32Y – Parking enforcement with Rachel Quaintance

32y rachel quaintance

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 All you have to do is talk! Get out!

Welcome in!

Parking talk!

And fucking talk? Let Jimmy and Eliot spin their wheels!

We’re about to hear Jimmy’s Taylor Swift Eras Tour experience!

10 – Eras Tour merch talk. Long shipping times expected?

Back to Jimmy’s experience!

He had some sound issues with the openers.

Sofi Roof – The massive roof consists of more than 1,400 tons of double orthogonal grid steel, and approximately 67,000 tons of ETFE membrane, secondary steel, gutters, cross clamps, cable struts, and retractable vents.

Know your order when you get to the front of the line!!

His seats were great and he enjoyed his delicious burrito.

20 – It’s still primarily teenage girls! Her audience grows with her and introduces their own kids to her.

The audience experiences reminded Jimmy of Kiss and his youth decorating a car with Kiss paraphernalia like the swifties were doing with their own cars.

A couple came down and stood next to Jimmy. He asked them to move and they did and every time they started to get close again the young lady would make sure they moved back. They were super polite!

25 – Apparently the sound was really bad for Taylor also. They stood up and the sound was great. The glass on the edge of the balcony was blocking the sound.

Jimmy admits to being late to the party on Swift but admits her talents. He thinks the show flew by until he started to feel the length. He very much enjoyed it though! The cat walk was HUGE.

30 – Neon Bikes during Blank Space.

Apparently Taylor rides a bike through a house in the Blank Space video,

More merch talk! The lines were crazy even during the show.

35 – Rachel Quaintance is here!

Jimmy was there for the 8-minute ovation.

Rachel talks about Theo Vonn’s old special.

50 – Talking the regular bits that comics have.

Matt loves a reggae sound in his music!

Annie Lennox Waiting In Vain – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvojUjcTepw

Billy Porter house info!


60 – We’ll be right back!!

We’re back!

Y because we love you!

Talking Gold and selling it or saving it.

Rachel and John (her husband) are hitting the lines. Netflix and Paramount.

Rachel loves the attention! She talks about some of the folks she’s seen on the lines

Jimmy ordered a comfy strike shirt from amazon while he was striking at amazon.

Talking strike shirts and operating nipples out!

1h10m – Boob talk!

Rachel’s OnlyFans coming soon? Bikini cleaning?

She’s perfect for ASMR!

My Life in Three Songs – Christine Blackburn’s podcast, Jimmy recently appeared on.

1h15m – Rachel has a “$2” story.

She helped some dude out who was looking for a $2 bill.

Jimmy talks Drew Hastings and $2 bills.

1h20m – Lame jokes in musicals and HGTV home shows like House Hunters.

Mail is here!!

It’s books!

I have a snake named after me!

1h25m – We got books and peanut butter!


Thanks Rob!!

1h30m – Sabrina Wu – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sabrina_Wu

Matt and Jimmy loved Theater Camp!

We’re going through the Peanut butter jars!!

1h35m – We’re eating some peanut butter.

Talking driving in LA! Ford has his license!

He has to pay $25 to pay in the neighborhood.

1h45m – No ticket!

The Ford! Rachel talks about seeing Fiona Apple at the Greek and John having to ask the people to quiet down. It did not go well.

1h50m – https://pagesix.com/2023/07/17/miranda-lambert-slammed-for-stopping-concert-to-call-out-selfie/

The Battle of Montgomery


Round the horn!

2h – I watched Taylor’s concert on my VR headset.

We talk all about the stream!

Rachel talks about seeing Brandi Carlisle and the guy singing in the crowd behind her.

2h5m – Jimmy has “Olivermized” the Y names!

Letter game!

My guess is Yasmin Bleethe

Eliot talks about a neuro divergent tenant.

2h10m – Rachel talks about her own issue with a former neighbor in her old apartment. She got a surfboard and a minifridge when the dude went to prison.

Eliot’s guess is Yvette Nicole Brown

Rachel’s guess is Yasmin Bleethe!

Matt’s guess is (his backup is Yvonne Strahovski) Yeardly Smith!

Jimmy’s giving Matt another chance because he knows Yeardly is not on the list and Matt decides to double up with Eliot. Actually he’s changing to Yvonne Elliman.

Matt’s official guess is Yvonne Elliman.

2h15m – Fans!

Do we have a winner?!?!

5) Yasmin Bleeth
4) Yvette Nicole Brown
3) Yvonne DiCarlo
2) Yvonne Craig
1) Yvonne Elliman

Matt wins!!

Matt says that Rachel is just a noise machine.

Joker’s wild!

We love you guys thank you for the support and the sponsorships!


2h25m – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yoko_Ono

Thanks everyone!!


My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole