Digging into the Archives

One of my goals with Never Not Notes has been to log not just the current episodes, but the past episodes as well. As you can tell (by clicking the “Previous Seasons” link) that has been a slow process. Don’t worry about me, though. I don’t feel a speck of guilt about it.

The truth is, it takes a long time to do the show notes in their current (and evolving) style, so just keeping up with the new episodes is about all I have time for.

So, I’ve decided to be non-perfectionistic with the past seasons. As I’m able, I’ll post show notes for past episodes, without worrying about the time codes graphics, icons, and such. I’ve done Episode 239 in this stripped-down format. 239 is historic, as you will see by reading the notes.

So, even though the previous seasons may not have all the wit, insight, and tremendous visual appeal of the current seasons, at least there is something there to browse or search. I’ll keep chipping away at these little by little, and if any of you want to do an episode or two in this way, let me know!

UPDATE: Just added Episode 58 – Starting Mike’s Top 3 Gym Stories

UPDATE: Just added Episode 60 – The Schmidtless End of Season One

UPDATE: Just added Episode 319 – Graham Elwood (Bag o’ Corn, Friend!)