Episode 319 – Graham Elwood (Bag o’ Corn, Friend!)

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The “Bag o’ corn, friend” episode

Jimmy is immediately mumble-mouthed, but pushes on anyway

“That’s fun, that’s what happens, that’s life!”

Welcome to episode 318!

Jimmy proves that he remembers the last several episodes

A little Michael Jackson trashing

Restarting episode 319

Walking around the room

Matt and Graham are in black on a 100 degree day

Andrew can’t have less clothes on

The Andrew/Graham show, featuring bus-talk

Danielle’s overreaction to a unicycle

Graham’s audition with Mark Decarlo

The details of Graham’s wardrobe

Audition for the Unknown

How does life work?

More about bus schedules

Jimmy calls out Andrew on his bus hatred

Andrew’s bus-shaped pork chops

Graham and Jimmy love a good salesman

Jimmy talks to Jerry from Time-Warner Cable; or maybe it was the guy from Mel’s Diner

“This is the only job I’ve ever had and ever loved!”

At Mel’s Diner, don’t get the waffle; I prefer Eggos

Graham buying a suit at Men’s Wearhouse

This guy will blow – – you like a salesman

Protein shakes and pineapple juice

“It’s good for your hair!”

Graham’s two-tone hairdo

Kent Stryker – Graham’s detective character

Bus passes and prices

More Andrew/Graham bus controversy

Jimmy steps all over Andrew’s joke

Why Graham has a spot of blonde in his hair

Seigel and Pat Francis bleached their hair in the 90s

“Lemon juice is good for your eyes”

Joe Wagner’s many hair styles

Jimmy should dye his hair, or let Matt carve a zig-zag into it

Jimmy has stopped dying his hair

Graham wears a young man’s look because he is an idiot

Trying too hard to look young vs. being comfortable

Jimmy has the legs of a paraplegic

Arguing over tee shirts

The Long-Sleeve-Under-Short-Sleeve Club

Finkle and Siegel, LLC

“If that’s how you wanna run your business!”

Matt totally spoils Ace Ventura

This episode has a weird energy

Running toward the sun

One more thing about the bus

Jimmy’s anger at other humans makes him anti-bus

How San Francisco’s BART was named. Maybe.

Matt’s garage sale

Jimmy missed out on Graham’s garage sale, and will be furious about it within moments

Matt didn’t want his address on Craigslist, so he gave cryptic directions

Jimmy learns the hard way to not ask for early-birds

Matt gives more information about where he lives than if he had just given the address

Filipino Joe: Savior of Matt’s garage sale

What constitutes a Journey power ballad?

“It’s not a rocking jangle!”

Graham’s on board, but doesn’t know what for

Star Wars toys / bike / elliptical

Joe becomes Matt’s garage sale agent

Joe comes back for more

Board games don’t go on pillows

52:30 Here begins the Bag o’ corn, friend story

How much should Andrew sell CDs for at a garage sale?

Breaking news: VHS movies are no longer a hot item

Do you tell friends about your garage sale?

Graham’s garage sale techniques: the master class

Boogie boarding

War of the Ducks: Donald vs. Daffy

Closer to Fine featuring Tammy Pescatelli

Elise’s unlucky song by Eve 6, an omen of doom at the end of the garage sale?

Which version of Trivial Pursuit?

Yard sale songs

Stupid Question of the Week: Fresh water lake, ocean, or pool?

Stupid Question of the Week: If you could play one song perfectly, what would it be?

Andrew walked away from Growing Pains Boner fame

Kids don’t have good plans

Stupid Question of the Week: Communal shower or wait until you get home?

Stupid Question of the Week: If you could eat only one food for the next 20 years, what would it be?

What’s worse, Andrew’s salad bar, or his opinion on busses?

The Return of Fingle and Siegel


Oooooonnnnnn the podcast