1408 – Mixing it Up with Matt Braunger

Matt Braunger, lean and mean. More funny than mean, actually.

Matt Braunger, lean and mean. More funny than mean, actually.

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NNF 1408 – Matt Braunger


00 – Yes indeed welcome! You’ve come to know and love. Jimmy’s got a mic situation but we’re gonna be fine! 1408! Jimmy’s looking right down the poop shoot to the viewer. Quit naming your kids Oliver! Matt continues to spoil shows. This time Parks and Rec.

Jimmy is worried that the name Oliver is becoming the new Zach, trendy and common. Matt’s a dumb adult who is bad at math per Jimmy.

What if Daryl Hammond did a Daryl Hannah impression?

05 – Jimmy is calling it. No More Olivers.

Jimmy’s bummed he had a successful drink from the giant tea can. Jimmy’s mad at Taft. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Howard_Taft

Jimmy wonders why The Verve and The Verve Pipe came out at the same time. The Can Situation were fantastic! They changed their name to the verve.

The verve Pipe were on RCA. – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Verve_Pipe
The Verve were on EMI, Hut, Virgin, Parlophone, and Vernon Yard. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_verve

“Wow it’s spacious!” – Oliver on Jimmy’s new car.

10 – We are checking in with Rich Sommer for one last check on the malaysian airline. Rich is not answering so there is a chance he is live on the air with another outlet. Jimmy leaves a voicemail.

Jimmy got a new phone case. He needs a new screen cover as the fingerprints bother him.

“How many phone cases do you need?” – Oliver.

Thanks for the letter Brian Bieber (unknown relation). Old school letter. Pen to paper. Jimmy finally saw 12 Years a Slave.

15 – Jimmy wonders if Al Pacino was talking about mistreatment of black people when he yelled, “I can’t even imagine!” on the phone.

Jimmy just got back from Vegas! He did his fantasy baseball draft.

We have a guest! Hello Rebecca! She won the pardcastathon auction. $2000!

Jimmy’s going alone at Pardcast this year.

Matt has Jolly Ranchers!

Matt wants a chocolate treat.

20 – Matt’s computer is running hard right now.

After Jimmy publicly busted his balls for lengthy posts, he sends two lengthy convoluted emails. Jimmy smells soup.

Pick up Sprettzatura on 12 inch vinyl at aspecialthing.com! You can get it signed!

25 – Eliot is lucky Rebecca can’t do his job otherwise he’d be out of here. Jimmy threw his players club card around vegas.

Rebecca produces videos for Valley Lodge

The Brits killed Michael Jackson. Conrad Murray is from Granada. http://www.biography.com/people/conrad-murray-481814

30 – The London Eye – http://www.londoneye.com Matt’s told to get off his pedestal.

Jimmy throws up a Breakfast Club fist after guessing Rebecca’s city.

Jimmy mad at Matt for speaking freely.

The guys discuss Bobby McFerrin. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bobby_McFerrin

35 – Madeline spoof with frankensteins http://www.bookshoptalk.com/2010/10/halloween-special-dont-miss-this.html

Delicious pizza at Casa Bianca in Eagle Rock.

Jimmy’s grandmother made a lot of macaronii and gravy.

40 – Jimmy puts True Detective in top ten shows of all time. Jimmy’s also six episodes down on General Hospital.

Matt Braunger is here! He gives blood a lot.

45 – Jimmy drops ANOTHER Pete Townshend song. Jimmy rocking the Wham and George Michael a lot lately.

We’ll be back!

Welcome back!

We had a delicious break thanks to Nature Box! We’ll talk about them more on a later date. Yummy Arizona Diet Green Tea. The taste is courtesy of Arizona Tea. Thank you for your efforts.

The Conjuring freaked me out!

50 – Jimmy compliments PCB and then starts to look up Dan Hill. Matt decides to move things along and introduce Eliot. Jimmy is not having that at all. We’re cutting lime and squeezing it in Jimmy’s eyes. Matt upsets Jimmy but again attempts to introduce elliot (for humor).

