3209 – Going hungry with John Henson

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00 Welcome in! 3209!

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Quad Squad!

HTS apologizes for the Succession spoilers!

Jimmy has seen 2 Star Trek movies, and some episodes when he was a kid.


Jimmy did watch Picard’s finale episode to “see” Walter.

Jimmy had a great show at Flappers on Saturday!

Jimmy praises Matt Donaher.

Big news, possibly breaking news, in the Pardo house. Oliver is taking his written drivers test!

Tucker Carlson’s out and so is Don Lemon.



Jimmy talks about his Driver’s Ed experience.

Matt shares his experience as well.

15 – Accelerating for humor is fun for Jimmy.

Matt teaches us parallel parking.

Elito wants to parallel park fight Matt.

20 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buick_LeSabre

Lots of car/parking talk.

John Henson is here!

Quick mail!

John gave us some UK Candies

We’ll be right back with John!

Dictionary definition of “bleeding (bleating) deacon” n.
a person who becomes so over-involved in a group’s internal management, policies, or politics as to lose sight of its larger goals; (hence) a person with a negative, moralizing character, who acts like the sole source of wisdom.

We’ll be right back!

35 – We’re back! Jimmy thinks his shirt is too blousy.

John Henson!

Is T in morse code.

When did John and Jimmy meet?

John doesn’t remember. Jimmy explains it. July 4 1995 Pan Pacific Park.

John remembers now!

40 – John talks about a leather jacket he got from E. It was also blousy.

John was host of Talk Soup right after Greg Kinnear. He talks about it.

45 – John talks about doing Talk Soup as a comedian who is used to live reactions from crowds. He would play to the crew.

John talks about people’s reactions to him as the host of Talk Soup. He never had a single note session during his tenure on the show from any of the higher ups.

50 – John recounts the only time a higher up exec ever spoke to him and it was regarding Dustin Hoffman giggling at a press junket that he sent them and trying to get Dustin to do the show. They decided to do a Hunger Strike bit on the show.

During this, an exec, Fran, asked him about what the plan was if Dustin doesn’t respond to their hunger strike.

Dustin Hoffman called the day of the shoot he was gonna come on and said he was brining Jon Lovitz.

John talks about how not getting notes on E ruined him from the rest of the industry.

55 – John talks about leaving Talk Soup and how the Jenny Jones Show incident was affecting the shows Talk Soup covers.

60 – John says that the Nos are just as important as the Yeses. He’s had controversial decisions in his career but he is at peace where he is and what he’s done.

John talks about his kids, 9yo girl and 12yo boy.

John wants whoever is in charge of soccer to get the shade situation addressed.

1h5m – Happy birthday, Charlie!

John talks about tearing his meniscus while showing a spectrum tech his modem.

Jimmy shares his meniscus situation.

1h10m – Every comic auditioned for Talk Soup.

John is 6 years sober!

1h15m – “it’s nice to leave the party early or at least with no regrets” – Colin Hay, Beautiful World

Congrats to John Ricci and Glen Scarpelli!


1h20m – Talking News and Firings!

What does Tucker do next?

1h25m – Wipeout talk!

Trivia time!

Jimmy talks about Angi and how they never stop reaching out when you check for something.


1h30m – We’re back!
Full trivia results below!

1h35m – Eliot quotes the noted wise man Curly from City Slickers, “Pick one thing.”

John pops some Nicorette. He’s been enjoying the gum for years.

When Jason Momoa Was ‘Meme Famous’ Before Becoming Actually Famous

1h45m – Eliot went to a game night and played a game called Phantom Ink.

John’s got a bunch of tattoos!

1h50m – Telegraph refers to the technology and the communications system. A telegram is a message sent via telegraph. Though both words are used as verbs meaning to send a telegram, telegraph is more common in this use.

What about teletubbie? – John

See below for the answer/results!

1h55m – John shares an anecdote Pat Reily said about Michael Jordan. “If I had to choose a player to take a shot to save a game, I’d choose Michael Jordan,” Pat said. “If I had to choose a player to take a shot to save my life, I’d take Larry Bird.”

Larry Bird quote about winning and magic johnson losing.

John did a few musicals growing up and into acting when he was a teenager.

What a joy!

Trivia Results:
Category: Technology
Question: What now outdated way to send messages was actually first patented in 1843 by Alexander Bane.

Garon: Telegram (12 pts)
Eliot: Fax Machine (20 pts)
Matt: Fax Machine (23 pts)
John Henson: Raven (11 pts)
Jimmy: DHL (5 pts)

Correct answer: Fax Machine

My pleasure,

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