six people were looking. RJ hit a deer a week ago in La Canada.

Jimmy’s chair is twisting!

He takes a call from Michigan but apparently he missed it.

RJ got hit by a car and dropped his quesadilla! The guy who hit him was shaken up and offered him anything he wants. He just had the guy pay for his quesadilla.

95 – Aaron drives a Jeep Wrangler. Pre Conan move they discussed what the biggest asshole in LA would drive. They said a yellow Jeep Wrangler with the silence plate jocjamz. Aaron came to LA and ended up getting a silver Jeep wrangler with the license plate JocJamz.

RJ thinks we spent a lot of time on Aaron’s license plate.

Pardo Bump.

Jimmy was about to rip Matt to shreds and Eliot chimed in and saved him from it.

We’re done!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy