Episode 239 – Paul Gilmartin, Danielle Koenig, Oliver “Oscar” Pardo

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99th episode, so there are a lot of “99” references right away
Paul talks about Dinner and a Movie, now in its 46th season
Jimmy calls Oliver “Oscar” entirely by accident
It’s the day after the Oscars
Paul’s big 52” HDTV and the stand he built to prevent it from crushing his dogs
Matt’s puny 42” HDTV
Danielle is officially in the 3rd chair for this episode
The 3rd chair will NEVER be filled. Pat Francis is campaigning but IT WON’T HAPPEN!
Help Jimmy name his fantasy baseball team
Graham Elwood’s Brazilian girlfriend
Reviewing the Oscars
Paul wants a moratorium on “dude”
Snakes on a Plane
Wesley Snipes
Does the IRS target black celebrities?
James Brown
Paul’s Miles Davis wife-beating joke
Paul’s Comedy Central half hour was voted 4th most outrageous
Jimmy complains about moaning audiences, and calls them out on it from the stage
You can cuss in front of Oliver because he is too young to understand
Right wing Obama rumors
Paul’s Republican character, Richard Martin

Danielle Koenig: First Lady of Never Not Funny

Danielle Koenig: First Lady of Never Not Funny

Drew Carey is a Richard Martin fan, and had him crash a Reason event
Drew is a great photographer and a generous man
During the writer’s strike, Drew paid for lunch for any member of the Writers’ Guild
The Gene Simmons sex video
Taking a bath is disgusting
Does Jimmy shit on things that Matt likes?
Blades of Glory
Paul’s favorite movies
More Oscar talk
There Will Be Blood / Gone Baby Gone / Recue Dawn
Mommy and Me movies
Did Paul buy dykeslug.com?
Bad movie talk featuring Fool’s Gold and Over Her Dead Body
Paul calls Jimmy out on his sincere yet sarcastic well-wishes
More HDTV talk
Paul’s woodshop skills
Paul caught a roommate “lowering himself onto a trophy” for sexual pleasure
Jon Hamm, Jimmy’s friend, although Danielle thinks “friend” is a strong word
Paul and Jimmy talk about their poker games
Jimmy’s “dumb guy” voice is a hillbilly
Danielle’s “touch of downs” joke
Jimmy gives a shout-out to Jack Inferno (Rich Galvin) for sending him a CD
Matt shouts out a group called Xu
Thanks to audience member and podcast fan Dave for giving Oliver a KISS shirt
Jimmy wants Danielle to do “lady’s work” and take Oliver for a few minutes
Jimmy and Matt get serious and are afraid they are going to alienate 90% of their audience
Next episode is a live show for number 100
Paul and Jimmy talk about their shows on the road together
Jimmy and Matt announce that after the 100th episode, Never Not Funny will be a pay format
After 2 years, and with Jimmy now having a child, it’s time to try and make this thing profitable
Details: An hour and 20 minutes a week, first 20 minutes is free, $19.99 for 26 episodes
Announcement of video component: 5 minutes of free video every day
It would be a dream come true for Matt to able to make a living from the podcast
Matt asks Paul for $20 to be the first subscriber
Paul slaps down a $20 bill, becoming Subscriber Number One
Jimmy says he will frame the $20 bill
Paul will go down in history
Danielle wants to know how the listeners are responding to the news
Jimmy doesn’t want to put Oliver’s picture online
Iron Maiden/Carol Channing
On the podcast!