3224 – Busting ghosts with Roz Hernandez

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 Welcome indeed welcome!!

Welcome into a delightful episode for everyone!!!

Eliot texted! Jimmy must go through them.

Lotta interesting folks in the board game world.

Celebrity sighting coming up!

Back on Taylor Swift talk!

5 – Jimmy wonders how much Matt talked about him going to the Taylor Swift show.

Danielle enjoyed it!

Matt and Jimmy talk about a better way for (them) Taylor to end the show.

Another update re Matt’s car parking. He went to his car and did indeed see something on his windshield. It was a napkin that Jimmy put there.

10 – Danielle actually confirmed with the construction folks that the sign is so people don’t park so close to the dumpster.

Radar detector talk.

Of all places?! Michigan?!

Someone stole a radar detector from his convertible. A Crysler LeBaron convertible.




25 – CD / Cassette players in cars!

2010 Im right!

Eliot had a friend who had a plane crash into her house.

Celebrity sighting!

35 – Rob Lowe talk!

Sam Elliott!!!

45 – We lost the original Little Sebastian!

Roz Hernandez is here!

We’ll be right back!

We’re back! The season is winding down! Get in now for the new season!

Roz Hernandez is here!

She’s wearing sunglasses and Jimmy compares her to Amber Rose.

50 – She’s switched to another comically large glasses.

Roz talks about her history with Jimmy. It’s not really history, she worked at the Hollywood Improv and always remembered him being super nice.

We wanna know who was a prick!

Judy Tenuda is the best according to Roz.

Alexis Arquette was the nicest person Jimmy dealt with a Surreal Life.

Roz remembers Jimmy from Surreal Life!

We talk about the show and the folks who appeared on it.

55 – Roz talks about Tawny Kitaen and her Cameo that Roz got for a friend.

Roz talks about growing up in Michigan. She left when she was 16 and moved here.

Roz talks about her podcast and being honored to be in the presence of a podcasting legend.

60 – Roz talks about Ghosted and her love of paranormal stuff so she turned it into a podcast!


Roz and Jimmy talk about their love of donuts. Roz just enjoyed some Krispy Kreme.

1h5m – 7/11 has a good donut!

Roz has a celebrity sighting! She met one last night!

Mark Maron!

1h10m – Jimmy’s spine is gone!

Roz was on the show with Mark and Patton.

More donut talk!

Roz talks about moving here at 17 and not being afraid to do it. She’d been wanting to for most of her life.

1h15m – Jimmy shares his Bill Maher story where he brought a barstool over instead of a chair so he was higher than him.

1h20m – Who’s our biggest star in the wild? George Clooney, J.Lo, Bernadette Peters, and Roz says Tyra Banks!

Mine was Paul Mooney.

Jay Leno talk.

Celebrity sighting, ghost story style! Diana Ross!

1h25m – Jimmy has “paranormal” celebrity sighting of his own. George Siegel!

Sam Pancake is a real name.

Roz plays Rose in the Golden Girls live that drag queen Jackie Beat does! It’s gonna be at the Lyric Hyperion!

1h30m – Jimmy has somewhat breaking news!

Popcultured is moving over to the UCB!

Trivia time! Full results below.

New backpack every year?

1h35m – Roz wants tortoises.

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

Round the horn!

Weird Al talk! He’s a nice man!

Jimmy saw Last Voyage of the Demeter and was bored.

1h40m – Sharnado tag line: Enough Said.

Jimmy saw Les Mis and loved it!

1h45m – Eliot talks about his Twilight Zone improv! They finally got to do a show.

1h50m – Roz remembers spotting a local newsperson from her hometown at a gap.

2h – Trump indictment info posted to the GA Court website. Over a dozen charges!

Ghosted! Go listen!!

Aliens! Roz believes there are aliens but it’s hard to accept the proof of it.

Who knows?!

Matt wants Kesha on Roz’ show!

Meryl Streep on Only Murders!


Site Maintanance!

Ok bye!!!

Trivia Results:
Category: Back To School
Question: In the 1700s, before the government paid teachers, families in Denmark and Sweden paid teachers by giving them what item?

Garon: Grain (17 pts)
Eliot: Tulips (2 pts)
Matt: House (1 pts)
Roz Hernandez: Corn (15 pts)
Jimmy: Pies (11 pts)

Answer: Apple

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole