14H – The Return of Dan Katz

Dan Katz - The Return

Dan Katz – The Return

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00 – Hello and indeed welcome! 14H as in Happy! Jimmy asks Matt to sing some of that Pharell song. Jimmy claps along. Matt uses his Falsetto! Nice job Matt! There was a wedding under their balcony at the fantasy draft. They took bets to see what song would play first. It was Happy. Jimmy chose Gangham Style.

Nobody was worse at their job than Jimmy was at his Record Label job. Jimmy was given the choice to share an office with someone or have his office in the storage room. He took the storage room so he could make comedy phone calls.

Welcome to 14 H as in Happy. Jimmy claps again and Matt serenades us with Happy until he gets distracted by my new T-shirt. Thursdays are fine. Wednesdays are a bad day for us here for parking scenarios.

“Enjoy your coffee and your dreams, jerk off.” – Jimmy on the writers at the coffee shop.

We lost Carlin.

05 – George Carlin was indeed cremated and his ashes scattered. Matt goes on record asking to be cremated by a funeral pyre raft to the ocean lit up by a flaming arrow.

First Knight – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0113071/?ref_=nv_sr_1

Jimmy and a co-worker heard a sonic boom like noise last night at around 10pm. Unexplained.

10 – Matt finished House of Cards and wants to talk about it.

Jimmy’s mom asked Jimmy if he was on twitter now. They had a discussion about it. She was on his ass about it. Jimmy says to practice restraint when using twitter. Stop it.

Eliot did a gene simmons impression video. It’s on the NNF Video Fans page so join if you wanna see it. https://www.facebook.com/groups/nnfvideofans/

15 – Gene Simmons is the only rich guy without a beautifully fitting sport coat. Jimmy loves a TV reunion article. He hates the slideshow versions though. Btw Everyone came back for the Home Improvement reunion at EW.

Dan Katz is here! He brought up everyone’s spirits but was a little lippy coming in.

Lots of colors going on today. Eliot’s Tubbs (Miami Vice) today.

We’ll be back.

20 – We’re back! Dan Katz is already interrupting. Jimmy still not impressed by the tshirt. it made jimmy want to quit. Dan thinks its cool. Jimmy got scared by the turning of his chair.
25 – http://www.popculturebeast.com/2014/03/music-review-cyndi-lauper-shes-so.html

jimmy does the manards theme. Jimmy talks about when the cyndi lauper album came out. Jimmy i upset with this review.

Eliot’s here! Dress liked Tubbs. People still raving about Eliot’s news links. Jimmy heard back from Rich. He’s okay. He was in a meeting when we attempted to call.

30 – Matt is here. He has not seen The Muppets yet. Zoe has no interest. She wanted to see The Pirate Faire but still fought with Matt when he was gonna take her. “Dad I’m gonna say it, better than the Lego Movie.” – Oliver on Muppets Most Wanted. Jimmy and Matt did not like the last Muppet Movie.

We’re bringing him in! He still has his other job, as a Teacher’s Assistant in Playa Vista/Marina Del Ray. He’s working with 2, 3, 5th grade. Dan doesn’t wear his adult type shirts or shorts. He only wore shorts when they went outside to play softball. It was Faculty Vs Students. Faculty won. Dan’s a bad winner apparently.

35 – Dan fell off his bike. Jimmy thought he was hit by a car. Dan isn’t sure what kind of bike he had. but he calls it a hybrid. Jimmy asks if he has to plug it in. Dan no longer lives in the valley. He’s now on the west side.

Jimmy is not down with NBD.

Dan was riding to work and he blacked out. He woke up with a bunch of people around him. He was going downhill and hit a rock or a pothole. Went over the handlebars. Broke his arm in 3 places and broke his orbital socket. He had two surgeries a few days after the ER trip. He has plates in his face!! he was out of work from august – january on disability. He’s back at work now. He got a lot of cards from the kids too.

40 – Wear a helmet guys! Jimmy doesn’t wear a helmet when he rides. That will probably change after this story. Dan worries a lot about balls. He had to stop watching game of thrones for that reason. Matt’s balls was fine. Jimmy went over the handlebars once when he was a kid but the bike came with him. He was unharmed.

45 – dan had to have painkillers and had to have permission from his sponsor. Dan looks great. We look great.

My hair is a tad schrutville apparently. Dan asks if Jimmy has seen the adult monkey’s movie Head. No one has or no one remembers, Apparently they showed it at the New Beverly but Dan didn’t go.

Goorin hats – http://www.goorin.com. No one’s been to the new bev in a while. Dan talks about a cheat meal being ruined by a smelly homeless guy.

50 – Matt just gave us some nice tunes. He said something last night that made his wife laugh harder than she’s laughed before. “It was the television event of the season!/The most talked about show of the year!” – Matt on True Detective. Dan’s got a bad influence on everyone with his Yea Yea Yeas.

Don’t call Jimmy “Pardo” on the website. It’s Jimmy or Mr. Pardo.

Jimmy talks about a skit on Phil Hendrie on Albino Music.

55 – Congrats Dave! You win something!


Dan gets a talking to for trying to eat some kind of snack treat that looks like a dog treat.

This is the Big Leagues, Dan!

The answer to the card question is

4706 = April 7, 2006 = Date of first ever NNF episode
2564 = 25 or 6 to 4 = Chicago song
9919 = “nine-nine nineteen” = Lyrics to Paul Hardcastle’s song “19″

The last four digits are the order in which you ordered.

60 – We’re going down a slippery slope here. Kimberly Jones has a friend getting married and despite his Dave Matthews fandom, Kimberly asks if we can call him as a wedding present.

Rob doesn’t seem too thrilled about the call. We lost him! We got him back.

65 – I can’t hear this call guys so apoligies.

It sounds like he was on the boat that saddam was brought on. Jimmy says he admires Rob’s service and that he could never do it. He’d be in Canada playing guitar with Bryan Adams.

70 – Rob compliments the new video stuff. Jimmy’s not mad at Dave Matthews as much anymore. He’s not sure why he was so mad at him. Matt asks if there are any Dave Matthews fans that dislike Crash Into Me. Unfortunately, I cannot hear his answer.

75 – Congrats Rob! MOVIEKATZ!! Drop that theme! Matt talks about the IEM (inner ear monitor) recordings dave matthews fans were bootlegging.

Movie Katz! Eliot out first! Matt’s out! Dan Katz is out!!! Beast Vs Boss! I Win by challenge! Everyone thinks michael j fox was on drugs so he could shoot back to the future and family ties also that it caused his parkinsons.

Jimmy wants to go see Tony Robbins if i can get us free tickets.

RIP Podkatz 🙁

No tension between the interns! All love.

Dan is wearing a clear fanny pack. He thinks it is hilarious. Jimmy thinks the fanny pack is fantastic. Dan is mad at amusement parks. Jimmy loves it.

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