Dan Hill does Sometimes When We Touch and a duet with Vonda Shephard, Can’t We Try Just A Little Bit Harder. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dan_Hill

55 – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dan_Hartman

Free Ride – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_Ride_(song)

“Let’s milk it up!” – Jon Hamm

60 – Matt says he can go five minutes with Rebecca hitting him in the face.

Matt Braunger is here! He’s lost some weight. Looks great! Doing some elliptical and weights a couple times a week. Matt Braunger may or may not get back with his ex.

Oliver loves Chuck E. Cheese. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chuck_E._Cheese%27s

Jimmy tells a story about a guy in a bee suit who was scaring a kid. The parent told him to take the head off and it just made it worse.

65 – Matt Braunger was at SXSW. Had a great time. Sinbad did a bunch of shows. The guys discuss Sinbad and how is really a good comic. Matt Braunger calls Paula Poundstone the liberace of comedy with her clothing.

Jimmy’s stomach is again making noises. Matt Braunger thought it was a kitten. Matt thought it was a sad animal.

Spoiler chat!

Jimmy enjoyed Muppets Most Wanted. Says the cast is amazing. He enjoyed it a lot more than the first one (the latest first one).

70 – Oliver watched Duck Soup over the weekend. They also watched Monkey Business. Oliver is a Marx Bros. fan! Matt Braunger says harpo has “rapey eyes.” Apparently the vaudeville acts of the marx bros were way crazier than the films.

Matt Braunger tells a story about Groucho Marx walking off a plane after an extremely long delay and telling an old woman to go fuck herself after she says he was not funny on the plane.

Jimmy’s stomach speaks up again.

75 – Eliot’s ruined everyone’s day. Jimmy’s stomach is making extremely weird and loud noises.

Jimmy stayed at the Green Valley Resort in Henderson for his Fantasy Draft. Calls it beautiful. Ryan, guy who called into the show and joined the fantasy league, got them all a great deal for the draft. Weird thing happened, one of the guys ended up in the hospital. He woke up in the hospital and has no idea why he was there. Completely blacked out. He left for the draft, was great for a while, eventually fell asleep. No one else seemed to think it was nutty that this guy was living The Hangover.

80 – Jimmy’s opened the floor to questions. Matt asks if Danielle and Oliver went to vegas. They did not. Too expensive. Matt Braunger asks where the draft happened. Jimmy confirms it happened in the suite. Matt Braunger tells a story about a guy at his gym they call “attention” because he is always trying to get people to notice him.

85 – Jimmy laid some bets on the sports book, futures betting.

Jimmy reveals his betting strategies. He bets on the teams with the highest odds but the most chance.

Jimmy wonders if anyone would go to one of those motivational speaker events at Staples. Apparently no one will.

Matt Braunger talks about working above a company that takes advantage of poor people needing money by extending their mortgage.

90 – It’s a gold brick house! Jimmy thinks the Rich Dad Poor Dad guys did something that no one else can do. That stuff doesn’t work!

Matt Braunger says Oliver is a prize bull in the target situation Jimmy mentions (meeting someone at target).
Jimmy and Matt Braunger agree that it’s fun to go see comedy when the pressure is off. They still enjoy comedy despite the fact that they do it. Matt Braunger talks about a chicago comedian who wouldn’t laugh at other comedians jokes. He’d just go “haaa funny.” Jackie Mason once told that guy to go back to school after he opened for him.

95 – Jimmy tells a story about doing a show after his appendix were taken out. He thought he had a great show The headliners kid said, “boy you’re not funny.” his father then said, “no e just had his appendix taken out. He’s not feeling well.” Matt Braunger mentions a kid telling him he had “Saggy Jowls.” He once walked around a house with a kid on his shoulders and the kid hit his head on a low doorway.

Jimmy would have liked to have met Groucho. He was 11 when he died. Matt wonders if Groucho saw Star Wars before he died. “If this is the future I’m outta here!” – Matt Braunger

Matt Braunger closes us out with some great gym stuff. Jimmy guessing Matt’s song based on his impression: Cher.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bang_Bang_(My_Baby_Shot_Me_Down) was a cher song that was covered by Nancy Sinatra.

Jimmy is an honorary chair with Smile Train.

See ya next time!


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